Download windows 7 all in one ISO
Download windows 7 all in one ISO

Here you can download Windows 7 All in one ISO by clicking on the links given below. The ISO file includes all six versions of Windows 7 Editions in Genuine ISO DVDs. We provide you to download Windows 7 All in One (AIO) ISO for both 32-bit and 64-bit.

Not just Windows 7 all in one (AIO) but you can also download each and every version of Windows 7. So, basically to download any version of Windows 7 ISO, scroll down below.

Numbers of results can be found on the internet for Windows 7 all in one (AIO) ISO; however, none of them can be trusted.  Most of them are either cracked or are shared illegally.

Windows 7 was the successor of Windows Vista who was not so popular and came with numbers of bugs. Windows Vista was the successor of legendary Windows XP; however, it was unable to continue Windows XP’s legacy. Later on, Microsoft announced Windows 7.

It was available for the users for the first time in July 2009. And by the end of 2010, it was rocking on the internet. Millions of computers are using Windows 7 even after 9 years of being passed from its released date. Many operating systems came after windows 7 like Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. Still, none of them cloud replace Windows 7 and nor the users are in interested to upgrade.

Windows 7 is the most popular version of Microsoft Windows. You won’t need a lot of expertise to use Windows 7, as it has an easy and simple interface.

With Windows 7 AIO you can enjoy all the six versions of Windows 7 within a single ISO file. Windows 7 supports both 32-bit and 64-bit architecture-based computers. So, you can download Windows 7 32-bit, 64-bit ISO according to your system. There are Windows Professional x86 and x64, Windows Ultimate x86, and x64 and Windows 7 Enterprise x86 and x64 bit in Windows 7 All in One (AIO).

Like we have an example of Windows 7 professional. This version of Windows 7, comes in both 32-bit and 64-bit. Download now Windows 7 All in One (AIO) 32-bit and 64-bit ISO for free.

This operating system is the best option for business, professional and even home use. Windows 7 is the predecessor of Windows 8.1. Still, Windows 8.1 is no match for Windows 7.

It is highly customizable and each and every part of Windows 7 can be changed according to users. The Windows 7 uses multiple languages so that the language won’t be a barrier between you and the OS.

Performance is a key feature of Windows 7. It can easily run heavy applications like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Maya, and other development tools. You can also play a number of games because Windows has the highest number of games completed with it. Windows 7 highly integrated for gaming. You can play for hours and no effects are made to Windows 7.

Features like screen gadgets, games, snipping tools, media player and numbers of other features are also present. We will discuss them briefly in the feature section given below. Windows 7 is highly compatible with different hardware and external drives.

The Windows 7 series will be discontinued by the end of the year 2020. You will need to buy the product to activate your Windows. Activation is necessary as it will allow you to use Windows 7 at its peak. The trail will be ended within 90 days.

Download Windows 7 All in One (AIO) ISO

File: windows_7_all_in_one_en_dvd.iso

Size: 4GB

Developer: Microsoft

Language: English

Last update: 19 April 2019

OS: Windows 7 All in one ISO

Windows 7 Versions

You can download a different version of Windows 7 for each and every aspect of your life. Microsoft has released a different version for every different place or task. Remember that you can download a 32-bit, 64-bit based ISO file of Windows 7 below.

Every Windows 7 version has its own security, efficiency, interaction level according to their desired goal. The desire to use all Windows 7 series, Windows All in one (AIO) completes. However, if you want a specific version download by clicking on the links.

Windows 7 Starter

This is the simplest version of Windows 7. It can support only 32-bit architecture-based computer with simple and easy UI. Read more…

Windows 7 home basic

This version of Windows 7 was developed for home users. Windows 7 home basic is simple, lightweight and is quite useful for home uses. Read more…

Windows 7 home premium

It is also a home version of Windows 7. However, unlike Windows 7 home basic, this more relatable to Windows business or professional. Read more…

Windows 7 Enterprise

The Enterprise was developed for organization uses like hospitals, schools or other business purposes. Read more…

Windows 7 professional

Windows 7 professional is the best and most popular version of Windows 7series. This version is powerful, efficient and was developed for professional uses. However, later on, it was also used by the home users as well. Read more…

Windows 7 Ultimate

Windows 7 Ultimate with the code name “Vienna” is one of the most powerful versions of the Windows 7 series. Read more…


Windows 7 all in one

We have all the features of the Windows 7 series. As this discussion is about Windows All in one (AIO) so, we couldn’t take any version out. Here are the key features of Windows 7.

Wide range

Almost six official versions of windows 7 are released. Many other versions are also there like Windows 7 lite and more. Each version was developed for a special purpose and function.

Different architecture support

Windows 7 supports both 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit architecture-based computers.

Simple and easy UI

The Windows has a simple and easy interface. The interface explains itself, due to being user-friendly. It has an aero clear glass theme.

Customize able

You can customize your Windows in many aspects. You can change the background, entire theme, change bar colors and numbers of other things. There are a number of themes present on the internet to download and you can also choose up to 10 pictures as wallpaper.

Desktop gadget

windows 7 screen gadgets

Screen gadgets are present to give you quick access to certain daily apps.

Great start menu

The Windows 7 has changed in many ways, and one of its examples is its taskbar. In windows 7 the taskbar is transparent and clear with bigger icons.  You can also stack or combine multiple tabs. Toggling between the tabs are also available for the users.

Side snap

The feature called Side Snap will help you to quickly adjust your Window. By moving to the right, the window will adjust itself to the right side of the screen. In the same manner, it works on the left and full screen.

Taskbar and notification area

You can pin different app on your taskbar to make it easier to get to the app.


The feature of auto-update will help you to update your windows and apps, which will lessen the crashes and error problems.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth drivers are installed in Windows 7. The option to use both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is now available for you.

Enhanced web browsing

In Windows 7 there is Internet Explorer 11 preinstalled. The new Explorer will give smoother and better internet surfing than ever. It has great UI

Amazing performance

Windows 7 gives amazingly efficient performance. Version like Home premium, professional and ultimate are appreciable.

More secure

Windows is now more secure than ever. With the new Windows Firewall and Defender, your system is more secure from malware, spams, and other threats.  The firewall helps to protect your computer form suspicious traffics whereas


This application will help you to encrypt your files and to protect your files from certain internet threats. Bit-Locker makes your internet safe by enabling it to different format types like FAT16, FAT32, and exFAT.

Multiple languages support

This operating system supports more than 150+ languages. Languages like Arabic, English, French, and many more.


There are numbers of preinstalled games in Windows for both young and aged users like Chess, Minesweeper, and Solitaire.

Windows Sniping tool

The sniping feature will help you to take screenshots of a certain or your entire screen.

Windows Media Center

Windows 7- media center

The new Windows Media center is improved so much as compared to other versions. The media center was an older version of the current Windows Media player.  Now, it supports more audio and video codecs to run more smoothly.  Audio and video formats like DivX, 3GP, MOV, Xvi, AAC, and AVHCD are supported.


Windows All in one (AIO) takes the headache of sharing files and printers on a network. With homegroup, you can share a single printer or scanner with multiple computers.

Windows Search

This feature will help you to find your missing or hidden files and folders in your drives.

Effortless installation

The installation of Windows is extremely easy. You will need to just follow the guides and by the end, your windows will be installed.

Can be installed without internet

There is absolutely no need for the internet to install any version of windows 7 on your computer.


The booting time is improved, now your Windows 7 can boost even faster than any version before.


Divers like Graphics, Internet, Audio, Video, USB, and Webcam are already preinstalled in Windows 7 All in one. All the drivers are up to date and are highly compatible with different hardware like the mic, scanner, printer and many more.


There is also a virtualization option present in Windows 7. You experience Windows XP on your Windows 7 by enabling it.

Touch for Windows

The Windows 7 supports touch screen also if you have one to use.

Backup and restore

In many versions of Windows 7 like Professional and Ultimate, you can back up all your files. Backups for Windows were introduced on Windows Vista which didn’t work well. Now, an advanced and improved version of this feature is present in Windows 7 All in one.


Windows 7 all in one

To install Windows 7 All in One (AIO) ISO or any other version on your computer follow these steps. You won’t need any technical knowledge to install it on your computer.

Download ISO file

The first step is to download Windows 7 All in One (AIO) ISO. The link to download Windows 7 AIO ISO is given on the top.

Insert USB drive

You will need a USB drive of at least 8GB of storage. The USB drive will be used to burn the ISO file of Windows 7 in it. So, you will need to insert the USB drive in your computer first.

Bootable software

Here in this step, you will need software to create a bootable drive. Software like Rufus can help you to perform this action. Now, burn the ISO file on your USB drive and reboot.

Booting sequence

The next step is to go to the BIOS settings. You can do it by pressing the F8 key while your system restarts. In BIOS settings change the booting sequence to external and exit.

Installation screen

Soon, you will be moved to the installation screen. Now follow all the guides given to you and by the end, your Windows 7 All in One (AIO) ISO will be installed on your system.


For successful installation and smooth performance, the following requirements should be strictly met.

Processor: You will need at least 1GHz processor

Memory: 1GB RAM

Hard disk: More than 16 GB of free storage is needed

Screen resolution: Your screen should support 13366 x 768

Graphics: Direct X9 with Intel WDDM driver is also needed

Internet: It is not compulsory, however being connected to the internet will give you updates sooner.

Windows 7 End of Life

By the end of the year 2019, Windows 7 will be no longer supported by Microsoft. Microsoft has asked its users to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

On January 13, 2015, Microsoft was about to end the services for Windows 7 as it was their mainstream date to end it. However, they have increased the contract for five more years.

Slowly they will stop providing updates to fix bugs, errors, and other security issues. Like all other previous Windows versions, Windows 7’s life cycle will also end by the end of the year 2019. And on the 1st of Januray 2020, it will be discontinued.

Final thoughts

With Softrar, you can download Windows 7 ISO files directly from the link given.  This was our explanation on Windows 7 All in One (AIO) ISO, if still, you have any kind of question, confusion or suggestion about anything feel free to use the comment section.

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