Download Microsoft Windows 10 ISO completely free

If you are willing to lay your hands on Windows 10 software for free than you are at the right place. It doesn’t matter either you want to use it for virtualization purposes or wants to use it as your OS. Get here your Windows 10 ISO file for free.

Download Windows 10 ISO free

If you want to download Windows 10 32x or 64x. You can easily click on the links below and download them (choose according to your system). You can use the Windows 10 ISO file as your operating system or virtualization purposes.

Download Windows 10 ISO free
Download Windows 10 ISO free

File: Windows 10.ISO

File Size: 3.5 GB

File Type: ISO

Owner: Microsoft

License: Freeware

Last update: 29 July 2015

Windows 10

The first Windows 10 was released on July, 19,2015. After the disaster made by the Windows 8 to Microsoft public image. Windows 8 was a disaster when that was released in the market. Later when Windows 10 was released they correctified their mistake.

Now you can download Microsoft Windows 10 ISO completely free. And you can experience the latest and more efficient version of Windows completely free.

From MS-DOS till windows 8.1 we have experienced different types of operating systems provided by Microsoft. 

It is one of the best versions of Windows provided by Microsoft. They have gone back to their traditional user-interface with a more advanced and efficient way.

Microsoft has bought Windows 10 with its traditional start menu. Changing the old start menu on windows 10, unlike windows 8 made it more likable to use. After windows 8 lose and retirement of Windows 7, this is the best option for all those Windows users to move on. It can be the best option for many to move from their old Windows operating systems to a brand new operating system.

In Windows 10 they have also brought features like tablet mode, installed VPN, touchscreen and many more. There are more features to protect your computer like face recognition, fingerprint.  Windows 10 has provided better Xbox Live integration for all those loyal Windows users.

For a better experience in terms of graphics, they have also provided the new DirectX 12 in Windows 10. They have also improved the old internet explorer into a new edge which provides better internet surfing.

List of Windows 10 version:

  • Windows 10 Home
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Windows 10 Enterprise
  • Windows 10 S
  • Windows 10 Education
  • Windows 10 Mobile
  • Windows 10 IoT core


Here are some main features provided by Windows 10. These are some of the many features of Windows 10.

  1. Universal app support
  2. Tablet mode
  3. Easy interface
  4. Clear windows tabs
  5. Customizable Start menu
  6. Task view
  7. Microsoft Edge
  8. DirectX 12
  9. Voice control
  10. Biometric login
  11. Voice control
  12. More accessibility

Removed Features

Here are some features which are removed and are no longer available in Windows 10.

  1. Charms
  2. OneDrive
  3. Microsoft Family Safety
  4. Windows Media Center
  5. Floppy Disk Support
  6. Manual Updates
  7. Entertainment section in Start Menu

Download Windows 10 ISO to USB

You can boot windows on any external drive like USB, external drive, and even a disk(DVD). Before installing a bootable USB drive of Windows 10 you have to keep few things in mind.

  • A good internet connection

You have to remember that we will need an internet connection for this purpose.

  • Blank USB

We will also need a blank USB drive where we will put the content. The drive should be at least 8GB for making a bootable drive

  • Enough space

Having a good amount of free space is necessary both on your pc as well as USB.

  • Computer type

As told above you have to know which kind of computer you are using. Either is it 32x or 64x. Download that according to your computer, the link at the top.

  • System requirements

The entire table is given above. Have a look at the requirements and continue the procedure.

  • Choose Language

You have to know which language you are going to use

How to create a bootable USB drive of Windows 10?

As now you have completed all the requirements and your computer is ready to run. And you want to download Windows 10 ISO on your USB. Well, t is quite simple and easy. Follow the steps below and it will give the direction of how to download Windows 10 ISO to USB

  1. Download the file

You will need to download the ISO file of Windows 10 and other third-party apps like Rufus. Rufus will help us to make it a bootable drive.

2. Open file

As now you have downloaded the ISO file you will need to open it.

3. Accept terms

Accept the terms and conditions provided by Microsoft.

Getting ready to install windows 10

4. Create installation media

Now, you will see windows having two options. Upgrade this PC or create installation media. Choose the second option and click next.

create an installation media

5. Select language and edition

Select architecture, language, and edition. You have to choose which edition your computer can use. To find it you will need to go to Desktop>MyPC>Properties. You can find which version you are using.

Select language

6. Choose media use

A new tab will open. Choose the second option as ISO and click next.

Choose media use

7. Select destination

select destination

Choose a destination where you want to create the file.

8. Open Rufus

Now, open Rufus app, which you have downloaded.

9. Select options

Select the file and drive in Rufus. A warning sign will pop-up. Accept it and wait for the installation to get completed.

select rufus options

10. accept and done

A warning will pop-up. Click OK and you are done.

Accept and done


You will need the following specifications to run Windows 10 on your computer.

  Minimum requirement Maximum Requirements
Processor 1GHz or faster 2.5GHz
Memory 1GB RAM for 32bit and 2GB RAM for 64 bit 4GB RAM
Hard Disk 16GB for 32 bit and 20 GB for 64 bit 50GB
Graphics Compatible with DirectX 9 or later WDDM 1.0 drive WDDM 1.3 or higher
Display 800×600 1920×1080
Internet connection You will need internet access You will need internet access
Input device Mouse and keyboard Multi-touch display

Q: Is Windows 10 ISO free?

No, Windows 10 is not free. However, if you are using an older version of Windows like 7or 8. then you can upgrade for free as the offer of “Upgrade to new Windows 10 for free” still working. or else you will need to buy product key to activate your OS.

Q: How many GB is Windows 10 ISO?

Well, you will need at least 4-5GB of data to download it. And you will need at least a 50GB hard drive to run it on your computer.


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