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The Universal USB Installer aka UUI is one of the most efficient software present in the market for burning files and other purposes.

It is one of the best options for many Linux users who are willing to change any file into a comprehensive size. Or for those who want to burn files, change files into ISO, or to create a bootable external drive.

The UUI is easy to use and is a lightweight software with brilliant speed. This app is not limited only for creating ISO files, burning disks, or editing any file. UUI also possess the option to recover the lost file in your disk/drive.

With UUI or Universal USB Installer, you can easily create an ISO file of different apps like Anti-virus, different operating systems (like Windows, macOS, and most Linux distributions). You can also download the Universal USB Installer and change all those ISO files into a bootable USB drive.

UUI can be used on different platforms like most of the Linux distributions, Windows OS, and macOS. However, it integrates highly with Linux distributions. Still, there are also many names for Universal USB Installer Windows 10. Which means that it also works amazingly with Windows as well. We would like to recommend you to give it a shot on Windows platforms and write that down in the comment section.

Using UUI, you can use the OS without any tool or external drive. In modern-day like the past, most of the systems don’t possess external drives like CD/DVD ROM. Which in result, using this can be very helpful.

Download Universal USB Installer and get the freedom to work on systems such as FAT32, NTFS, and also possess the option to create a Casper-rw loop file. The Casper-rw file can be bigger than 4GB.

Download Universal USB Installer

Download Universal USB Drive

File: Universal USB Installer

Size: 3MB

Language: English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Polish, Chinese, and Japanese.

Last Update: Dec 2018

License: Free

Author: Pendrivelinux.com


Here are most technical needs which are required to run a Universal USB Installer. Completing the following requirements gives you access to run smoothly UUI on your computer. UUI will likely work with most of the OS present in the market

Q: What is a Universal USB Installer?

The Universal USB Installer aka UUI is a software used to create bootable USB drives for users. It can also be used for file compression, changing the file format and more.

Q: Can Universal USB Installer be used on mac?

Yes, you can use Universal USB Installer on your mac as well as Linux and Windows operating system.

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  1. Faizal Reply

    hi, what option to select for macOs on the UUSB drop down list

    • Admin Reply

      Thank you for reaching us. We are devastated to inform you that UUI doesn’t support macOS.

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