Here you can download all editions of Microsoft Windows XP (SP1, SP2, and SP3) ISO file for free. Click on the direct links given below to download Windows XP in ISO file. The ISO files are scanned and are safe from any threat that might harm your system. Given ISO setup files can also be used for virtualization. Virtualization applications like VMware Workstation or Virtual Box can easily run Windows XP using the ISO file.

Overview of Windows XP

Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Windows XP

If you want to refresh all those old memories of back in 2001 then Windows XP might be an option for you. Windows XP was one of the most popular and successful operating systems by Microsoft.

Microsoft Windows XP was released on 24 August 2001. It was the successor of Windows 2000 and was one of the biggest win by Microsoft in the race for best OS.

As compared to Windows 2000 or Windows ME (Millennium Edition), Windows XP was something completely different. Major changes were made to the new Microsoft Windows XP.

From UI (user interface) to all other sections of the operating system were changed completely. From providing a user-friendly interface to increasing hardware support, new drivers, better Internet Explorer to exceptionally performance improvement were all changes in Windows XP.

The Windows Shell elements like the desktop, taskbar, Start menu, and icons got a better design with transparent icons and shadow drops. The Start menu now has two columns which are completely customizable.

Security issues were also improved by bringing FireWall and Windows Defender applications. Now, Microsoft Windows XP also supported Microsoft Java virtual machine.

Using the Windows XP you will experience the first ever version of Windows Fire Wall and Remote desktop feature.

It is one of the most stable and easy to use operating system provided by Microsoft. Users can easily navigate through files, install or delete programs on their first few use.

Even though the operating system is discontinued by Microsoft even after Microsoft made those extended supports. Still, it is loved by many.

After the release of the operating system within a few years, the OS took the market like a storm. Even after 16 years, Windows XP has not let his loyal fans down.

The operating system was released way back in 2001 and the operating system covered most of the market till 2011. The operating system is still used by many and as it seems, users will use the OS for the upcoming years too.

Even in 2020 with all those amazing operating systems and its successors like Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 10 in the market still, Windows XP has a solid fan base.

Before going any further we have a simple question for you. Have you ever used Windows XP before? If yes then right down in the comment section and tell was your first experience with Windows XP?

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Download Windows XP ISO File

download Windows XP ISO
download Windows XP ISO

Since we don’t know which edition of Windows XP you need. So, we have provided all of the Windows XP editions in ISO file both in 32-bit and 64-bit. While downloading the Windows XP Installer you will notice that there are also product keys given for the OS, the product keys might work for some of them.

Remember, the given Windows XP files are genuine and free from anything that might harm your system, still, if you have any issue please contact us.

Enjoy your Windows XP!

Microsoft Windows XP Starter
Microsoft Windows XP Starter

Download Windows XP Starter

This is one of the most basic versions of Windows XP. According to Microsoft, it was designed for the desktop use of developing countries.

Product Key: QW4HD – DQCRG – HM64M – 6GJRK – 8K83T

Microsoft Windows XP Home
Microsoft Windows XP Home

Download Windows XP Home

The Windows XP Home was developed for home uses only. This is the most suitable OS for home users.

Product Key: QW4HD – DQCRG – HM64M – 6GJRK – 8K83T

Microsoft Windows XP Media Center
Microsoft Windows XP Media Center

Download Windows XP Media Creation

With the codename “Freestyle” it was developed for computers who were capable to support Windows Media Center.

Product Key: QW4HD – DQCRG – HM64M – 6GJRK – 8K83T

Microsoft Windows XP Tablet/ PC edition
Microsoft Windows XP Tablet/ PC edition

Download Windows XP Tablet/PC edition

This version was created for small platforms like tablets, smartphone etc.

Product Key: QW4HD – DQCRG – HM64M – 6GJRK – 8K83T

Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Microsoft Windows XP Professional

Download Windows XP Professional

It was basically designed for businesses and power-users. However, it was later also used for homes and offices as well.

Product Key: QW4HD – DQCRG – HM64M – 6GJRK – 8K83T

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Editions of Microsoft Windows XP

On 25th October 2001, Windows XP was released by Microsoft. The first two editions released by Microsoft were: Windows XP Home and Windows XP Professional. Microsoft Windows XP Home was targeted for home PC users while Microsoft Windows XP Professional was released for Professional users like Businesses, corporates, and companies. However, due to the excessive success of OS, later other editions were released too.

Windows XP Starter

This is one of the basic edition of Windows XP. Microsoft Windows XP Starter was developed for developing countries and required low-end specs. The OS was light weighted and was basically like a test drive for users who wanted to try Windows OS for the first time.

Due to low-end spec support, the features for the OS were limited. Windows XP Starter could only run three programs at a time and was able to open three windows at once. Other limitations like 512 MB memory RAM support, only 120 GB storage memory support, and 1024×768 screen resolution support were also present.

The OS had fewer options to customize themes, desktop and taskbar since it was the cheapest and a light weighted OS.

Windows XP Home

This edition is one of the two best editions in the Windows XP series. Windows XP Home edition is highly suitable for home users and has a number of features. Features like faster switching between users, support for media files, DirectX 8.1 support (which was the latest version of DirectX at that time), and security improvement were made.

Using the Microsoft Windows XP Home you can experience one of the first versions of Windows FireWall and Windows Defenders. Read more…

Windows XP Professional

In the Professional edition, the operating system has more features as compared to Home. Features like the backup program, encrypted file system (EFS), remote desktop control, offline files, and IIS (Internet information services) are one of the few features that are not available in other editions. Professional is the most powerful edition of Windows XP with amazingly fast performance and stability.

Windows XP Professional SP3 was the most famous and used edition of Windows XP. It was also the only Windows XP edition with two physical CPUs support. Read more…

Windows XP Tablet PC

Microsoft tried to be innovative by bringing Windows XP Tablet PC for the users. The Tablet PC edition was for the laptop and tablet systems. This edition compels to have pen sensitive screen or separate touch screen for the computer.

Windows XP Tablet PC edition was not available separately. Users could only hold their hands on the OS by MSDN or VL (volume license). Tablet PC edition was released in November 2002 which is a year later than the official release of Home and Professional editions.

A total of two service packs for Windows XP Tablet PC edition were released: Windows XP Tablet PC editions and Windows XP Tablet 2005 edition

Windows XP Media Center

Microsoft Windows XP Media Center edition was released for the system that can support Windows Media Center. This edition includes features: screen dancers, auto playlist DJ, and high-end visual screen savers. After the release of this edition, an update was released which enabled the OS to have FM radio too. Later in Windows XP SP2 CD/DVD burning support were also included.

Other Editions

In the Microsoft Windows XP series, a total of three service packs were released. The SP1 was released in 2002, Sp2 was released in 2004 and SP3 was released in 2008. To follow KFTD, Microsoft also released editions like Windows XP edition N for Europe and Windows XP K and Windows XP KN for South Korea.

Other Windows XP operating system was also released which were embedded in different machines: ATM, POS terminals, Video game systems, and more. Windows XP Home Edition ULCPC was also an embedded version for the ultra-low-cost personal computers. This edition supported the touch screen, 80 GB of storage, and was one of the cheapest.

Professional Blade PC Edition was also released as embedded in machines. You can also download Windows XP Gold and Windows XP Vortex 3D Red edition here.

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Requirements for Windows XP

To use Windows XP on your system you will need at least the following specs:

Processor: Pentium 3 with 300 MHz is enough for Windows XP Starter or Home. However, for Windows XP Professional a Pentium 4 is required.

Memory:  512MB RAM is enough for all the editions, still we would like to recommend you to go for 1 GB RAM memory for smoother performance.

Hard-Disk: 4GB of free storage

Hard-Ware: You will need a C-D or DVD ROM drive, keyboard, mouse, speaker, Super VGA (800×600).

Main features of Windows XP

Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Windows XP

AS compared to previous versions of Windows OS, Windows XP has made drastic changes some of which are the following:

Friendlier Interface

Microsoft has improved the GDI (Graphics Device Interface) which is basically an API (Application Programming Interface). Now the GDI uses C++ which makes it faster and better. If you don’t know, GDI is used to send graphical objects to output devices like monitor, etc.

The user interface is friendlier and simple in look. The designers had made a great design for the interface with eye-catching icons. Windows has transparent and anti-aliasing (smoothing of jagged stair-shape like edges).

Start menu has two column layouts where on one side is list of applications and recent used files/apps on the other.

The Windows has better navigation, the Start menu is sleeker, taskbars have higher clarity, and icons can be grouped and arranged in the taskbar easily.

In the notification area icons can be dealt with by hiding them. Here it can not only save you a lot of space but also make your screen clean without removing any icon.

Hardware & software support

Hardware also took the attention of Microsoft. All of the Windows XP editions require low specs and also supports USB 2.0.

Software like CD-Burner was preinstalled and Device Driver rollback was preinstalled. Device Driver Rollback is an application used to uninstall all those preinstalled drivers that are not used anymore or have stopped working.

Windows also gave access to encrypt files, widen the media support (Windows media player, Windows photo viewer, and Windows movie maker).


Both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections were improved. Changes were also made to make the internet connection more secure for users. Applications like Windows FireWall and Windows Defender were released.

ICF (Internet Connection Firewall) is used to protect data packets coming and outgoing sources. Nat (Network Address Translation) APIs provide confidentiality, authenticity, and integrity by traffic by making them reach the required destination.

TAPI (Telephony application programming interface) used to handle calls between computers and telephones. Dialing, answering, and hanging up features were provided by TAPI.

BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service) is for secure uploading or downloading.

Remote assistance is used to take control of a computer from another destination. Remote desktop service is another feature that is used to take control of a virtual machine.

More options

Users have a better control panel as compared to Windows NT. The Internet Explorer was improved, the same as Windows Explorer. Windows Explorer now has a task panel on the sidebar which shows file thumbnails and also used for sorting and grouping etc.

Pre-fetch is a feature used to improve the Windows startup. The program works by storing caches files in RAM were in the past the system was used to fetch those files from the hard drives now can do it from the RAM.

In short, the OS was now more stable, the performance was improved and users feels comfortable using the application.

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How to download Microsoft Windows XP ISO file for free?

Download Windows XP ISO file

You will need to find the exact edition of Windows XP that you are going to use. Select the edition you want to use from the list given above. Seek the system requirement. Once you complete the system requirements and have in mind the edition you are going to use then select and download the Microsoft Windows XP in ISO file.

To use Windows XP on your system you will need to download the Windows XP ISO file and make it bootable.

To make it bootable you will need to use applications like Rufus. Using Rufus, you will need to burn the Windows XP file on a CD / DVD or USB drive. There is no difference between burning it to a CD or USB drive. It is just a matter of choice.

Once you have burned the ISO file then you can start the installation. During the installation, you will experience where the OS asking for a product key. Since Windows XP is not our property, so you will need to buy the product key from the internet.

Windows XP has a simple and easy installation. Even though you won’t face any kind of problem during the installation or after the installation, still if you got any problem please contact us.

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Does Microsoft still support Windows XP?

Microsoft has supported Windows XP for 12 years which was exactly till April of 2014. However, Microsoft has ended the support for Windows XP and it has been years since. Microsoft has suggested users to upgrade their system from Windows XP to Windows 10. As Windows XPs successor Windows Vista and Windows 7 are no longer supported too.

Download Microsoft Windows XP ISO file 32-bit & 64-bit

You have come here to download Windows XP ISO file in 64-bit and 32-bit. These are the ISO file of Windows XP which means they are standalone offline setup files. They are not Windows XP Installers as Microsoft has never provided one.

File: Microsoft_Windows_XP_x86_x64.iso

Size: 449MB – 712 MB

Program Class: Operating System (OS)

Language: English

License: Free Trial

Setup type: Offline Installer/ Full Standalone setup


download Microsoft Windows XP ISO file
download Microsoft Windows XP ISO file

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