Best Operating System You Must Know

Have you ever considered that out of all these operating systems we know or have used which one is the best? Is it windows 7,10, Ubuntu, Linux Mint or any other operating system?

Let compare and discuss all of them completely. And find out from all of those OS present in the market which one is the best to use. The OS should be good in versatility, has a friendly user interface, and all other features that are needed for a great operating system. It also should be up to date and should provide all those day-to-day features.

It has to be much reliable than any other OS. It should be useful for both work and entertainment purposes. So by the end of the discussion, we should be able to call it “best OS”.

By the end of the discussion, your thoughts should be as clear as day. You should be able to know and also can suggest others.

Some operating system is the best cause of their versatility. Some of them are having user-friendly UI while others are highly praised for its security.

Many debates can carry on, on this topic. However, which operating system is the best option for your laptop or computer?

We will discuss it but before starting. Which operating system you are using? Tell us in the comment box below.

What is an operating system?

best operating system

The operating system (also known as OS) is a platform for the users to perform the basic functions of their computers.

The Operating system controls all the software, hardware, and CPU (central processing unit) for memory and storage uses. So, basically, OS is a software controlling all the things inside the computer.

Programming languages like C++, Java, Phyton many other programming languages are used by the programmers to build a system according to the basic need of the users. All manufacturers of operating systems are trying to make sure that the operating system is easy, user-friendly and according to the needs of the users.

Remember that, operating systems are not used just inside computers or laptops. Mobile phones, tablets, PlayStation, also uses OS to perform. And, that is how they work.

Before coming to the conclusion we are going to know first who the candidates for best-operating systems.

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Mac OS

macOS Operating System
macOS Operating System

macOS is a preinstalled operating system of Apple computers and. It doesn’t matter either you pick macOS Mojave or macOS Sierra both of them are unique and great in their own terms. Others are there, but the latest ones are these two.

With simple and easy GUI (Graphical User Interference) anyone can learn easily about the macOS. When it comes to safety few operating systems can compete with mac. Mac is extremely safe from threats like viruses, malware, spyware and many more.

macOS can provide you features like auto-unlock, phone calling from your mac and many more. Multi-tasking is a key feature where only mac can perform brilliantly.

The macOS is the best option for business purposes because of its highly secured servers. The rate of macOS users in the current market is about 10%. And the main reason behind the low number in the market is due to MacBook being too much expensive.

The macOS is not so customizable for most of the time. Any macOS can integrate greatly with Apple products like Apple iCloud, iOS (mobile operating system of iPhone), Apple watch and many more.

macOS can be functionally run only on computers made by Apple Inc. Which makes macOS to work efficiently only with Apple products.

It doesn’t matter whether you are using a MacBook or iMac, you cannot do heavy works on it at all.

On iMac, you can do works like photo editing and video editing easily. Other than that, it is quite a work to do. Asking more than media editing from iMac or MacBook can give your machine(computer) a though time.

Things like gaming are not made for iMac. Here are some best macOS which we think you might take into consideration while choosing.

  1. macOS Sierra
The picture belongs to Apple Inc.

macOS Sierra is the thirteenth major release of macOS. It has highly focused on usability and gives the best to make your work more simple and easier. With a comprehensive catalog of photo editing, macOS Sierra is the best option for many.

2. macOS High Sierra

High Sierra
The picture belongs to Apple Inc.

macOS High Sierra is highly recommended due to its organization of photos. With more smoother video support which is up to 4k. Apple Inc. uses metal 2 to improve application development and more.

3. macOS Mojave

macOS Mojave

With beautiful dark mode and organized photo gallery, macOS Mojave is one of its kind. Finder enhancement and update and more improved app store make it more likable.

4. macOS Catalina

macOS Catalina

The new macOS Catalina is the latest release by Apple Inc. The Catalina is quite amazing in terms of performance, stability, and security. In macOS Catalina, they have brought tons of new features with the super-friendly interface. many other features are also improved to a new standard like voice control and more.

You can also visit Apple Inc. official site.

Microsoft Windows

Windows Operating System
Windows Operating System

Microsoft Windows is the evolution of computers. Windows are easy to use and are versatile for users who are professional or someone like me. Due to its versatility, the computer has become common for personal uses in house and office. Programs like Microsoft Office which are highly used nowadays are an example of its usages.

Applications like Microsoft Office, Microsoft Store all are developed by Microsoft.

Microsoft is covering about 80-88% of the market which helps it to have more applications based on windows.  Windows is highly optimized and efficient for users. With DirectX 12, the huge audience is delighted for more visual richness in games. There are tons of tutorials for windows to watch and learn. Out of all those Windows series, Windows 7 was considered the best.

The users were/are highly satisfied with Windows 7 but Microsoft is soon going to end Windows 7 for some reason. On the 14, January 2020, its era will come to an end. So, we should say goodbye to it. And for further discussions, we cannot say Windows can be a good option for the future.

After the disaster made by Windows 8, Microsoft represented Windows 10 for free. Out of all other Windows series, Windows 10 is the only series that is out of cost. Users are quickly getting along with Windows 10 or 10 Pro.

According to Microsoft, there are about 88 million installations of Windows 10. The numbers are increasing on a daily basis. Microsoft has made significant changes from MS-DOS to Windows 10. You can see the improvements and efficiency made by Microsoft for their OS.

Microsoft has announced that they will work on their malware and privacy problems. They are trying to make their privacy and security better and more secure.

The new version of Windows is having some simple setup and have improved their browser as well. However, the problem with OneDrive is still going on. Here are some contenders by Microsoft for the best OS.

  1. Windows XP
Windows XP

Windows XP is one of the most used Windows OS. And it is clear, fast and reliable to use. You can do things like using different types of apps like chrome, adobe photoshop and more and the only requirement needed is 1 GHz processor on Pentium 3 machine.

Windows XP is easy, light and completely free. You easily find Windows XP on different official and torrent sites. It has been almost 17 years but still, Windows XP is the first choice for many. If not the first choice than surely the favorite one. You can download Windows XP here.

2. Windows Vista

Windows Vista is quite amazing. With its simple but useful small features, it is quite a cute OS. Like small widgets (currency, calculator and more). Remember that Windows Vista was also one of the best of its time.

3. Windows 7

best operating system windows 7

The most liked Microsoft windows OS in history. With fast and efficient speed, improved user interface, better data security, and longer battery life Windows 7 was one of its kinds. It was devastating news when Microsoft announced that Windows 7 will be down officially in 2020. Still, there is a number of users who are using this amazing OS.

4. Windows 8

Windows 8

Windows 8 or 8.1 was not a very successful release and it made a bad impression on Microsoft. However, it is not as bad as it sounds, windows 8 was highly improved with features like SkyDrive, BitLocker, video streaming and many more. All of these were great changes but still with all these changes it couldn’t compete in the market.

5. Windows 10

best operating system windows 10

Learning from their mistakes, Microsoft has changed all those features which were extra or not needed in Windows 8. They also brought the traditional start menu and many other things. With easy user-interface, tons of apps on store, more secure and fewer bugs windows have done something for which they should be praised. Download Windows 10 here.


Linux is the most versatile operating system. You can customize the operating system according to your needs. Linux is completely open-source licensed, which means any developer can customize and develop a newer version. Linux is distributed for free and only needs to get downloaded from the internet.

You will need low specs like 500-800 MBs to run most of Linux OS on your computer. There is a lower chance of crashing, freezing of Linux as compared to macOS and Windows OS. Out of all those Linux versions, we have bought some contenders who can be the best.

  1. Linux Mint
Linux Mint

 In the Linux series, the most common name comes in mind is Linux Mint. Linux Mint is powerful, modern and elegant in style for the users. This is based on Ubuntu is also an open-source application. The Linux Mint is also called Cinnamon. Which can be booted on a USB. You can install your Linux Mint on a USB and carry it around.

2. Linux lite

Linux Lite

The Linux lite is also based on Ubuntu like Linux Mint. This version of Linux is quite friendly for users who have used windows and can easily get along with Linux Lite.

With a fresh new look, Linux Lite is looking amazing. Lite has also improved language support for all the users. 1 GB ram, 1GHZ processor and 8 GB hard drive are enough to run Linux lite on any system.

3. Manjaro Linux

Linux Manjaro

Based on Arch Linux, Manjaro is one of its kind. It can be quite challenging for users who are using it for the first time. On the other hand, its friendly GUI makes users get used to it in a short period of time. Manjaro Linux is fast, stable and powerful for the users to perform any task on this operating system. Like other Linux, Manjaro is also an open-source OS, mainly focused on the command line and is based on UNIX.

4. Debian

Linux Debian

One of the main distribution of Linux is completely free from things like malware, virus and more. Debian is the most stable OS in Linux distributions. It is the most popular and freely-available OS in the market.

5. Ubuntu

best operating system Ubuntu

Ubuntu is Debian based OS used to provide platforms like servers, clouds and more. It has covered a big chunk of cloud servers and is still expanding. There are many Ubuntu-based distributions like Kylin, Mate and more. For more click here.

6. Kali Linux:

Linux Kali
Linux Kali

Kali is a Debian based Linux distribution with better and advanced security. It possesses tons of tools that are useful for professional and home use.

It is also an open-source operating system with multi-language support. Like all other Linux OS, Kali is also completely customizable. The main use of Kali (as we have crawled entire internet) by most of the users are to penetration test and data recovery.

Linux is not as friendly as compared to mac and windows. A beginner will face some hard time cause it not as easy and simple as mac and windows. Due to the least share in the market, Linux is having few numbers of applications based on Linux.

4: Mobile platform

 The upper part was all about computer-based operating systems. How about a mobile OS? Mobile platforms are used for both personal and business. Mobile platforms are expanding amazingly fast in the past couple of years.

Operating systems of mobiles like Android, IOS (Apple phone) are some of the most common in the market. Still, they cannot compete with any of the other operating systems above. So, we should take it out of consideration for now… in the future, if the mobile/tablet operating systems got better, we would add them for sure.

Operating systems Pros Cons
Mac OS 1) High security
2) Less number of viruses and malware
3) Simple and easy GUI
4) Great in multi-tasking
1) Works efficiently with apple products
2) Expensive
3) Only for mac
4) Cannot do heavy work
Windows 1) Versatile
2) More Windows-based apps in the market
3) Highly optimized for users
4) available for free
1) Low security
2) Problems with OneDrive
Linux 1) Free
2) Open-source
3) Secure
4) Free from virus and malware
5) Customization
6) Modern
1) No support
2) Not so user-friendly
3) Less Linux app based in the market

The operating systems which are given above, all of them are unique and amazing in their own term. It depends on your work which of them is the best for you. We got you a list, where we have chosen the best out of numbers of OS there.

As we have discussed above these are the best computer operating system. Tell us what did we missed? Which operating system is the best option for your pc or laptop? Tell us in the comment box.

Any mistakes correction or suggestions will be appreciated. Don’t feel shy tell us.

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