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Best Operating System For Desktop And Laptop

Best Operating System- In the modern era we are blessed with numbers of different operating systems. While we daily use different operating systems on our devices. Has it ever occurred to you that out of all these operating systems, which is one is suitable for me? Which one can save more the most possible time without affecting my work?

Well we have numbers of contenders, some of them are highly effective for heavy works, while some of them have friendly user-interface, some are good with gaming and there are some that provide numbers of useful tools.

So, which one is the best operating system? To know that, let’s dig down and find out the most suitable operating system for you!

The operating system should be versatile, should have a friendly interface, and all day-to-day tasks should be done easily. Before starting the comparison, here is a short explanation what is an operating system?

What is an operating system?

What is an operating system?
Operating System

The operating system aka OS is a platform for the users to perform the basic functions of their computers.

The Operating system controls all the software, hardware, and CPU (central processing unit) for memory and storage uses. So, basically, OS is a software controlling all the things inside the computer.

Programming languages like C++, Java, Phyton, and many other programming languages are used by the programmers to build a system based on the need of the users. Operating systems are not used limited to computers or laptops. Mobile phones, tablets, PlayStation, also uses operating systems to perform any task.

What is the difference between Server OS and day to day OS?

The main difference between server OS and desktop OS is the handling of physical memory. As for an example Windows Server 2019 supports more than 25TB of memory, while Windows 10 is only limited to 2TB. Servers can also provide features like ultimate user connections, can act as a web server, database server, email server, can hold a domain, and is highly suitable for professionals.

Whereas, our day to day desktop operating systems are rich media services, with access to web services like email, search engines, and other websites. Server OS is also way too expensive as compared to our day to day OS.

Basically, operating systems are divided into three major categories.

1. Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows is the evolution of computers. Windows are easy to use and are versatile for users who want to use it in industries, schools, huge corporates, or any institute.

Due to its versatility, the computer has become common for personal uses in house and office. Well known products like Microsoft are not only used on Windows but also on other operating systems is also developed by Microsoft.

Microsoft Windows is covering about 80-88% of the market which helps it to have more applications based on windows.

Windows is highly optimized and efficient for users. With support for DirectX 12, the huge audience is delighted for more visual richness in games. There are tons of tutorials for windows to watch and learn.

Windows are highly customizable. Users can change the wallpapers, screensavers, tabs, or windows colors and even allows you to use the dark mode.


As we mentioned before, Microsoft Windows cover a large percentage of the market. which means that there are numbers of software developed for Windows platforms. Not only a high number of software but as well as hardware are also supported by Windows.

Microsoft Windows has an easy user interface. From MS-DOS to Windows 10, in each and every one of the OS developed by Microsoft there is one thing to notice. And that is the continuous improvement made in the user interface, the interface is getting simpler and easier for the users.

If one thing that Windows should be praised is the game support. Heavy works on Windows is a common thing, however spending hours on games without any interference is one of the great things about it.

If you are a gamer then you would love the integration between your Windows and Xbox. Not only you can check the achievements you and your friends made on your Xbox but you can also stream games from the console to the PC and play multiplayer games from your PC against other players on Xbox.

The OS comes way cheaper as compared to some other operating systems in the market.


Even it not as bad as it is rumored in the market still, Windows are having some security issues. Not privacy, but threats like malware or virus normally targets Windows OS. As it is way easier to breach in the system as compared to others.

Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10
Microsoft Windows 10

With easy user-interface, tons of apps on store, more secure and fewer bugs, it really shows that Microsoft has done some serious for which they should be praised.

The new version of Windows is having some simple setup and have improved their browser as well.

According to Microsoft, there are about 88 million installations of Windows 10. The numbers are increasing on a daily basis. Microsoft has made significant changes from MS-DOS to Windows 10. You can see the improvements and efficiency made by Microsoft for their OS.

It was taken to another level with features like SkyDrive, BitLocker, video streaming, and many more. Features like game mode are one of the most unique and liked features by users. Read More…

Microsoft Windows 7

Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Windows 7

Windows 7 is the most satisfying OS out there. The OS was booming back in its time and only a few were there to compete with the operating system.

Windows 7 was released to continue the legacy of Windows XP as; Windows Vista was unable to perform that task.

With fast and efficient speed, improved user interface, better data security, and longer battery life Windows 7 was one of its kinds. Out of all those Windows series, Windows 7 is still considered the best one.

Only that gives the Windows 7 disadvantage to others is the support. Microsoft discontinued the Window 7, which is a sign by Microsoft, showing the end of the line for this version. Read More…

Visit Microsoft.

2. macOS


macOS is a preinstalled operating system of Apple computers and. Mac OS X Mojave and Mac OS X Catalina are the latest release by Apple. In 2001 the first-ever primary operating system of macOS was released.

macOS was called Mac OS X in the start, however later due to change in policies now they are called macOS.

From macOS Cheetah to macOS Catalina, all of them are unique in their own way. This the second most popular after Windows operating system in the market.


With simple and easy GUI (Graphical User Interference) and amazingly high graphical support, anyone falls in love with macOS. High security is one of the key qualities of macOS, as it was/is always praised for its safety procedures.

macOS has features like Gatekeeper to keep your system safe from threats like viruses, malware, spyware, or another type of threat. A big percentage of businesses use the macOS server, as macOS has created a great image in terms of security.

It can provide you features like phone calling using Mac, using system by your voice commands, or a system with great balance for both desktop and tablet.

macOS is highly suitable for graphics, animation and video editing works.


The OS can be used only on Apple computers and laptops. Other than Apple product requires a license which can cost you too much.

Even still, if users are interested in installation then they might face another issue like setup file. macOS comes preinstalled in Apple products, so laying a hand on the setup file won’t be easy.

Operating systems provided by Apple are user friendly but it is not so customizable. Apple has provided a stable, and simple interface with a very low option to customize it.

Any macOS can integrate greatly with any Apple product however, they are great on only Apple products. Products other than Apple will result in slow and unstable connection.

Gaming is not a thing for macOS, due to poor GPU performance, low numbers of games supported for Mac.

On iMac, you can do works like photo editing and video editing easily. Other than that, it is quite a work to do. Asking more than media editing from iMac or MacBook can give your machine(computer) a though time.

macOS Mojave

macOS Mojave
macOS Mojave

With beautiful dark mode and organized photo gallery, macOS Mojave is one of its kind. Finder enhancement and update and more improved app store make it more likable.

With more smoother video support which is up to 4k being highly focused on usability gives the best to make your work easier. Read More…

macOS Catalina

macOS Catalina
macOS Catalina

The new macOS Catalina is the latest release by Apple Inc. The Catalina is quite amazing in terms of performance, stability, and security. In macOS Catalina, they have brought tons of new features with the super-friendly interface. Many other features are also improved to a new standard like voice control and more.

The old rusty applications are replaced with fast ones. Other exciting features like Find my, voice control, and numbers of other features are present in Catalina. Read more…

You can also visit Apple Inc. official site.

3. Linux

Linux operating system
Linux operating system

All the Linux OS are based on Linux Kernel and this is the most versatile operating system family. You can customize the operating system according to your requirements. Linux is completely open-source licensed, which means any developer can customize and develop a newer version.

Linux is distributed for free and only needs to get downloaded from the internet.

You can run Linux with low specs like 500-800 MBs as well. There is a lower chance of crashing, freezing, or other problems with Linux.


Linux is completely free of cost. Not a single penny is required to use any version of Linux operating system.

Like the OS, all the application for the Linux are also free to use.

Operating systems like Linux are completely safe from threats like virus, malware or spyware.

No other OS is as customizable as Linux. In Linux you can customize each and every part that you like. Changes can be made in every part of the interface while giving options on the other parts of OS as well.


You cannot find most of the applications in day to day uses. Instead you will need to find an alternative application that could do the same work.

Most of the time, it takes users lots of time to get the hang of the operating system. It is time taking to know how the OS works, there are the tools as it is not the same as Windows or macOS.

While huge distros can get continuous updates to keep the OS in the market. Still, there are seldom small distros who are not so active.

Some Linux distros are there who are based on a higher Linux distro. Where if the parent distro faces a problem then the child might face the same.



Ubuntu is Debian based OS used to provide platforms like operating systems, servers,clouds, and as a core. The core version is used for other devices like robots.

It has covered a big chunk of cloud servers and they are still expanding. There are many Ubuntu-based distributions like Kylin, Mate, and more.

This is one of the biggest distros in Linux and numbers of other distros are based on Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is highly customizable, stable, and has outstanding performance. The legendary OS is always praised and loved by Linux users. Read More…

Linux Mint

Linux Mint
Linux Mint

In the Linux series, the most common name that comes in mind is Linux Mint. Linux Mint is powerful, modern, and elegant in style for the users. This one of my favorite OS out there.

The operating system is based on Ubuntu. Linux mint has all, what is needed for a new user to get to know Linux. After a few users, users love the OS. Unlike other Linux distros, Mint comes into two different editions. Linux Mint & Linux Mint Debian. Read More…


Linux Debian
Linux Debian

One of the main distributions of Linux is fast, stable, and friendly. This is the most stable OS entire Linux family. Other distros like Ubuntu, Mint, or Deepin are based on Debian. Debian has a clean interface with great history. Read more…

What is the best operating system for gaming?

In gaming, every framerate is counted. For a better gaming experience vibrant color, quality display, and great performance are the necessity. All of these features are expected by a gamer from its operating system. The operating system should provide whatever it takes to make a comfortable, smooth, and stable platform.

Operating System for Gaming
best operating system for gaming

We all have experienced those moments when due to updates our game either freezes or the computer reboots. Other moments can be frustrating. To keep you away from those condition you will need to start using an operating system that could provide:

  • Performance
  • Ranges of games
  • Updated games
  • Online gaming

To complete all these tasks, we have only one OS in mind, which is Windows 10.

Windows 10 is one of the most dominating operating systems in the market. In the year 2019, almost above 75% of the share of the market is covered by Microsoft Windows. Windows covers a big share of the market and after the discontinue of Windows 7, the only option we have is Windows 10. And here is why Windows 10 is the best operating system for gaming.


Windows and Linux can be installed on any computer. Unlike macOS, they don’t need to be specified to a certain computer product. And you can customize your computer according to your need or game requirements.

Another thing to notice is that macOS is not any kind of heavy worker for sure. Yeah, we have seen many videos and photo editing on mac and they are performing quite well. But when it comes to gaming than macOS is not quite a good contender. And due to hardware limitations, you will need extra parts to insert externally on your Mac OS to use heavy programs.

While on Linux and windows you can go as harsh as you want. You can take out tons of works form these other two OS. Working on these other two OS (Windows and Linux) can be done without any hesitation.

Range of games

About 20,000 types of games can be played on Microsoft Windows while in Linux only 4000 and macOS 7000 games are available. The reason behind the low numbers for macOS and Linux are low market coverage.

Linux has way too many distros which makes it difficult for the developers to create an app for each distro. While macOS due to being high in cost, fewer users are able to purchase it. Which directly affects the numbers in the market.

Software updates

Games being out of date is one of the worst nightmares of many. Updates provide solutions for most of your problems. It can solve problems like bugs, security issues, and more. You might some issues if it doesn’t update regularly.

  • complexity installation general use
  • performance problem lagging diminishing speed

It can also add seasonal rewards, update your achievements, add those new items or costumes with new challenges. Your OS should be fast enough to download those heavy updates of 300 MB- 3GB files without any hesitation.

Online Gaming

After getting known to the internet, modern gaming has changed their sources from blue-ray disks and DVDs into online stores like Valve’s steam. Currently, the most used store for the game is Valve’s steam and is played in multiplayer.

Steam is one of the most famous and brilliant gaming stores online. It was released in 2003 is known for its work as digital rights management, matchmaking, video streaming, and many more. In 2019 steam was having almost 90million monthly active users.

Steam is the 3rd party publishers who publish apps like DOTA 2, team fortress 2, and more. Steam was originally released for windows only but later on, they started to support other platforms as well.

In 2010 they provided a version of mac X which is still present. However, for Linux distributors steams are available only for Ubuntu-based platforms. For Linux Ubuntu-based steam was released in 2012 and after a while, in 2013 they provided for other Linux distributions.

While Steam is supported by some of Linux distros, still many bugs are also found. Out of all the Linux distros, the one which works with steam the most efficiently is SteamOS (which is another Linux distro).

Which OS is best for hacking?

Whether you are pursuing a career in information security or you are doing any kind of research then you need probably an operating system. There are countless operating systems for the purpose of hacking. However, out of all those operating systems Kali Linux is best for hacking.

Linux Kali
Linux Kali

Kali is a Debian based Linux distribution with better and advanced security. It possesses tons of tools for assessing networking security or any other task similar.

It is also an open-source operating system with multi-language support. Like any other Linux distro, Kali is also completely customizable.  Kali Linux is highly appreciated for the penetration testing and data recovery. With advanced penetration testing platform and wide range for hardware and devices support, Kali is one of its kind.

Kali has more than 600 preinstalled penetration testing tools. Programs like Armitage, Nmap, Wireshark, John the Ripper, Aircrack-ng, and Burp suite is also available.

With low spec required, Kali Linux users can do thing that other can only imagine. Read more…

Best OS as an alternative to Windows?

Best OS as an alternative to Windows
Windows alternatives

Windows covers a huge number of market share. Many love the OS, while there are some who are not a big fan. In this group there are users who have never used the operating system and there are have used it and now they are fed up with it.

These users are either fed up with the look of the OS, or want to try something new. For those users, we just have the OS they need.

Zorin, is an amazing OS with an easy user interface. It is highly focused on gaming with options for different purposes like education, business, and a lite version for your laptops. Zorin is the only contender who has can beat Windows in their own game.

All the features that can take down Windows, Zorin has them. From gaming, to office works to special editions for specific purposes. And the greatest of them all a clean interface. Read more about how Zorin replaces windows…

Which operating system is best of all time?

Some might agree with me and some won’t. But the truth is that no other operating system was better than Windows XP. Windows XP was the first step to the current developed operating systems.

best os of all time
Microsoft Windows XP

Windows XP was one of the most used operating systems in the past. And it is clear, fast and reliable to use. Using different types of apps like chrome, adobe photoshop and more was common.

Minimum requirement like 1 GHz processor on Pentium 3 machine was enough to run it. The extended support for Windows XP ended on April 2014, still there are users are using the OS in 2020.

According to some sources, Chinas 13% desktop, still uses Windows XP. In 2012 almost 70% of the market were using Windows XP.

Some users might disagree with us as they have Windows 7 in mind. However, we have to keep in mind that it was Windows XP who formed windows 7. Basically, Windows 7 was the same as Windows XP with some updates made to it. Read More…

Still, if you have something in mind, please share with others in comments. We would love to hear it. Read More…

Which one is the best operating system to use currently?

best operating system
best operating system

Out of all those OS in the market it is really hard to find the best operating system currently 2020. We have seen many OS till 2020, and in recent days macOS Catalina was also released which makes the competition even harder.

macOS Catalina has brought some exciting features. However, still the best operating system currently is macOS Mojave. Unlike macOS Catalina who still has numerous bugs with the interface, security, and other small applications, Mojave is completely tested and used for years.

While Windows 8 was a challenger on the release day, after those problems with start menu, stability, and disapproves by the fans. The OS got himself kicked out of the list. Windows 10, is a contender, still some small bugs are found with OneDrive integrations, system restore, and auto-updates are still going on.

Unlike these operating systems, macOS Mojave is stable, performs brilliantly and numbers of bugs or faults by the system are almost to none.

Which one is the fastest operating system?

fastest operating system
Linux Lite

No other OS is as fast as Linux lite. It is based on Ubuntu like Linux Mint. This version of Linux is quite friendly for users who have used windows and users can get along with Linux Lite easily.

With a fresh new look, Linux Lite is looking amazing. Lite has improved language support and ultra-fast performance.

Linux Lite can be the best option as an operating system for users who uses laptops. Low specs like 1 GB ram, 1GHZ processor, and 8 GB hard drive are enough to run Linux lite on any system. Read More…

Why mac are not good for gaming?

macOS has always been known for its great innovative designs, great software optimization, efficient performance, and excellent customer support. Despite all these qualities still, macOS is unable to create a place in gaming and here are some reasons why:


You will need at more 28000$ to afford vega-equipped iMac pro which is the best, Apple has delivered for gaming. The system is not only is way too much in cost but you can build a customized PC (even better in specs) at the same price.

In MacBook’s, 16-inch MacBook Pro which cost around 2800$ delivers that delivers worst gaming performance.


Another reason behind the failure macOS in gaming the hardware limitation. Well, if we put it in simple words, the system provided by Apple heats up way to fast, has low GPU and comes preinstalled on Apple computers. And there is no room for any kind of customizing or upgrading the hardware in Apple products.

Low game support

As we mentioned before, Apple covers a very low percentage of the market. which causes a low number of games are supported for Mac as there are low numbers of developers to develop games for this platform.

Closing words

These are the best operating systems in different field of works. Remember that the list created by us is not a fact, it is just the experience we shared by spending hours and hours on different operating systems. And they might be suitable for you, as they are easy, friendly and can be more of an asset instead of a liability.

Tell us what did we missed? Which operating system is the best option according to you? Any type of correction or suggestion will be appreciated.

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