Download Windows 98 Complete Setup

Download Windows 98 ISO from for free. You can use the ISO file for virtualization purposes. The ISO file can also be used as OS in your computer if you have the CD/floppy of Windows 98.

Download Windows 98

if you want to download windows 98 for study purposes or for fun. Or you might be interested to use the old OS just for checking the things out, then this the perfect place for you. You can download Windows 98 here for free.

Windows 98 Download

File size: 625 MB

Filename: Windows 98 Second Edition ISO

Distributor: Microsoft

Launcher: Microsoft

Language: English

Year: 1999

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Windows 98

Windows 98 home screen

After the success of Windows 95, Microsoft has brought the new Windows 98 for the users in May, 15,1998. Windows 98 was officially released on may, 15,998 but wasn’t completely available for users until June, 25,1998.

In Windows 98, Microsoft has highly focused on web integration. The OS uses the MS-DOS with FAT32 support to run on your computer. They also improved support for devices like ACPI, AGP, 1394, USB, IEEE, MMX and DVD.

The Windows 98 works the same as Windows 95, on MS-DOS 7.1. There were also improved in User-Interface for users. They have made it more clear and clean desktop for the users by adding the start menu shortcuts/quick launch. Where they have added programs like Internet Explorer 4.0/5.0, deskbands, activate desktop and channels. There was an option to customize the taskbar with the addition of Microsoft Plus. Microsoft Plus was a collection or bundle of applications where you could find anti-virus, disk cleaner, CD player, and Wallpaper. All of these features were completely free for Windows 98 and Windows 95 users.

As a comparison for Windows 95 and 98 both had Microsoft Plus but there were some big changes in the bundles. Windows 95 had more like an older and fewer number of the app as compared to Windows 98.

In windows 98, Microsoft also improved the audio card support with more advanced and better windows drivers. Direct x6.1 and Windows player 6.2 was also introduced who replaced the old media player of Windows 3 or Windows 95.

Other supports were also improved like USB support, LAN and memory support as well. The Old Internet Explorer 4.0 was also replaced with Internet Explorer 5.0. The internet connection sharing was also introduced in Windows 98. There is DirectX x6.0 in the option for you to install it on your computer.                                                                                                   

Note: Remember that it will require a full OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) to be bootable.

Windows 98 editions

There were two versions of Windows 98, the first and second editions.

The first edition was the OS present on different computers preinstalled or also called the RTM Gold version. The first edition was the most common version present on newly purchased computers. However, the second edition was the original version of Windows 98.

Unlike Windows 98 first edition, in the second edition, you can install the latest version of Internet Explorer 5.0, Microsoft Net Frame version 1.0 and 2.0, Remote desktop 5.1 and even Microsoft Office. Yes, you read it right, you are able to run Microsoft Office on your Windows 98. You can also install Direct 9.0c.  


Here are some features which are added to windows 98.


Is a feature of windows 98 where you are downloading a page, where it synchronizes with that website. You will be able to read the content without the internet(offline) and it gets frequent updates as well.

Activate Desktop

This feature allowed users to have a customized screen.

Multiple Screen

This was the first time for users to use multiple screens at a single time.

Background options

Now, in Windows 98 you are able to use file types like “.jpg, BMP, PCX, HTML, and GIF” as your desktop wallpaper.


With Windows 98, Microsoft has also improved Paint as well. In new Paint, you are able to open file types like .jpg, .bmp, PCX, HMTL, and GIF.

Hardware support

There were also improvements made for hardware support as well. They had improved the floppy disk HSFLOP.PDR, which helped highly to increase floppy speed. They also added CD-ROM support however, the installation was optional for the users.

Power Management

This feature will allow the users to turn on/off their monitor after some period of time.

Extended network connections

Microsoft has improved its connectivity to the internet even more in windows 98. They have brought the old Internet Explorer 4 to 5 and has also improved the LAN support for better internet performance. The web is more optimized and easier to use now.


The following requirements should be completed to install or run Windows 98 on your computer.

Processor:          486DX/66 MHz or higher

Memory:            16MB RAM (24 MB of RAM is recommended) or higher

Hard-drive:        320 MB or higher

Graphics:             VGA or higher resolution

Hardware:         CD-ROM or DVD-ROM, Mouse, Keyboard

How to install Windows 98 on your computer?

Before to download windows 98 and install it on your computer, you will need a few things before. Remember that Windows 98 is an old OS, so it cannot run most of the current applications present in the market. It should also be mentioned that you might find slower performance with numbers of bugs and possible crashes.

You should have a backup of your data before installing it because you might lose them while installing Windows 98. It will be easier and safe to install it on an empty drive. After or during the installation you might get some notifications about to upgrade to Windows 10/ Latest Windows, so ignore them all. You will also need the drivers of sound, videos, and network if you don’t possess the cards.

Disk partition for Windows 98

before installing the Windows 98 OS, you need to do the partition of your computer. This partition will help you to install Windows 98 on your computer. Without this, you won’t be able to install Windows 98 on your computer.

  1. Insert your file

Try to insert your floppy/ CD (if you have used the Amazon link) or the booted USB/CD drive (to create a bootable USB drive of Windows 98 is below) on your computer. It is not compulsory to have a floppy, bootable CD or DVD. Just download Windows 98 ISO and restart your computer.

2. Choose the drive

Make sure you have configured the Bois first. Now, you will get two options to install it on your computer. You can either install it from your hard drive or from CD/ Floppy you have put. Choose where your ISO file is by putting the number of the drive and press Enter. If this option appears doesn’t appear, worry not. Just follow the next step.

3. Choose the with or without CD booting

Now, basically you will get two options of booting windows 98 with a CD or without a CD. The difference is that with CD it will do the partition on its own while without the partition will be a task for you.

4. Type fdisk

A back screen of command prompt will appear, type fdisk and continue to the next step.

5. Press Y

Some details will be given on your screen. Now, press Y and continue to the next step.

6. Choose “Create DOS partition

Four options will be given to you. Choose the first option (Create DOS Partition or Logical Dos Drive) by putting 1 and pressing Enter.

7. Create “Primary DOS partition

Another four options will be given. Now, Select the first option (Create Primary DOS Partition) and put 1 and press Enter.

8. Maximum size of Partition

You will get this notification. You can either select it by typing Y or reject it by typing N. However if you want to other partition as well then we would recommend type N and create an extended partition and continue.

9. Press “ESC

After the partition is complete your computer will require to restart. Press ESC to restart your computer.

10. Choose “without CD-ROM support

Now, an option will appear. Choose the option of Start Windows 98 setup without CD-ROM support by typing 2 and pressing Enter. If your computer turns off, then again the same option will appear. Choose the same option and continue.

11. Type “Format

If you got some drives name or other issues then type extract and when the extraction is done, type format c: or else these steps are not necessary. And you will need to continue to the next part of installing Windows 98 which is given below.

12. Type “Y

Now, as you want to format the disk C: which in result all of your files will be deleted. You will need to format the drive. To do that type Y and press Enter.

13. Drive name

When you are done with formatting your drive. Follow the next step by putting the drive name. You put the drive name (of 11 characters) or leave it blank.

Installing Windows 98

As now you have done the partition for windows 98, it is time to install it. Remember that the partition section is compulsory and you cannot install Windows 98 with the partition.

  1. Put the floppy

    The first step is to put the floppy or CD in your computer and restart the computer.

  2. CD Rom support

    Now, choose the CD Rom Support option and continue to next step.

  3. Type C:Windowsoptionscabs

    Type the following “C:Windowsoptionscabs” and press “Enter”.

  4. Type Setup

    You have typed C:Windowsoptionscabs now type “Setup” in the end and continue.

  5. Continue

    The computer will scan disk and click on “Continue”.

  6. Select directory

    Choose the second option.

  7. Type “C:Windows”

    Now, type “C:Windows” and click on “Next”. A caution will appear, “accept” and continue to next step.

  8. Setup option

    Choose the custom and click on the “Next” button. Now, choose all the files you want to install by clicking on the boxes. And click on “Next”.

  9. Computer details

    Fill in the blanks and continue.

  10. Choose the other options

    The last thing to do is to select languages, locations and keep going forward.

  11. Last step

    After a while, your computer will need to restart (restart your computer). When your computer starts enter the details and choose the other options like computer name, time zone and continue. Your computer will load and a few moments later your windows 98 is successfully installed.

Windows 98 product key?

Now you are done to download Windows 98, you might be in search of its product key? Here is a link for Windows 98 product keys. Click on the link and put the product key to activate your windows 98.

Can you still use Windows 98?

Yes, you can still use Windows 98. The OS is not officially supported, still you can use it for free by downloading Windows 98 on


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