Here you can download the Windows 2000 Server ISO file. Click on the link given below to download the Windows 2000 server, and you can experience this amazing operating system.

What is Windows 2000 Server?

The Windows 2000 server is a network-based operating system. It is used to accommodate/assist actions like data transfer, file sharing and transaction on a single-server. It is an operating system used to provide a means for users to communicate through computers or software. Basically, a server controls access to things like software, hardware, and data.

How does it work?

It is an operating system that is based on networks. It was amid to target desktop and corporate servers. It means that numbers of users will install it on their computer and one of them will be the administrator. The administrator will get all the access to other computers. The administrator can bring changes to clients (those who are under the administrator) computer and can also perform tasks like troubleshooting.


Windows 2000 Server

Microsoft Windows 2000 server is a part of the Windows 2000 series who is related to the Windows NT family. The first-ever Windows 2000 server was manufactured and unveiled for the users on December 15, 1999. However, users were able to buy the product from the local store after three months.

Windows servers 2000 provides services like app development, data management, security, system management, and web integration.
Microsoft had released a total of four different editions of Windows 2000, who are Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Windows 2000 Datacenter Server, and Windows 2000 Server Small business edition.

  • Windows 2000 Professional
  • Windows 2000 Small Business Server
  • Windows 2000 Advanced Server
  • Windows 2000 Datacenter Server
Windows 2000 Professional Server

Windows 2000 Professional

This is the most basic edition which was released for the users. inside this iso file, you can find all the three versions of Windows Server 2000 with the addition of the Windows 2000 operating system. Read more.

 Windows 2000 Small Business Server

Windows 2000 Small Business Server

Windows 200000 small business edition or standard server was built for the small or mid-sized businesses. It was used to performs things like sharing files, sharing printers, sharing information and tolls between inside the server and infrastructure server.

 Windows 2000 Advanced Server

Windows 2000 Advanced Server

It was built for network bigger than “Windows 2000 Small Business server”. This is used for line of business applications and e-commerce, advanced server all the functions. In this version, you can also do things like control network load balancing, messaging, customer services and databases.

 Windows Datacenter Server

Windows Datacenter Server

Windows Datacenter servers were made for big corporations and companies. With this, you can handle thousands of users simultaneously. It has more like a technical and data-intensive with options to perform things like data warehousing, large data analysis, online transaction, site hosting and internet service providing.

Remember that to upgrade from Windows NT to Windows 2000 server. You will need Windows NT 4.0 Domain Migration tools and a complete reinstallation of your OS.


Here are some quick features of windows 2000 server, which should be highlighted.

Windows 2000 Server ISO
  • Supports Networking Devices like DSL, VPN, IPsec, SSL, routing NAT, DHCP, services, and routers switches.
  • Virtual Private Networking- supports PPTP and layer 2 tunneling protocol encryption by the IPsec.
  • TCP/IP filtering
  • Smart card support
  • HSM support- can transfer files from NTFS storages
  • Can support to share files or devices between multiple users
  •  It can support other platform clients who use Windows NT, Windows 9x, Windows 3.x, and Macintosh


To install a Windows 2k server in your system you will need some work to do. Here is a link where they have provided a complete guide on installing windows 2000 server. Just click on the link

Product key

To install windows 2000 server on your system you will need a product key. As we are not an official owner so we cannot provide you more of this. And it is not guaranteed that it will work 100 percent. However, we can assure that the following product keys work most of the time.


Our intentions

It was our intention to provide you the iso file of download Windows 2000 server. We have provided a Windows 2000 server with a product key and installation guide. Still, we haven’t discussed much it or ts features. If you want a full description comment down and we will provide that as soon as possible.

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