Download Windows Vista ISO Completely Free

f you are willing to download windows Vista ISO completely free, then you are at the right place. Here you can have Windows vista ISO for 32-bit and 64-bit architecture-based computers. Now, without any hesitation or spending a single penny, you can download Windows Vista from here. There is no need for your personal info or any other details. Just click on the link below and the iso file. The ISO file is Genuine and malware-free, so any kind of threat is not an option.

Download Windows Vista ISO

Download Windows Vista ISO

Windows Vista is an operating system used for office, business and home purposes. Windows Vista was one of the best OS provided by Microsoft. The Windows Vista was developed on November 8, 2016, by Microsoft.

It was released worldwide through both digital distributors’ platforms and the Windows market place. The “Longhorn” which was the code name for Windows Vista was released about twelve years ago.

Digital Distributors are those who sold games, audios, videos, and other digital media. The Windows Marketplace is a site provided by Microsoft, where you could purchase Windows Vista. Windows Vista was the successor of Windows XP, which was released 5 years before the release of Windows Vista.

New design with easier navigation for the users was introduced. Windows Vista was highly focused on being user-friendly.

Tons of changes were made in both the Start menu and desktop environment for the users to have better UI. The Windows Aero was also introduced in Windows Vista. The Windows Aero was one of its kind in terms of GUI in the past decades. The Windows Aero was one of the finest GUI for the users. This GUI made Windows Vista have a better layout, guideline, and appearance for the users.

The windows vista brought many features like File encryption, Sidebar Gadgets, Improved Parental Control, added numbers of games with faster and better Internet Explorer. There were also tab changing feature added in Windows Vista. You are able to browse between different tabs you are using on your screen by using its shortcut keys.

Windows vista has a smooth UI which was similar to macOS X. This window was far better than all previous versions. However, still, it couldn’t have made any big impact on the market.

Windows Vista wasn’t the best of its time, due to its poor marketing or other reasons.  

The primary goal of Microsoft and Bill Gates were to provide a more secure OS and to increase the security issue of all previous Windows OS. Whereas, as a result, still they got plenty of criticism for problems and security issues.

You should keep in mind that after 90 days the trail mode will end and you need a product key to activate the operating system.

Windows Vista versions

Here are all the versions of Windows Vista series. A total of six versions of Windows Vista was released by Microsoft. You can download all Windows Vista versions which include Windows Vista Starter, Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Business, and Windows Vista Ultimate. Within a single click, you can download the iso images of them.

Download Windows Vista Starter

Download Windows Vista Starter

Like its predecessors, Windows Vista also had the Starter version. And as usual, it is the most basic version of Windows available. This version of Windows Vista is light weighted and has all the basic functions of Windows Vista. You can download Windows Vista Starter ISO here.

Download Windows Vista Home Basic

Download Windows Vista Home Basic

It was developed to target home users however within their budget. The Windows Vista Home is an affordable and light weighted operating system for home users. You can download Windows Vista Home Basic ISO image here.

Download Windows Vista Home Premium

Download Windows Vista Home Premium

The Home Premium is the same as Home Basic. However, Windows Vista Home Premium also includes additional features for more productive performance. Numbers of preinstalled applications and hardware are supported. You can download Windows Vista Home Premium ISO here.

Download Windows Vista Business

Download Windows Vista Business

The business version of Windows Vista was developed for professional works. It is comparable to Windows XP professional and has all the features of Vista Home Premium with a number of added features. Download Windows Vista Business here.

Download Windows Vista Enterprise

Download Windows Vista Enterprise

This version is used in large or small corporations like hospitals, schools, organizations, and others. It is highly focused on security and productivity tools. We can say it is highly suitable for organization uses, so download Windows Vista Enterprise here.

Download Windows Vista Ultimate

Download Windows Vista Ultimate

The ultimate edition includes the home premium, and business editions and their features. This is the most powerful version of Windows Vista. Here is the link to download Windows Vista Ultimate ISO.


Here are some key features which were either added or updated by Microsoft in Windows Vista.

Windows Aero

The Windows Aero (Authentic, Energetic, reflective, open) is one of the best GUI Microsoft could give to users in 2007. The first glimpse of Windows Aero can be seen in Windows XP, which later on was officially released with Windows Vista. This GUI had more like a clear, translucent/glass appearance. Unlike all the older GUI of previous Windows, Windows Aero had a more clear and 3D logo on the top for the description. Before Windows Aero, it was more like a simple icon.

Start menu

The menu has been given a completely new look. Now, navigating through apps has gotten easier. The search box helps you to find the most relevant result you need.

Sidebar Gadgets

There are also small gadgets present on your screen to give you some quick access to certain programs. There were gadgets like Clock, Calendar and more to help you.

Improved Parental Control

Now, the administrator was able to control different programs on your computer. Like limited users can install programs on your computer or which website the users are able to get access to.

Easy Transfer

Windows Vista made faster to use your USB on your computer. You are able to directly insert and play the media inside your USB/DVD. There was also an increase in size support and a more effective response to external drives.

DirectX 10

There is no official date for the release of DirectX 10 or most of the other versions. However, with Windows Vista, you are able to use DirectX 10. DirectX 10 will help you in graphical performance.

Tab navigation

With Windows Vista, you are able to browse between different tabs on your computer. By pressing tab+alt you are able to browse between different tab which will your help you to work efficiently.

Backup and restore file

The new Windows made easier to have a backup and restore option for the users.

Internet Explorer

With Windows Vista, there were made some changes to Internet Explorer as well. In Internet Explorer, they have made quite changes like Page zoom, printing, search inbox, and other security features. Internet surfing has never been this efficient.

Windows Browser

With the new Windows browser, you can easily navigate through different files in your system. You can find any application, file, or driver in your computer. By just putting the name in the windows browser you will find what you need easily.

Windows Flip 3D

This one is the most exciting feature in Windows Vista. You are now to change between different tab by pressing the Windows key + Tab. And by pressing on CTRL + Windows Key + Tab key, the tabs will be shown without pressing the buttons on your keyboard. Which can give your fingers some rest.

Windows Firewall and Defender

The security is improved. The firewall will help your computer from undistinguished traffics whereas Windows Defender will help you from malicious attack. Both of the apps are getting constant updates from the officials, which improves the security level more.

How to install Windows Vista?

Windows Vista

To install Windows Vista on your system you will need to follow these steps.

  1. Download the ISO file

The first and easiest part is to download the iso file of Windows Vista. You can download Windows Vista by the links given.

2. Download bootable software

Now, you will need to download software like Rufus or UUI to create a bootable USB. Remember that the USB drive should have at least 8GB of storage.

3. Burn the ISO

In this step, you will need to burn the iso file on your USB drive. Burn the iso file of Windows Vista on your USB with the help of bootable software.


As you have burned the ISO file, you are compelled to reboot your system. While your computer reboots in the start screen you will need to press the f8 key to enter in BIOS setting. In BIOS setting go to booting sequence and change it to external.

5. Installation screen

After changing the booting sequence, exit and your system will reboot again. Wait till the computer takes you to the installation screen. From then on follow the guides given to you or click here to know more.


The following requirements should be completed to run Windows Vista on your computer smoothly.

Minimum requirements for Windows Vista

Processor: 800 MHz 32-bit (x86) processor or 1GHz 64-bit (x64) processor

Memory: 1GB RAM

Hard-drive: 20GB hard disk with 15 GB for temporary files

Graphics: 32MB of a graphics card with DirectX 9

Hardware: DVD ROM, internet access and audio output capability

Maximum requirements for Windows Vista

Processor: 1GHz 32-bit (x86) processor or 1GHz 64-bit (x64) processor

Memory: 1GB RAM or more

Hard-drive: 45GB hard disk with 15 GB for temporary files

Graphics: 128MB of a graphics card with DirectX 9 or later

Hardware: DVD ROM, internet access and audio output capability

Product key

You will need a product key to use your Windows Vista at its best. There is no product key for your iso file. Since it is not authorized, still you can find some of its product key which might or might not work.

Q: How many service packs does Vista have?

Microsoft has released only two service packs for Windows Vista. The Service pack 1 (SP1) and Service Pack 2 (SP2).

Q: What are Vista sp1 and sp2 in Windows?

The SP1 and SP2 are the abbreviated words of service pack 1 and 2. They both are different versions of Windows Vista released by Microsoft on different dates.

Q: Is there any Service Pack 3 for Windows Vista?

No, there is only SP1 and SP2 for Windows Vista. There is no SP3 after SP2 Microsoft has released Windows 7.


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