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Here we will provide you a direct link for Windows 3.1 ISO to download. Download Windows 3.1 ISO and experience the child version of the Windows series. Windows 3.1 was supporting 16-bit architecture based computers. Later on arrival of Windows 95, Microsoft started to develop 32-bit architecture based operating systems. So, it is a clear sign that in your current computer, you cannot use it as an operating system. The only option left is to use it is in virtualization software or you should find one of those 1990s computers.

Download Windows 3.1 ISO

You can download Windows 3.1 ISO for free by clicking on the link given below. There are no hidden charges or need for personal information. Click on the Download button and download Windows 3.1 ISO. Remember that many versions of Windows 3 were released. However, Windows 3.1 is the most stable version of this series. And that is the reason why we have brought you links to Download Windows 3.1 ISO.
Download windows 3.1 ISO
File: Wiz31.Zip Size: 8-10MB Developer: Microsoft Language: English Last update: Dec,31 1993 OS: Windows 3.1


Download Windows 3.1 ISO
After the release of Windows 3.0, Microsoft brought Windows 3.1 and Windows 3.2 later with more advanced UI and effective features for the users. Windows 3 was the third major release of Microsoft. The operating system was released between 1992 and 1993. Windows 3 became quite popular in its time. So, as a result, Microsoft bought other versions with fewer errors and more efficient performance. Other versions like Windows 3.11 or Windows 3.2 were released. many versions were released still error and bugs were there. With each window 3.1 OS, there was also MS-DOS 6 present in the pack. MS-DOS was quite necessary for its time, as it was used to install the Windows on your machine. Basically, the MS-DOS size was about 10-15 MBs and it worked as a back-end for the operating systems. Learn more about MS-DOS here. Version 3.1 was released after the success of Windows 3. Windows 3 was an experiment that went successfully. The Windows 3.1 was also named “Janus”. Normally this version comes in a CD which was based on 16-bit architectures. Windows 3.1 had a program called administrator which was before it had the Start menu option. The feature allowed users to use different programs by engaging with their CUI (Command Line Interface). Microsoft tried to make it as effortless as possible. So that everyone should be able to use it. The main goal was to provide it to home users, so the computer would be common in houses. They also include useful tutorials to make it easier for users to get used to it. Windows 3.1 is quite a friendly OS. You are able to use the Help feature which helps lost users in Windows 3.1. The feature was developed to solve problems and direct users. It had the ability to customize the user interface. You are able to change the tab border color, background color, and many more. It also had tons of other features that were not only advanced as compared to their time but were also productive then and now. It was Windows 3.1, who build the framework of our modern operating systems like Windows 10, Windows 7, or any other version.

Windows 3.1 Features:

Here are some key features of Windows 3.1. Their following features are either added in Windows 3.1 or is upgraded from the older versions like Windows 2.0 or Windows 1.0.
  1. User interface
As compared to Windows 2x or earlier version. Windows 3.1, 3.2, 3.11, or 3x each and every one of them were far ahead of their time. The new UI was simple, easy and was more innovative. New UI in Windows 3 was quite a big deal for many, cause it helped them to get familiar with computers. Now, they didn’t need to learn or remember an entire series of code just to perform some simple basic functions. 2. Spread Sheet This feature helped the users in quite a big margin. It helped in accounting, managing, and many other things. It was also quite a helpful thing for many employees in the offices as well. 3. Audio support Now, in windows, 3.1 Microsoft has added the audio device support. This feature will help the Windows system to play music. 4. MS-DOS You were able to use MS-DOS in your Windows. However, with windows 3.1 the Microsoft brought a change which was to replace MS-DOS. The MS-DOS program launcher and the manger were replaced with a single app called “Program Manager”. The app was simple and easy and had the ability to perform tasks like the MS-DOS program did. 5. Other small apps
Windows 3.1
New apps were Introduced in Windows 3. However, in later versions, most of the errors were also removed and updates were made to make it more efficient to users.
  • The paint was introduced. The Paint is still present in your current OS (like Windows 7,8,10). The application “Paint” is the more efficient and stable version of old Paint Brush.
  • The calculator was more improved in most of the terms.
  • The word processor was also improved. The Word reading and taking out the grammatical and spelling mistakes were faster.
6. Drop Mode The drop mode was no longer supported by 8086 computers while using windows 3.1 or 3.2. 7. Better Wordprocessor There were also added new fonts like Arial, Courier, New, Time New Roman, Bold, and Italic. These were all the fonts added in the word processor in Windows 3. 8. Mic Support In Windows 3.1, Microsoft also added the mic support for users. Now, you are able to use your microphone on your computer. 9. Moveable Icons In Windows 3.1 you are able to drag and drop icons. You are also able to drag and drop icons inside the Paint. 10. Hardware support Microsoft has made some changes in hardware support as well. Things like floppy disk, mic, larger hard disk, and better monitor were supported.


As we know about Windows 3.1 now, and now we are familiar with the features. Let install Windows 3.1 on your computer or any virtualization software like Virtual box. Remember that Windows 3.1 is extremely old and using it as your current operating system is not a good option. Download iso file Download the ISO file of Windows 3.1 on your PC which later can be used on your system. Load the file Now, load the Setup.exe of Windows 3.1 in your virtual machine. Use the virtual machine as 16-bit, or else you won’t be able to run it. Run the setup Here in this step, you have loaded the Setup.exe. Run the setup.exe to install it. Choose the express installation. Installation guide From now on, you will need to follow the guides provided by the operating system.

System Requirement

Here are some specs which should be met or else you won’t be able to run Windows 3 on your system. Processor: 80386 or better with 10MHz Memory: 3MB RAM Graphics: CGA, EGA, MCGA, VGA, compatible graphic card MS-DOS: 3.1 or higher Harddrive: 14 MB Floppy: 5 ½ or 3 ½ inch Q: What is Windows 3.x or Win 3.x? Win 3.x or Windows 3.x is the third distribution of operating systems by Microsoft. Win 3.x is the abbreviated form of Windows 3.x and it was released between 1990 and 1992. Q: What version of Windows came before Windows 3.11? The first version in Windows 3 series comes the Windows 3. Here it is followed by Windows 3.1 then Windows 3.11, Windows 3.2, and so on. Q: Is Windows 3.1 an operating system? Yes, Windows 3.1 is an operating system (OS) provided by Microsoft. The OS Windows 3.1 was developed on 22 May 1990.

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