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The use of Windows 3.1 or 3.2 can differ. Either you want to use windows 3.1 as your Operating System or just the ISO to use it on any virtual machine. No matter what the reason is you can download Windows 3.1 ISO and 3.2 for free.

After the release of Windows 3.0, Microsoft brought Windows 3.1 and Windows 3.2 later with more advanced UI and effective features for the users. Windows 3 became quite popular in its time. So, in the result, Microsoft bought other versions with fewer errors and more efficient performance.

Version 3.1 was released after the success of Windows 3. Windows 3 was an experiment which went successfully. The Windows 3.1 was also named as “Janus”. Normally this version comes in 16 bit in a CD.

With each window 3.1 OS, there was also MS-DOS 6 present in the pack. MS-DOS was quite necessary for its time, as it was used to install the Windows on your machine. Basically, the MS-DOS size was about 10-15 MB …For more about MS-DOS click here.

Microsoft tried to make it more simple so that everyone should be able to use it. For that purpose, they have tried to keep it as simple and easy as possible. They also include useful tutorials to make it easier for users to get used to it.

Windows 3.1 is quite a friendly OS. You are able to use the Help application if you were lost in the Windows 3.1 environment. Where the app will guide you and solves your problem.

It had the ability to customize the user interface. You are able to change the tab border color, background color and many more. It also has tons of other features which were not only advanced by the number of years in their times but still, they are used.

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Download Windows 3.1 ISO

You can download Windows 3.1 ISO for free by clicking on the link given below. There is no hidden charges or need for personal information. Click on the Download button and download it!

Download Windows 3.1

Filename: Wiz31.Zip

FileType: Zip

Size: 28MB

OS: Windows 3.1

Last Update: Dec 31, 1993

System Requirement

Processor: 80386 or better with 10MHz

Memory: 3MB RAM

Graphics: CGA, EGA, MCGA, VGA, compatible graphic card

MS-DOS: 3.1 or higher

Harddrive: 14 MB

Floppy: 5 ½ or 3 ½ inch

Windows 3.1 Features:

Here are some features of Windows 3.1. Their following features are either added in Windows 3.1 or is upgraded from the older versions.

  1. User interface

As compared to Windows 2x or earlier version. Windows 3.1, 3.2, 3.11, or 3x each and every one of them were far ahead of their time. The new UI was simple, easy and was more innovative. New UI in Windows 3 was quite a deal for many, cause it helped them to use a computer with learning or remembering an entire series of code just too simple basic things in their computer.

2. Spread Sheet

This app helps the users in a large margin. It helped in accounting, managing and many other things. It was quite a helpful thing for many employees in the offices.

3. Audio support

Now, in windows, 3.1 Microsoft has added the audio device support. This feature will help the Windows system to play music.


You are able to use MS-DOS in your Windows 3.1. However, with windows 3.1 the MS-DOS brought a change which was to replace MS-DOS. The MS-DOS program launcher and the manger were replaced with a single app called “Program Manager”.

The app was simple and easy and had the ability to perform tasks like MS-DOS program done by program launcher and manager.

5. Other small apps

Windows 3.1

New apps were Introduced in Window 3. However, in later versions like 3.1,3.2, 3.11 it removed most of the errors and made them more efficient to use.

  • The paint was introduced. The Paint is still in your current OS (like Windows 7,8,10). APP “Paint” is the more efficient and stable version of old Paint Brush.
  • The calculator was more improved in most of the terms.
  • Word processor was also improved. The Word reading and taking out the grammatical and spelling mistakes were faster.

6. Drop Mode

The drop mode was no longer support 8086 computers while using windows 3.1 or 3.2.

7. Better Wordprocessor

There were also added new fonts like Arial, Courier, New, Time New Roman, Bold, and Italic. These were all the fonts added in the word processor, Windows 3.1.

8. Mic Support

In Windows 3.1, Microsoft also added the mic support for users. Now, you are able to use your microphone on your computer.

9. Moveable Icons

In Windows 3.1 you are able to drag and drop icons. You are also able to drag and drop icons inside the Paint.

10. Hardware support

Microsoft has made some changes in hardware support as well. Things like floppy size support, hardware like a mic, bigger hard disk, and better monitor were added.

What is Windows 3.x or Win 3.x?

Win 3.x or Windows 3.x is the third distribution of operating systems by Microsoft. Win 3.x is the abbreviated form of Windows 3.x.

What version of Windows came before Windows 3.11?

The first version in Windows 3 series comes the Windows 3. Here it is followed by Windows 3.1 then Windows 3.11. The Windows 3.11 later becomes the successor of Windows 3.2.

Is Windows 3.1 an operating system?

Yes, Windows 3.1 is an operating system (OS) provided by Microsoft. The OS Windows 3.1 was released on 22 May 1990.


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