Windows 95 ISO Download For Free

If you want to download windows 95 iso then you are at the right place. Windows 95 was from windows 9x family. Windows 95 has the codename of “Chicago” which was released after windows 3.11.

Windows 95 was also referred to as Windows 4. However, instead of announcing it as Windows 4.0 which many users were expecting, they released it as Windows 95.

Windows 95 ISO Download For Free
Windows 95 ISO Download For Free

Windows 95 was not modern in terms of UI and compatibility. However, it was the most stable and efficient OS of their time. It was an OS used to perform multiple tasks at a time.

Journey of Windows 95

Windows 95 was released on 15, August 1995 and was available in retail stores on 24, August 1995. Window 95 was also changed from 16-bit architecture to 32-bit. With support to 32-bit architecture, Microsoft had numerous options to change the Windows 95. The first thing they did was to bring the Taskbar and Start Menu in the operating system.

Windows 95 had the same place to minimize all of your applications called taskbar like its formal versions.

Taskbar and Start menu are some of those features who are still available in the current Windows OS. The intention behind the development of this OS by Microsoft was to combine both Windows OS (16-bit) with the MS-DOS.

Changes made in the interface were noticed by the users even in Windows 3.1. And finally, the complete interface was revealed in Windows 95. In Windows 3.1 plenty of hints were presented by Microsoft about their new Windows operating system.

MS-DOS was available in the earlier versions of Windows OS. However, in later versions of Windows OS, Microsoft had removed it completely.

Microsoft has removed MS-DOS (as they claim) and brought a new command-line interpreter called Command prompt.

The support from Microsoft was ended on 31, December on 2001.

What is the difference between command prompt and MS-DOS?

Basically, there is no big difference between the two. Both MS-DOS & Command Prompt are (CLI) command-line interpreter. However, MS-DOS is a simple non-graphical interfaced Command Line Interpreter whereas, the Command Prompt is a GUI version. CMD is Windows emulated program to perform the same task performed by MS-DOS.

Question: Is there any Windows named Windows 4.0?

After the release of Windows 1.0, Windows 2 and Windows 3. A fourth major released was made which was named “Windows 95”. There is no specific version of Windows that is named as Windows 4. Many users still know Windows 95 as Windows 4.

Download Windows 95 ISO

You can download Windows 95 ISO for free by clicking on the links below. Files downloaded by direct links given below are free to use and are free from any kind of spyware, malware, or any kind of threat that might hurt your system.

Download Windows 95 ISO
Download Windows 95 ISO

File: Windows_95.iso

Size: 350 MB

Developer: Microsoft

Language: English

Last Update: November 26, 1997

Windows 95 Features

While your system is downloading Windows 95 iso, here are some features of Win 95. Some of them might fascinate you while some may look lame. But the truth is, that all these features were great changes made way before its time.

A new Interface

GUI- Unlike the earlier versions, Windows 95 wasn’t running a graphical user interface on the top of MS-DOS. Instead, MS-DOS was completely removed from the OS.

Improved Appearance Microsoft has improved its appearance as they have changed it way more as compared to Windows 1. They have also made the UI cleaner and clearer for the users.

The entire windows can be controlled by the icons present on the top right. Their icons were used as an option to minimize, maximize/restore, or even close. New shortcut icons, and system icons. Microsoft has also provided the option of “My Computer” and “Recycle bin” in this version which great intuitive taken by them.

Taskbar The same taskbar is used on Windows 10, and after 15 years still Microsoft is using the same taskbar. In Win 95, the position was also changed, to bottom. In earlier versions of Windows, the taskbars were present on the right side of the screen.

Start menu- Start menu introduced in this version is almost the same as Windows Vista. A flyout menu style was used which was later changed in new versions of Windows OS.

New hardware specs

Plug and play- With Configuration Manager (CONFIGMG) you are able to use the Plug and Play feature. This feature was one of the most advanced features present in the operating systems back in the 90s. A Plug and Play (PnP) also known as Computer BUS is a feature used to perform with defined memory I/O. It means with each plugin your external drive and internal drive will get connected through port and motherboard directly. So, as result, you can easily get access to your external drive.

Using the Plug Play feature, users had faster access to applications which in result enabled users to perform heavy tasks like video gaming and more.

32-bit support In this version users are able to use 32-bit based app. Before Windows 95, users were unable to use 32-bit apps. Users were limited to 16-bit architecture-based apps.

Better Internet browsing

Internet Explorer At the beginning of Windows 95, there was no Internet Explorer installed. However, you are able to use it by installing it from “Plus! Pack”. This pack was the first step for many users to use Internet Explorer 1.0 for the first time.

This is not present in the market for now but you download the Internet Explorer form the internet.

Easier internet access- In Windows 95 there is the support of TCP/IP protocol which made it easier for the users to get access to the internet.

Long file name support

File Name- Users were able to use the longest name for their files or folder in Windows 95. In Windows 95, with the new update, they have added a feature where you can create a folder with a 255-character name.

A complete OS

Command Line Interface- MS-DOS was completely removed from the OS. It was replaced with Command Prompt which works the same but in a more advanced manner.

Complete OS- Users were able to use both GUI (Graphical User Interface) and CLI (Command Line Interface) in a single OS. Before Win 95, it was a dream for many to use both of them. Downloading only the OS was enough to use both of them.

More options- with the right-clicking on any icon on the desktop. This window gives you different options like copy, paste, help, or properties option.

Install Windows 95 iso

installing Windows 95 on VMware

Win 95 was a closed source OS that was developed for home users. If you want to know how to install it on your system then we would recommend you watch the video. They have shown the best way possible on the installation with complete instructions. However, before leaving for the installation, you will need to download Windows 95 ISO file from the direct links given.

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