Download Windows 7 Starter ISO Full Version

Download Windows 7 Starter ISO full version for free. We provide you one clicks the download link for ISO file. Unlike other sites, we provide you the genuine file of Windows 7 (Win 7) Starter ISO file. Who is free from malware, virus and corrupt files.


Here you can download Windows 7 starter SP1 32-bit (x86) for free. You can use the ISO file as your operating system or it can also be used for virtualization purposes as well.

File: win_7_starter_32-bit_en_dvd.iso

Size: 2GB

Developer: Microsoft

Language: English

Latest release: 22 February 2011

OS: Windows 7 Starter


Windows 7 Starter

The first-ever Windows 7 was released back in the year 2009. Windows 7 starter was originally designed to provide a simple with fundamental design. It provides good results, a stable and protective platform in low specs. Low specs like 1 GB of RAM and 1GHz processor is enough to run Windows starter.

While the other versions are available for PC, tablets, and netbooks. The ISO file of Windows 7 starter comes only as preinstalled on computers who owns the OEM license.

Unlike Windows Vista Starter or Windows XP Starter, it is not limited for running only three apps at a time.

Windows 7 Starter is the most basic edition of Windows 7 series. Above 100+ languages are supported in this OS, so that language won’t be a barrier between you and the OS.

You will need a product key to activate your Windows or else within 90 days your Windows 7 Starter will expire as the trial period will end. Windows 7 starter is limited in features as compared to other versions of Windows 7.

Unlike other Windows 7 versions, you don’t have the Aero theme in your Windows 7. Other features like Multi-touch, Windows Media player, Windows Media Center, Offline files, Bitlocker or file encryption are not available.

The Windows 7 series will end soon and you will need to upgrade to latest versions of Windows.

With Windows 7 starter, six major versions were released in total.


  • has a friendly user-interface
  • Is specially developed for netbook users
  • Runs only on 32-bit architecture based computers
  • Supports both wireless and wired networks
  • Has very easy network settings for the users
  • Navigation of Windows is more comfortable and convenient
  • The best option for older computers or laptops
  • Better security than Vista or XP
  • Can be run on low specs
  • HomeGroup Creation software will help you to manage your network in the local area as well on the web


To install Windows 7 starter on your PC, you will need to follow these easy and simple steps. Follow the steps and it will take to installation and will even complete it. And you even notice how you have installed windows 7 professional on your computer.

Download ISO file

The first and simple step is to download the iso file. The link to download Windows 7 Professional ISO is given on the top. Download the file and continue to next step.

Insert USB Drive

Remember that you will at least of 8GB external pen drive. Insert the pen drive and burn the ISO file in it. To burn the ISO file of Win 7 professional, you will need a software. Software like Rufus can help you for this purpose. However, if you are not satisfied click here for more software to create a bootable drive.

 Change Booting Sequence

In this step reboot/restart your system. While the system is turning ON and press F8 to go to BIOS. In the BIOS setting, you will need to change the booting sequence and make the external pen drive as a priority.

Installation screen

Now, your system will restart. Wait and soon you will find yourself in the installation screen. Follow all the guides given by the Windows and soon your system will be installed.


You will need at least these specs to run Windows 7 starter on your computer.

Processor: 1GHz of processor or better

Memory: 1GB RAM

Hard disk: 20 GB of free storage

Graphics: DirectX 9 with Intel WDDM driver model 1.0

Screen Resolution: 1366 x 768

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