Download Windows 8.1 Pro: Windows 8.1 is the new version of Windows 8, which was the successor of Windows 7. If you want to lay a hand on this amazing operating system, then you are in the right place.

Either you want to use it as your operating system or you just want the Windows 8.1 ISO disc image for virtualization purposes. We also have the latest version of Windows 8 by Microsoft, if you are interested. Right here you can download Windows 8 ISO latest version for free, just click on the link below.

Download Windows 8.1 Pro

With the end of support for Windows XP and Vista, soon the 7 will also end. So, Microsoft is highly focused on Windows 8 and 10. The ISO files are free and don’t have issues like corrupt files, damaged files or any other kind of problems. Get your Windows 8.1 pro full version by clicking on the link below.

File: Windows 8.1 Pro ISO

Filename: en_windows_8_1_pro_vl_dvd_iso

Size: 6GB 64-bit/ 4GB 32-bit

Type: ISO

Version: 8.1 Pro

Last update: 26,3,2019

Developed by: Microsoft

Windows 8.1 pro

The first windows 8 was released on 22 October 2012. Some major improvements and enhancements are done in the shape of updates, bug fixes and new smoothing searches regarding search options.

Windows 8 was the successor of Windows 7 and later the Microsoft brought a newer version of Windows 8, which is Windows 8.1.

The Platform is not limited to computers but you can also use them on your tablets and mobile phones as well. This operating system is fast in booting and is one of the most stable OS.

Microsoft has changed most of the things in UI and desktop personalization. Windows 8.1 pro uses the metro design language which is just more than beautiful but it is smart and elegant. You can also change things like color, screen saver and many more.

Microsoft has made an innovating change in Windows 8 series. In the new Windows 8.1 pro, they have removed the Strat menu and changed it into completely different. They have changed it from a small on the side menu into a full-screen start menu.

You can also enjoy the other preinstalled amazing apps which not only can make your work easier. But, it also removes the problems of downloading and installing them as well.

Windows 8.1 Pro supports the Universal Windows app on Microsoft Store. Which means that you can download tons of apps from Microsoft Store and use most of them for free.

Things like you can host an entire companies network to a single domain network. And many other things which are below.

Features of Windows 8.1 pro

Here are some added or improved features that are in Windows 8.1 pro.

  • Search

Now, it is easier to search the files, media and other documents with the search. In Windows 8.1 pro it got easier and effective to find all those missing files by their name.

  • Snap mode

This feature allows users to perform multiple tasks at a time. You can use multiple apps at a time on your screen by using this feature. The feature will split your screen to make room for other apps. There is no mark, line or border, just clean splitting of the screen.

You can also change the options from the option of splitting the screen to 3 by 4, half or even lesser than. In short, you can control entire screen distributions with snap mode.

  • Pin to taskbar

Microsoft has abled you to pin your favorite apps from the Start menu to the taskbar in Windows 8.1 pro. With this option, you can easily get access to your favorite app. There is no need to make your Start menu a mess/crowded.

To Pin an app on the start menu in Windows 8.1, follow these steps. Open the Start Screen and click right on your favorite app and choose the Pin to start option.

  • Charm Bar

In Windows 8.1 pro they have added the charm bar. This feature helps the users to find the recently used or installed app.

  • Snipping tool

This is the most used tool by me. This is one of the best tools for taking screenshots. With the snipping tool, you can take screenshots of your screen with any problems. You can easily take shots from every corner of your screen.

It can take shots of certain or whole areas of your screen.

  • New Start Screen
windows 8.1 pro features

In Windows 8.1 pro you will experience a new start menu. It is unlike the older versions. Microsoft has changed the old start menu into a full-screen start menu.

The option of changing the start menu apps size is available. You can change the app’s size on the start menu from tiny to medium to large.

  • Personalize desktop

You are able to personalize your screen, wallpaper, screensaver, and even the borders. You can also make the icons on your desktop larger or smaller.

Performing things like reorganizing your start menu is also an option for you. Things like adding or removing different app shortcuts are normal. You can make a slideshow as your wallpaper as well.

  • Faster browser

Internet Explorer has also been upgraded to 10 in Windows 8. The new Internet Explorer 10 is faster, secure and effective while working with.

  • More secure

Security is now more tighten in new Windows 8.1. There is an account sync for the security of your computer. You will need to sign in your Microsoft account to login to your computer.

Multiple types of logging in methods are available like pin or picture password.

  • Touch screen support

In Windows 8.1 pro you use it both on your computer and tablet.

  • Tablet mode

You can change your computer UI by changing it to tablet mode. By changing it to tablet you can use your computer as a tablet.

  • Fingerprint

In Windows 8.1 pro the users also have the feature where they can use their fingerprints. Using fingerprint for security issues is a feature of Windows 8.1 pro.

  • Broadband tethering

Using Windows 8.1 pro you are not limited to just to use the Wi-Fi. You can also host Wi-Fi connections for others. Wi-Fi host will make your computer to host different other connection on your internet.

  • Online storage

You can store your media like photo, video and other files on OneDrive. The OneDrive is online storage used to store files. It is a preinstalled app which only needs your account to login to store your files.

Despite having OneDrive for your media, you can also use the SkyDrive to store your file online.

You can get access from another computer, there is no need for your physical memory to always be with you. Logging in with different computers to your account with your permission is another option.

  • Snap view

Now, you can easily switch between different apps. With Snap view you can change your currently using app simultaneously.

You can use the snap view by pressing ALT and clicking on the Tab button.

  • Onscreen keyboard
Windows 8 feature onscreen keyboard

This feature helps with events when you cannot even imagine. The onscreen keyboard is quite useful for the moments when your keyboard is not responding or your other hand is in use.

It can also be helpful to learn new typing languages. If you want to learn a new language to type, then the onscreen keyboard is quite helpful to navigate you.

  • Battery usage option

There is also an option for battery consumption. Now, you have the option to change your pc/laptop performance. The performance will have a direct effect on your battery. Low performance in the result will make your battery last longer.

  • Data protection

As BitLock already preinstalled you can encrypt your data or an entire drive. The encryption will help you from cyber-crimes like spams, data stealing, and virus spreading, etc.

It can also be helpful for you to get access to your data by using the desktop remote control.

  • Microsoft Store

Windows 8.1 Pro supports the universal Windows app, which means you can download and install apps from the Microsoft Store. Now, there is no need to visit not a secured site just for the app/game you need. Microsoft Store will fill all the needs you have.

  • Windows preinstalled apps

There are numbers of preinstalled apps like calendars, photos, mail, music player, video player, map, e-mail. These apps will help you to cover all the things you want.

  • Direct booting

Direct booting is a feature where after every rebooting you are taken to desktop. Instead of viewing Start you will be moved to desktop directly.

You can activate it by going to Taskbar and navigation properties. There you can select the option and activate it.

Requirements of Windows 8.1 pro

Here are some basic requirements you will need to run Windows 8.1 pro. Get Windows 8.1 pro free of cost by the link at the top. After the download being completed follow these requirements.

Processor: 1GHz of processor or higher

Memory: 2GB of RAM

Hard disk: 20 GB of hard drive

Graphics: 1366X 768 screen resolution, DirectX9 graphics processor with WDDM driver.

Connectivity: is needed (if you don’t possess the internet, still it works)

Installation of Windows 8.1 pro

As you have now downloaded Windows 8.1 Pro, you are about to install Windows 8.1 pro on your computer. You have to complete the requirement which is given above. Then create a bootable USB of your Windows 8.1 Pro. To create a bootable USB, you will a good soft here is our suggestion. “The best software for creating a bootable USB”.

After the installation is completed you will need the product key:


Note: There is a possibility that the product key might not work.

Our intentions

We are glad you got windows 8.1 free download. The Windows 8 lastest version is 8.1, so we tried to bring the latest version of Windows 8. Instead of Windows 8, we brought Windows 8.1.

We are trying our best to solve all the problems that you are facing. Still, any kind of suggestion, question, or mistake correction is appreciated. 

How many apps can you open in your computer at a time? Tell us in the comment section?

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