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Download Windows XP (SP1, SP2, and SP3) ISO file for free. Click on the link and download the file without any hesitation. You can use the file to do things like virtualization on platforms like VMware, Virtual Box and more. unlike other sites, we provide the genuine iso file of Windows XP for free.

Download Windows XP

windows xp

If you want to refresh all those old memories or have to do with Windows XP. Then, this is the right place for you. Here you can download Windows XP in ISO for free. You don’t need to spent even a penny to download.

Windows XP is one of the distribution of Microsoft for computers to work as an operating system. It was released in 2001 and was a big hit for Microsoft. The Windows XP was released after Windows 2000. And was widely used till 2011. At the start, two versions were released Windows XP Home and Professional. Later, they released other versions as well.

It was stable and easy to use, as all features were simple. The Windows XP was extremely easy to navigate through the files and programs. With better appearance and design, it made more and more places in the user’s hearts.

Even after 16 years, Windows XP has not let down its loyal fans. However, you can’t download Windows XP ISO by Microsoft as it is discontinued, unfortunately. Windows XP was a big platform for most of the current professional gamers. It made most of the users to get interested in computers and to stick with it.

By downloading Windows XP ISO, you will be able to use one of the first versions of the firewall. Remote desktop was available for users for the first time. We will discuss all Windows XP, from types to how to install it.

Before going any further have you ever used Windows XP before? If yes right down in the comment section, if not tell us why?

Versions of Windows XP

Here are some versions of Windows XP. All of the versions are here with the given details and direct links to download.

Windows XP Starter

Windows XP Starter

This is one of the most basic versions of Windows XP. According to Microsoft, it was designed for the desktop use of developing countries.

Product Key: QW4HD – DQCRG – HM64M – 6GJRK – 8K83T

Windows XP Home

Windows XP Home

The Windows XP Home was developed for home uses only. This is a very suitable OS for home uses. Read more…

Product Key: QW4HD – DQCRG – HM64M – 6GJRK – 8K83T

Windows XP Media Center

Windows XP Media Creation

with the codename “Freestyle” it was developed for computers who were capable of Windows media center.

Product Key: QW4HD – DQCRG – HM64M – 6GJRK – 8K83T

Windows XP Tablet/PC Edition

Windows XP Tablet/PC edition

This version was created for small platforms like tablets, smartphone and for desktops as well.

Product Key: QW4HD – DQCRG – HM64M – 6GJRK – 8K83T

Windows XP Professional

Windows XP Professional

was basically designed for businesses and power-users. However, it was later also used for homes and offices as well. Read more…

Product Key: QW4HD – DQCRG – HM64M – 6GJRK – 8K83T

Main features:

  • Simple with easy User-Interface
  • Low requirements
  • Better control panel as compared to Windows NT
  • Improved Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection
  • Improved Security
  • Remote desktop connection
  • CD- burner
  • Access to encrypted files

Things you have to keep in mind:

Since Windows XP is not our property, so you will need to buy or find the product key to use it. However, we have put a product key that might be useful to you. Before installing it you will need to make a bootable C-D or DVD disc to install it. The file is in ISO, you will need to extract it first then make a bootable C-D or DVD disc.

How to install Windows XP:

Wanna install Windows XP on your computer. Follow these simple and easy steps.

  1. Open the ISO file

The first step is to open the setup which you have already downloaded. And soon you will be welcomed with a welcome window. Now, for a while so that the Window will close and you will be shifted to other steps.

2. Accept the License

After the first step, continue to next step. The license terms and conditions will appear. Accept it and move to the next step.

3. Do the partition

Select disk, where you want to install your Windows XP. Remember that you might have already done partitions in four or two. You can choose any of them, we would recommend you choose the one which suits you.

4. Format disk

Now is the time to format the disk. Format your selected drive using the NTFS files System.

5. Reboot

Wait for a while for them to get formatted than to copy the files. After copying the files a reboot will appear to accept it or wait to get rebooted automatically.

6. Customize your windows

Customize your windows according to you by clicking on “Customize”.

7. Product key

Put the product key. Select region time, and put your password for all kinds of security issues out there.

8. Insert details

Enter your name and organization in the boxes and click next.

9. Network settings

Select the Typical Setting and click next. Now you have successfully installed Windows XP on your PC.


You will need the following specs to run Windows XP on your system.

Processor: Pentium 3 with 300 MHz

Memory:  512MB RAM

Hard-Disk: 4GB of free storage

Hard-Ware: You will need a C-D or DVD ROM drive, keyboard, mouse, speaker, Super VGA (800×600).

Q: Can I get windows XP for Free?

Yes, You can get any version of Windows XP for free. You can either get it here(link is the start of the topic) or download it from any torrent site.

Q: Does Microsoft still support Windows XP?

Microsoft has supported Windows XP for 12 years(till April 2014). However, for now, Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP.

Q: Is Windows now free?

The Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft. It is completely free to use or download. However, in case of providing it to users, you might face problems from Microsoft.

Q: Is it safe to use Windows XP now?

Well, the answer is no. Because new malware and viruses can easily enter in your computer. As a comparison Windows XP is not as secured as Windows 10.

History of Windows XP

Microsoft Windows XP was released on August 24, 2001. It was released after Windows 2000. It was some major changes to the windows. Form user interfaces to all other features. It was improved in many terms like hardware support, drivers, internet explorer. Many security changes were made and they also provided Microsoft Java virtual machine.

Our intentions

We are trying our best to make sure you are getting the required information about Windows XP. We are providing Windows XP in ISO for you to download it for free. Many users love Windows XP due to its simplicity, although there are new versions of windows like 10,8,8.1 and 7. But still, we are not convinced if our customers are willing to download Windows XP ISO and you are not provided.


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