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Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 ISO Download

Download Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 ISO file for free. ISO file can be used for virtualization purposes as well as your server operating system. Server 2012 can support both 32-bit and 64-bit architecture based computers. Unlike other sites, the ISO file is free from being corrupt files or malware.

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 ISO Download

File: Win_Server_2012_R2.iso

Size: 4.22GB

Developer: Microsoft

Language: English

Last update: 13, October 2013

OS: Windows Server 2016 R2

The first ever Windows Server 2012 was released on 4, September 2012. It was the successor of Windows Server 2008 and was the predecessor of Windows Server 2016.

The server operating system was released as codename “Windows Server 8”. Windows Server 2012 is the server version of Windows 8 and unlike the previous version, it doesn’t support Itanium based computers.

Server operating system was improved dynamically still, it was highly focused on Cloud computing. The sixth release of Windows server which included all the modern concepts of cloud computing for providing a global cloud service.

Developments were made in data handling, data storage, virtualization, networking and information protection. You can also handle an entire network by using MS Windows Server 2012 R2. Building, deploying applications and websites quickly is a feature of Windows Server 2012.

Upgrades has been done to drivers, as it is changed from drive emulators to Synthetic hardware driver. This update is performed for the users who wanted to do more with their drivers.


Here are some key features of Windows Server 2012 who grabbed my attention.

Microsoft server 2016

Enabling an entire network to perform in a single server is a key feature. Now, the servers are more reliable, stable, and security as it provides clients and customers at end to end software defined network. It can save lots of money while on the other hand, Hype V-replica empowers the users to replicate the virtual machine from one to other location.

Server manager is a feature which help to manage different servers. You can also control an entire network with Windows Server 2012.

Microsoft has tried their best to compete with VMware. Now, the Hyper-V is more advanced and improved. They have improved things like supporting 64 processors, 1TB RAM per machine while 320 logical processor and 4TB RAM is supported per host.

One of the most impressing improvement is done in Hyper-V 3.0 is the “Shared Nothing Live Migration” feature. The feature helps the user to migrate from one virtual machine to another without the need for shared storage.

Windows Server 2012 Domain change

Keeping tabs on IP address was a work for IT professional but now there is a simple solution for that. You can use IPAM (IP Address Management) which will help you to keep tabs and find automatically new IP addresses. There is also option to manage and monitor servers who are running Domain Name Service (DNS) and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).

Automatic tiering can be lots of helpful, as it can create tons of space in your storage. Not only it is limited to create space but it can also transfer huge number of data between a various range of storage that are present in the servers.

Deduplication can remove all those duplicated or identical files in your Virtual Hard drive. Which later on the record of those useless file are saved in System Volume Information (SVI) and while in case of need, system points to the files the server have as a resource.  In short, it can help you to save a tremendous amount of space.  

UEFI based virtual machines are introduced.

DSC feature is now inducted in Windows Power Shell, whereas Windows Defender is on duty to protect your computer from malware and also to prevent cyber-attacks.

Servers message blocking has also been improved.

Windows Server 2012 Add roles

GUI-less install option is available. This feature provides you ways to install Windows Server 2012 on your computer. You can now install Windows Server on your computer without installing any other application attached. No installation of unnecessary apps can reduce disk space and saves administrators efforts.

Storage pinning is also introduced which was handy. As, it wont let the small or big file to stack themselves. Putting pins on your files can make them organized and ensures to have a better storage management.

Write Back Cache is a feature which helps to keep a record of input and output characteristic of your machines. The feature can be used for finding the reason behind its last lag or crash.


windows server 2012

Download and burn

You have to download Windows Server 2012 R2 ISO file. Then you will need to use software like Rufus to burn the ISO file on a USB drive. Remember that your USB drive should be at least 8GB, now burn the iso. As you have burned the ISO file on your drive, restarts your computer.

Best Software To Boot USB

  1. Booting

Here, you will need to move to BIOS setting before the windows loading screen. By pressing f8 key you will be moved to BIOS setting and there you will need to change the booting sequence. External hardware should be kept the first priorit. Save the setting and exit BIOS.

2. Default language screen

Boot form your USB and Loading File screen will start. Select your Language, Time and Keyboard and click on Next.

3. Select version

Now, you are facing the second windows of installation, click on Install Now. In this step you will need to choose the version you want to install on your computer. Select the version and click on Next.

4. License

Read and accept the terms and condition provided by the operating system and click on Next.

5. Custom Installation

Which type of installation do you want to install? Question will be asked. Click on Custom: Install Windows Only (advanced) option.

6. Driver Option

Now, choose the driver you want to install Windows Server 2012 in. We would like to recommend you to perform a formatting before the installation (remember that formatting can delete all the files in your computer).

7. Setting

After the driver is chosen, the computer will copy the files and within 20-50 minutes the files will be copied. Soon you will face the Setting window and here you will need to put User name and Password. Now, you are ready to use Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 iso.


To experience the full potential of Windows Server 2012 on your computer. You will need at least these specifications to run. There is 1.4GHz of processor and 512MB RAM needed. 32GB of storage is also required. Other hardware is must like CD or DVD-ROM, monitor, mouse, keyboard, and internet connection.

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