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Download Microsoft Office 2000 Service Pack 3 For Free

Download Microsoft Office 2000 file for free. Click on the links given below to download MS Office 2000 service pack 3. the files are malware and corrupt-free, so feel free to use the file.

Microsoft Office 2000

Microsoft Office 2000 was the successor of Office 97 and is the predecessor of Office XP. The Microsoft Office 2000 was released on June 7, 1999, and it was the first version of Office using Windows installer.

One of the greatest things about this app is that it has a seemingly great web integration. Microsoft now supports HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). Users can now put their Office edited document on the internet without changing the format.

A total of 15 million corporate licenses were sold back in time. It is a clear sign that back in time, it was one of its kind. Many changes were made as compared to previous versions like they have changed the command bar at the top of the screen, new components were added and many more.

The application is not compatible with Windows NT and can be run on Windows 95 or better. As, this time Microsoft was highly focused on four basic components of Office 2000, which are Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint.

A total of three service packs were released in the entire Office 2000 series.  The mainstream support ended on June 30, 2004, however, soon it was extended till July 14, 2009. And on July 14, 2009, it ended. Here are all the components of Microsoft Office 2000 Service Pack 3.

  • Word 2000
  • Excel 2000
  • Outlook 2000
  • PowerPoint 2000
  • Publisher 2000
  • Small Business tools
  • Access 2000
  • Front Page 2000
  • PhotoDraw 2000
  • Developer tools and SDK
  • Visio 2000
  • Project 2000
  • MapPoint 2000
  • Vizact 2000

Edition of Office 2000

There are five editions of Microsoft Office 2000 which are Standard, Small Business, Professional, Premium, and developer editions.

Office 2000 Standard

Microsoft Office 2000 Standard Edition

Microsoft Office Standard Edition provides users who are working or runs an organization, the edition has all the basic tools for creating and publishing information on their corporate intranet. This edition can be helpful for maintaining and organizing the companies.

Components in Office 2000 Standard Edition are Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint 2000.

office 2000 small business

Microsoft Office 2000 Small Business Edition

This edition is used in small businesses with the core set of tools they need to manage and run their business more effectively by streaming the process of working with information and peoples.

The components of Office 2000 small business are Word, Excel, Outlook, publisher and Microsoft Office small business tools.

office 2000 professional

Microsoft Office 2000 Professional Edition

Office 2000 professional provides a set of enhanced tools for the software enthusiasts and users in small organizations to publish and have a productive workplace. Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, and Microsoft business tools are the components of Microsoft Office 2000 Professional Edition.

Office 2000 premium

Microsoft Office 2000 Premium Edition

Premium offers users in the organization who are software or IT enthusiasts a set of tools.  The tools will help them to have an effective working process to create and manage great web sites. Here the components: Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, FrontPage, Publisher, Photo Draw, Microsoft small business tool.

office 2000 developer

Microsoft Office 2000 Developer Edition

Developer edition has all the things needed to provide a comprehensive desktop suite. All the components of Microsoft office 2000 premium are available in Office 2000 Developer in addition to tools and documents for Office development.


these are the key features of Microsoft Office 2000. I have tried my best to highlight all the features, who are needed to be featured.

  1. There is a new option where you can cut or copy any item like photo, text, table from any source like a Web and copy it to the Word, which you can later save as a file. This can help many users who are dealing with numbers and data.
  2. The tables later can be exported to Excel as well.
  3. Installation is significantly easier than reinstalling the application.
  4. The Office Assistance is now out of its box, which means that now, you can move the animation anywhere on your screen you want.
  5. There are times when we delete a file on which we worked hours. But now in Office 2000, the application can restore itself.
  6. One of the biggest changes made in Microsoft Office 2000 was to bring a multi-page printing tool. The multi-page printing tools handle to print multiple documents on a single page.
  7. PhotoDraw 2000 is a component of Office 2000, which creates a bridge between drawing and painting. It provides all the basic tools what for users who are new to arts.
  8. In Word 2000, the spell checker automatically corrects the common errors as you type.
  9. On the other hand, a grammar checker is also found to highlight you with the errors in your document.
  10. To respond to the growing demands of global marketing, Microsoft has included a new feature called automatic language detection. It helps the users to find the appropriate grammar and spelling of words form their own dictionaries, as there is an amazing number of dictionaries to install it in your Office.


Microsoft Office 2000

To install MS Office 2000 service pack 3 on your computer, you will need to download the file. Open the file and follow the leads given by the application. Soon your application will be installed on your computer.


These are the requirements that are needed to run Office 2000 on your computer.

Processor: Intel Pentium 166 MHz or higher

Memory: 32MB RAM

Storage: You will need 391 MB of free storage for all versions, except 526MB is needed for premium edition and 871MB is required for developer editions

Hardware: CD and DVD-ROM, mouse and keyboard

Graphics: a super VGA cable with 800×600 resolution and 256 colors is required

Question: How to upgrade to Microsoft Office 2000?

You can upgrade to Microsoft Office 2000 SP3, by downloading the ISO file of Office 2000. Or you can buy the CD from You can download the ISO file from

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