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How To Upgrade To Windows 10 From Windows 7 And 8

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Are you getting fed up with your old operating system? Then from now on, you can enjoy the latest version by upgrading your old Windows into the latest Windows version available.

Before you start you should have a backup of your data cause you might lose your data while upgrading your windows. If something goes wrong then you will have an option.

You should also remove anti-virus and security apps from your computer. Removing them are not compulsory cause it causes problems most of the time while upgrading.

Any kind of external hardware like printer, phones, and camera should be removed. Many problems are caused by external hardware while installing upgrading windows.

The easiest way to upgrade your Windows is by using Windows Media Creation Tool. Using Windows Media Tool will help you to Upgrade your operating system within few clicks.

Is it possible to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 directly?

Yes, of course, you can upgrade directly from Windows 7 to 10. Soon, Windows 7 will be discontinued and we would like to recommend you to upgrade to Windows 8.1 or 10 as soon as possible.

Bugs, errors and security threats will be common after 2020. As no more updates will be given by Microsoft.

Will you lose your file while upgrading to Windows 10?

No, you won’t lose your files if you upgrade your windows. However, if are not focused on the options then you might lose them. Because there is a format option while installing which might cause you to lose your data.

There is a slight chance of losing your files if you stop suddenly your computer while installing Windows. However, it won’t happen most of the time.

Can I Upgrade my Windows for free?

In 2016, Microsoft officially announced an offer. They offered all the Windows OS out to Upgrade to Windows 10 for free. However, by the end of 2016, the offer ended. Now, you cannot upgrade your windows 7/8 to windows 10 for free. You will need to pay for activation key.

However, if you had a genuine Windows. For you, there is a chance to upgrade to Windows 10 for free and all those users who are using pirated Windows can’t upgrade to 10 for free.

How to get Windows Media Creation Tool?

download Windows media creation tool

To download Windows Media Creation Tool, you will need to download it from its official site. Visit their site and download it for free.

Upgrade to Windows 10

To upgrade you will need to get ready a few things before installing.

  • Have an Internet connection
  • The system requirements should be matched
  • No power break out until the installation gets completed

The Internet is needed to download the updates. You will also need to complete the system requirement to run Windows 10.

You will need a 2.5GHz processor with 4GB RAM. There is also a need for 50GB of free hard drive. The Graphics should be compatible with DirectX 9 and should support 1920×1080 resolution. You can more about Windows 10 here.

There shouldn’t be any kind of interruption like electricity shortage during installation. Or else, you might lose your file.

You will also need to buy the activation key from officials. Don’t fall for those scams. Don’t ever buy Windows activation key from sites other than Microsoft and Amazon.

  1. Download the Windows Media Creation Tool

The first thing you will need to do is to have a Windows Media Creation Tool. We have shown on downloading Windows Media Creation Tool above.

The Windows Media Creation Tool will help you to download Windows 10 ISO file. You can download Windows 10 Iso file here.

2. Accept agreement

A license agreement will be displayed. Accept the agreement and follow for the next step.

3. Upgrade this PC now

You will face two options. You can click on either upgrade this Pc or Create a bootable drive. Now, you will need to choose to Upgrade this PC and click on Next.

4. Type product key

Here you will have to put a valid product key. The product key should be genuine or else you won’t be able to continue.

5. Accept

Again you have to agree with their terms and condition.

6. Keep personal files

You are able to what to keep or to delete. Click on Change what to keep to bring any kind of changes to your files. If won’t checks the option, then you might lose your file.

7. Install

Now, is the time to install the Windows. If you don’t know how to install Windows 10 click here.

Update Windows 10 to the latest version available

You can update your windows 10 to the latest version available by following these easy and simple steps.

To update your windows 10 go to Setting> Update & Security

Now, go to Windows Update and then select the Check for updates option.

 Your system will search for the latest version avail and as soon it downloads you see the notification. When the download gets completed you will need to reboot your system. And you are ready to go.

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