Right here you will download the Windows 1.0 in ISO with the complete guide of installing it.

This the start of modern versions windows and end of the old MS-DOS. Windows 1.0 was completely different as compared to MS-DOS.

Windows 1.0 was the creation of Microsoft in 1985 and was full of entertainment and challenges. It was the first public release of Windows for users. Download Windows 1.0 ISO and experience the graphical interface, unlike MS-DOS. This was the evolution of Windows where it traveled a long journey to reach the current Windows 10.

Windows 1.0 was the best of its time. Unlike all the OS before Windows 1.0, it has installed all the necessary applications like a spreadsheet, word-processing, business graphics and more. All of the apps were integrated into a single platform to make it easier to use.

Windows 1.0 ISO

Unlike MS-DOS, Windows 1.0 allows users to use multiple apps at a time. You can readily switch between apps.  You easily combine all the features like a spreadsheet, word-processing, business graphics in a single document.

This technique of Microsoft made easier for the normal people to use the computer. This was the first step to make the computer more available for home/ personal uses. In Windows 1.0 Microsoft has also introduced paint.

Now, you can paint anything without any problem. Use your creativity to write or demonstrate your ideas. Windows 1.0 also has other features like alarm, calculator, calendar.

The Windows 1.0 also has the MS-DOS option, where inside Windows 1.0 you can use MS-DOS. This version of Windows supports 640×350 of graphics with 16 colors.

You can download Windows 1.0 ISO completely free without any charges. It is worth to give it a try. Checking out Windows 1.0 is like time traveling.

By the word “time travel’ I mean to experience the old OS and check how the things were. You can find out the problems and all those features which are not present today. Have a look and write down if you liked the OS.

Download Windows 1.0 ISO

It doesn’t matter either you want to install and check the old times OS. Or, you want to change it for your virtual machine. It doesn’t matter what your purpose is, you can download it here.

Windows 1.0 ISO

Platform: Desktop

Distributor: Microsoft

Developer: Microsoft

Language: English

Year: 1985


Here are a few things you should know to run Windows 1.0 on your machine. Normally, in today’s advanced computers with such high specifications, you can run easily Windows 1.0. If possible you can run numbers of Windows 1.0 at a time. Still, you will need these requirements for Windows 1.0.

Memory: 1MB RAM

Hard-Drive: 50 MB

OS: Any MS-DOS version (above 3)

How to Install Windows 1.0?

Windows 1.0 was a closed source Operating System. It was highly effective and demanded OS in its time. Here is on how to install Windows 1.0. Half of the steps are about installing MS-DOS and the rest is on installing Windows 1.0. Remember that before installing you will need to put the Windows 1.0 file and MS-DOS file on separate or a single USB drive. The methods are illustrated with pictures for installing Windows 1.0 as below.

  1. Install MS-DOS first

    The first step you will need to take is to install MS-DOS on your computer. Remember that the MS-DOS is not installed in Windows 1.0 unlike newer versions of windows(in the newer versions we have MS-DOS known as command Prompt). And remember that you will need to install MS-DOS on a USB flash drive. However, we are using a floppy disk while performing the installation.

  2. Enter the date

    Before starting out the MS-DOS file as bootable in a USB and restart your computer. The first thing you have to do is to fix the calendar as after the restart this will appear. Type the current date as in MM-DD-YY manner. When entered the date press the Enter button on your keyboard.Step 2

  3. Put Time

    Now put the time as like the date and press Enter button.Step 3

  4. Type fdisk

    Now, as you can see in the picture type fdisk and press Enter. We have chosen the floppy drive you can choose the drive you want. By typing the drive name (like C: , E:, F:) and then typing “fdisk“.step 4

  5. Create DOS Partition

    Now, select the first option by entering “1” and pressing Enter.step 5

  6. Primary DOS

    Select the 1st option by entering the number and pressing the Enter button.step 6

  7. Press Y

    The option you are looking for is Yes (Y).step 7

  8. Restart

    press any key when you are ready. It means your computer will reboot. As we have used Floppy A: drive is shown in the picture but if you use a CD or USB then the drive might come in a different name.step 8

  9. Type again

    Now type “Format C:/V /S” and press the Enter button.step 9

  10. Format the C: Drive

    Format the C: Drive by typing “Y” and pressing Enter. You have to remember that formating means, you will lose all the data on disk C:step 10

  11. Volume label

    Now, put the volume label. However, you can put it empty and click on Enter. step 11

  12. Sys C:

    By typing “sys c:” you will able the disk C: bootable.step 12

  13. Copy file

    Now, type “a:\*.* c:\” to copy all the file from floppy. we have used as said before so you can type instead of a: your drive name.step 13

  14. Install Windows 1.0x

    Now, few things will load so follow them. If nothing happened then remove your USB drive and restart your computer. And, now put the USB drive of Windows 1.0 and type a: and which is followed by “setup”.step 14

  15. Continue

    Now, continue by pressing the C button.step 15

  16. Choose the directory

    Selecting the directory is the next step for you. Select one out of the options and continue to next step.step 16

  17. Again continue

    again you will need to press the C button.step 17

  18. select the Keyboard

    The option will come to select the keyboard. Select accordingly and follow to next step.

  19. select the mouse selection

    Mouse selection is the next task. Select what kind of mouse you are using.

  20. select graphics adapter

    Select what type of graphics adapter you are using.

  21. Build and Utility disk

    A build and utility disk option will appear. Select the options by typing on the C button. like these many other options will come. Accept them according to your need. and with each option, you will need to provide the disk for that specific drive.

  22. Ready

    Your windows 1.0 is now successfully installed on your computer.Windows 1.0 ISO

Windows 1.0 features:

Here is a demo of features of Windows 1.0

What was the first Windows version?

Windows 1.0 was the first version of Windows, which was publically provided. It was released on 20, November of 1985. It had a graphical user interface of 640×350 of graphics with 16 colors.

Who invented Windows OS?

Bill Gates and Paul Allen was the creator of Microsoft. Microsoft is the company who publishers and has published all the windows in the past.

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    Windows 1.0 release date is November 20 1985 end of support is December 31 2001 ms-dos based by microsoft its apps is reversi paint clock writer win 1.0 is the first operating system microsoft had released it achieved a little popularity it wasn’t a real os in cause of it was half ms-dos based it seemed more like an os

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