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Download BitLocker for Windows Completely Free

BitLocker for Windows

The BitLocker is a small but powerful app used for the encryption of different drives or files. The app is used to secure different drives like SD cards, External drives, Pen drives and many more. Using the BitLocker is easy, due to its friendly user-interface. To download BitLocker click on the link below.

BitLocker can easily lock or unlock any drives internal/external on your computer. With BitLocker, you can decrease the security threats of your files being stolen. The app is not limited only to physical theft; it also protects your drives from all those online thieves.

We don’t want our data to be used by someone unknown, same as you. And as a result, it can bring much damage that you can expect. Download BitLocker and get rid of all those online privacy problems. With the daily increase in the number of cybercrimes, BitLocker is a great choice for many.

After the BitLocker download, you will have encrypted data and drives with multiple security layers. It can also protect your drive when you suddenly hibernate, power off your computer.

Using BitLocker is as easy, as a piece of the pie. You will need to select the disk and it is protected. You can download BitLocker for Windows 10, 8 and 7.

Actually BitLocker works efficiently with Windows 10. Not just Windows 10, BitLocker can be used on multiple platforms like computers, mobile, and tablets. Microsoft is the owner of BitLocker, so it will integrate with Windows OS perfectly.

Download BitLocker

You can download Bitlocker for Windows 10 here for free. Just click on the button present below.

Download BitLocker for Windows

File: Windows6.0-KB933246-x64/86.msu

Size: 1.5 MB

version: 1.0

Release date: 23, April 2014

Software: BitLocker

Developer: Microsoft Corporation

The things you will need to know

Here are some points which need your attention. Remember that before installing BitLocker it will perform some tasks to work efficiently on your computer.

  1. Create a second volume
  2. Makes sure the OS is configured correctly for the encryption purposes
  3. Create the portion in an active drive portion

The apps create a small second volume which is not available on your computer. BitLocker configures the volume and create a startup boot. So, whenever you start your computer, your data is encrypted.

System Requirements:

You will need the following requirements to run BitLocker on your computer.

  • The application should be supported by the operating system
  • Must be logged in as the administrator
  • Requires Printer access

The app supports Windows OS from 7. Most of Windows OS before Windows 7 can use this app. However, you cannot use the app at its full potential. Sometimes there can be some crashes as well. You will also need to be logged on as an administrator. The last thing is not so necessary, the access for the printer is required to print the recovery key.

How to install BitLocker?

There is no complicated installation for you to install BitLocker on your computer. Follow these easy steps:

Download file

The first step is to download the BitLocker file. The link is given at the start of the page.

Open file

Now, as you have downloaded the file open it.

Follow the procedure

Follow the procedures as the app gives and your BitLocker will be successfully installed on your computer.

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