Free MS-DOS Download Complete Setup.

You can now easily Download MS-DOS for Free and test your skills. Experiencing the old version can take you back to the time where all the OS were not supporting the GUI (Graphical User Interface) as today. And each and everything was based on the command line.

There can be challenges and problems that you might face. However, in the end, you will experience a wonderful OS. You will learn to use your current Windows in a new (should we say old) manner. The old MS-DOS is still present in your current Windows OS. Which is present in the form of Command Prompts.

MS-DOS is the abbreviation of the Microsoft Disk Operating System. Also known as “DOS” was mostly used between the 1980s to 1990s. It made a base for all the operating systems we are using now a day.

It is a command-line based operating system developed by Microsoft. This command-line user interface is also known as “command prompt”. In the starting versions, the only command line was enabled but later on, the GUI (Graphical User Interface) was also introduced in higher versions like MS-DOS 9x.

It is a single task-based operating system. This was Microsoft first-ever operating system. Which is now retired.

MS-DOS is basically the www (world wide web) supported the operating system. And one of those operating systems of its time who supported numbers of hardware for the first time.

MS-DOS was released in 8 different versions. And with each version, they have tried to remove all the errors and bugs. They have done their best to make it more stable and user-friendly in each version. With each version, they were bringing more advanced options for users. Here is a list of Free MS-DOS which you can Download.

  • MS-DOS 1.x
  • MS-DOS 2.x
  • MS-DOS 3.x
  • MS-DOS 4.0
  • MS-DOS 4.x
  • MS-DOS 5.x
  • MS-DOS 6.x 
  • MS-DOS 9x

Download MS-DOS Free

Publisher:  Microsoft

Language: English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish

Last Updated: August, 25,2007

License: Free

Version: 6.2

System Requirements

Today you can easily cover the requirements for every MS-DOS version cause of advanced technologies we are using. The requirements to run MS-DOS on your computer are:

Processor: AT compatible CPU with 386 or greater

Memory: 16MB of RAM

Hardware: 1.44Mb floppy diskette drive or CD drive

Resolution: 640×480 or better

Hard-disk: FAT/FAT32 hard drive with at least 500 MB.

Main Features of MS-DOS

Remember DOS was released a decade ago and these features were available that time.

  • Was able to use the input and output devices
  • Single users inter
  • Command-line based UI
  • Can be run from any bootable floppy or CD-ROM

Functions of MS-DOS

  • Takes direct command from keyboard.
  • Shows all the files
  • Can create files
  • Copies files from floppy
  • Can print out files
  • Hides your files on your command
  • Was able to delete files

How to install MS-DOS

You will need to remember that MS-DOS was available on the floppy disk. If you are using a floppy disk, you might configure your drive to floppy after rebooting. However, if you have download MS-DOS then you will only need to create a CD or DVD bootable drive.

  1. install DOS 1

  2. install DOS Step 2

  3. install DOS Step 3

  4. install DOS Step 4

  5. install DOS Step 5

  6. install DOS Step 6

  7. install DOS Step 7

  8. install DOS Step 8

  9. install DOS Step 9

  10. install DOS Step 10

  11. install DOS Step 11

  12. install DOS Step 12

  13. install DOS Step 13

  14. install DOS step 14

  15. install DOS step 15

  16. install DOS step 16

  17. install DOS step 17

  18. install DOS step 18

  19. install DOS step 19

  20. install DOS step 20

  21. install DOS setup 21

  22. install DOS setup 22

  23. install DOS setup 23

  24. install DOS setup 24

  25. install DOS setup 25

  26. install DOS setup 26

  27. install DOS setup 27

  28. install DOS setup 29

  29. install DOS setup 30

  30. install DOS setup 31

What is MS-DOS on the computer?

MS-DOS is an operating system (which helps to perform basic computer functions) based on the command line.

What is the difference between DOS and Windows?

DOS and Windows are both Operating System. While DOS is command-line based operating system and Windows is a Graphical User Interface.

Which one is the best version?

There can be different opinions about it. However, according to us, the best version of MS-DOS is 5.0. This version is more stable and complete than compared to other versions like MS-DOS 4, 7 or even 6.2.

How to run DOS on USB?

You can boot yourself now any version of DOS on any of your USB. As for we will create a bootable USB drive for MS-DOS.

1: Choose the file

You have to choose the file as the link is given below. Download the file and follow the next step.

2. Download Rufus

Now, you have to download any software from the internet to create a bootable drive for you.  However, we would recommend you, Rufus.

3. Plug-in USB

You have to plug in your USB now. And we will start creating a bootable USB for MS-DOS.

4. Extract

It is time to extract the files you have downloaded. Extract it in a folder where you can find it easily by using WinRAR.

5. Open Rufus

Download MS-DOS and boot it on Rufus

Open Rufus and it will auto-detect the USB.  Make sure all the options are correct as shown in the picture.  And click on Start. You have to remember that by clicking on start you will delete each and everything in the USB drive.

6. Use the USB

As now your USB is ready. Copy or move the extracted file in your flash.

Now you have successfully created a bootable USB drive for MS-DOS.

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