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We will discuss all the things about Microsoft Office 2007. From download to installing Microsoft Office 2007. We will give you a brief and in short review about Microsoft Office 2007. So, here we go.

Pros Cons
Better Design Retired/ No more updates
Completely Free Slow as compared to newer versions
Ribbon tool  
Easier to handle big chunks of data  
More secure  

Creator of Windows has bought the biggest innovation of 2007 by bringing Microsoft Office 2007. Microsoft has bought a collection of enchanted tools in his new Office in 2007. Office 2007 is the most demanded app in the market.

Office 2007 has bought more advancement in design and features. In Microsoft Office 2007 you won’t see any menu or toolbar anymore. They have changed the context of the menu or toolbar into a ribbon tool. With this now you can handle big chunks of a database with ease. In-Office word 2007, there is also auto-correction which can help you a lot in writing.

You can also use 3D effects such as drop shadow and glows to pictures.

File Name en-microsoft-office
Type ISO
Size 576 MB
Released Date Nov,3,2006
Version 2007
Owner Microsoft
Rating 4.1 Out of 5
License Purchase-able
Last Updated Oct,10,2017
Can be run on Windows XP or newer

You can also use things like charts, pie and bar graphs to make it look more interesting and easier to give you all the information at a glance. Now, Excel 2007 is easier than before, with easier formulas you do everything with ease.

Let’s not forget about Outlook and access. It becomes easier to contact the publisher with outlook and easier to handle things like accounting with Access.

Office 2007 has also bought some big changes in its format selection. Now you can also use XML files or convert your files into XML. You can change documents (having contents like photo, video, audio) with comments into XML files. XML (Extensible Markup Language) files are like Zip files. Zip is a one where you compress multiple files into a file which is small in size. The same goes with XML files.

They have put the security issue more clear and better. Now your documents are more secure due to its straight forward policies.

It can be found both as trail and full (torrent version) in the current market. You can use the trial version for 60 days but after that, you cannot use it, not even in the pro version. Microsoft has ended the Office 2007 long ago, however; you can find the same on different torrent site. The retirement of Office 2007 means no more updates.

Note: If you have any kind of problem with installation scroll down to find the answer.


  • Microsoft Office 2007
  • Microsoft Word 2007
  • Microsoft Excel 2007
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
  • Microsoft Outlook 2007
  • Microsoft Access 2007

System requirements

Processor 1GHz Processor
Operating System Windows XP or newer
Memory 523MB RAM
Hard-disk 2GB
Screen Resolution 1,024 X 768
Hardware parts CD Drive

Microsoft Office 2007 Installation and Extraction

First of all, download the file given above in the link. After completely downloading the file you have to follow these steps. By following these steps, you can run Microsoft office 2007 on your pc. Before starting make sure you have the product key and your computer can complete the requirements as given above.

STEP1: Open the downloaded file.

Microsoft Office 2007 Extraction step1

The link is given on the top in the form of a button. The file can give you errors like”can’t open the file” or “file is unreadable”. You can change it by changing the name. Just remove from the name and it will change into ISO file. After changing to ISO file now you can open it easily.

Microsoft Office 2007 Extraction step 1.2

STEP2: Click on Setup.exe

Microsoft Office 2007 Extraction step 2

STEP3: Select the second option and click “OK”.

Microsoft Office 2007 Extraction step 3

As you can see above the file is extracted in C:\Users\moham\AppData\Local\Temp\$PowerISO$\. For you it may change, so find it.

Extraction step 4

STEP4: Now, open the file where you have extracted it.

Microsoft Office 2007 Extraction step 5

STEP5: Install the program.

Now you are ready to go. You have completely downloaded and installed Microsoft Office 2007 successfully.

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