On the date of February 14, 2019, a preview update for windows 10 v2004 was released, by the date of October 13, 2020, the update was released for Windows 10.

On 13, October an update “KB4579311” was made. The KB4579311 is a security update for Windows 10 v2004.

A major update was released in May of 2020 with the codename “20H1”. Microsoft had released version 2004 which was the ninth major update release in Windows 10 OS.

Soon, many bugs were found in v2004 and Microsoft had to release another update to fix them. This time, Microsoft released an update as a preview on February 14, 2019, on Insiders for Windows 10 build 10.0.19041.572.

This update was solely based to fix security bugs and to fix other flaws like deleting accidentally files from system32 filer, fix win32k (which was a malware), Virtualization, graphical problems, infamous internet connection, and many more.

Automatically install the update- users could download the update by enabling the auto-update of their Windows 10. There is also another option where users could go into the Settings to update their Windows 10 by downloading the KB4579311 file. User would need to go to Settings > update & security > Windows update. Once the update is downloaded, install it.

Download KB4579311 Offline Installer

Download KB4579311 Offline Installer Windows 10 v2004 (security update)
Download KB4579311 Offline Installer security update for windows 10 v2004

If you are unable to grab the update from the setting on your Windows 10, then here is the offline installer of KB4579311. You can download KB4579311 offline installer by the direct links given below.

File KB4579311 is mostly based to provide major security updates patches, but it also provides some seriously needed updates that are essential for the users as they can improve the operating system’s user’s experience to an extend.

To know, more about what changes can be made by the update, please continue the blog below.

So, these were the direct links. However, if by any chance the links are not working on your system then you can visit the catalog of Microsoft to download them manually. Microsoft Catalog

How to perform the installation?

Performing the installation is the easiest part of it. It has a straight forward installation phase. Just download the file, open and install it. Once, the installation is done, restart your system and you are ready to go.

Issues solved by the update

The KB4579311 update is a security patch to fix problems like verifying username and password, performing Windows performance basic operations, or using Microsoft products.

The patch was released to fix the following: Security updates to Windows App Platform and Frameworks, Microsoft Graphics Component, Windows Media, Windows Fundamentals, Windows Authentication, Windows Virtualization, and Windows Kernel.

Now, that we know about the problem, let us review them.

Bluetooth connection- The first thing that was solved by the update was faster and easier Bluetooth access to Settings and pairing. Windows 10 had Bluetooth connection issues with Android phones.

Internet connection- in Windows 10 build 10.0.19041.572 there was an internet connection too. Users like you and I were unable to connect the system with a modem. The issues start after the release of the major update Windows 10 v2004. Users were unable to connect to the modem as they faced the NCSI “No Internet Access”.

Store- major stores like Spotify, Feedback hub, Microsoft Store and many more start to crash.

Windows Subsystem for Linux 2- users were now able to use the Windows Hello without using the password. Not only Windows Hello was used without a password but Windows Help Pin can also be used in Safe mode too.

Win32k- basically it was malware that threatened the operating system in many ways. The malware was able to disturb the user experience with issues like unstable connection, browser redirects, poor PC performance, browser, and home screen being bombarded with pop-ups and other issues like screen freezing.

Group policy security issues- there was an issue with the Group Policy services where different important files were being deleted. All the files in “%systemroot%\system32” order were deleted whenever the user deletes the cached profiles.

Third part drivers- another issue was experienced in the installation of third-party drivers. Such situations cause the “0x5A (CRITICAL_SERVICE_FAILED)” error to appear.

Battery draining- laptop users (mostly HP laptop users) were facing the battery draining phase. It was due to the poor integration between OS update and the laptops BIOS setting.

IME- App like Microsoft Word, Access, or Excel stops responding for Chinese and Japanese in Microsoft Input Method Editor (IME).

Mouse- input device like mouse were stuck and had no response too.

Other issues like cloud download option to reset windows, issues with creating null port using the user interface, and Windows subsystem for Linux to crash “Element not found” error was also fixed.

Improvements made

Improved Cortana- Microsoft provided a chat based user interface for Cortana.

DirectX 12 Ultimate- a better version of DirectX.

Android integration- Windows 10 now has a smarter integration with Android using the “Your Phone app” feature.

Kaomoji’s- Kaomoji’s (Japanese version of emoji) were improved.

Accessibility improvements.

Virtual desktops are now rename able.

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