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Download Windows 7 Lite Edition ISO for free. You can download Windows 7 Lite ISO DVD 2017 image completely free. The ISO file can be used for virtualization purposes as well.

Windows 7 lite was developed for users who were unable to run huge operating systems on their computer. After the success of the Windows 7 series, Microsoft released Windows 7 lite. Windows 7 was the successor of Windows Vista, who came after Windows XP.

Windows 7 lite can handle all the basic applications and programs in the same effective way. Big programs like Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office and many other heavy apps are easily handled in Windows 7 Lite.

Windows 7 Lite Edition is highly known for its ease and reliability. Various security enhancements are made to make this operating system more reliable and likable. There is an enhanced media player with built-in IDM. The IDM will help you to download media with great speed.

There were many version of Windows 7

However, still, there is a version who is fast as professional and as light as a Starter. Windows 10 Lite is a powerful with simple and understandable user-interface.

Windows 7 super lite is the most lightweight operating system present in the Windows 7 series.

Download Windows 7 Lite Editions

Here are some versions of Windows 7 Lite. You can download Windows 7 lite edition iso files here for free.

Windows 7 lite

Download Windows 7 Lite ISO

This is one of the basic version of Windows 7 lite. You can download Windows 7 Lite ISO by clicking on the link below.

You can download the ISO file of Windows 7 Lite by clicking on the link.

Windows 7 dream lite

Download Windows 7 Dream Lite ISO

This the other version of Windows 7 Lite. You can download Windows 7 Dream Lite ISO by clicking on the link below.

You can download the ISO file of Windows 7 Dream Lite by clicking on the link.

Windows 7 dream blue lite

Download Windows 7 Blue Dream Lite SIO

This one is another version of Windows 7 Lite. You can download Windows 7 Blue Dream Lite ISO for free by clicking on the link below.


Windows 7 Lite

There are some main/key features of Windows 7 Lite.

User-friendly interface

The UI is more comprehensive and engaging to the users which in result becomes more comfortable for them. Shortcuts, taskbars, and home buttons are the reasons which make it more engaging. A number of themes are also present for you. You can also customize your interface according to your self.


There are numbers of screen widgets as well present in it. The widgets will help you to get access to different apps.

Security policy

Security policies are now improved. Applications like firewall, Windows defender who are protecting your computer are more efficient now.


Zooming is another amazing feature of Windows 7 Lite. You can zoom on area of your screen by pressing Windows and + button at a time. Then you use your mouse and scroll to zoom in or out.

Hardware support

Windows 7 lite has an amazingly high support for drivers. There are many plugins that will help you to use different hardware effortlessly.

Aero snap feature

Aero snap feature is also present to speed up things for you. You use this feature to drag the window to the edge and the windows will cover that side or the entire screen. You can also press buttons ALT+Tab to navigate between the windows.


You can now pin different applications on your taskbar. It will help you to lunch applications easily. Drag any program to the taskbar and the shortcut will be created.

Improved connection

There are better internet facilities like improved bandwidth, safety protocol, fewer connection errors and many more.

Easy installation

Windows 7 Lite’s installation is way more easier and straight forward. anyone who new to technology can install it without breaking a sweat.

Gaming support

The Windows 7 Lite supports numbers of games, as it is one of the Windows series. You can play games for hours and no issues you are going to face.


Multi-tasking is also another great thing about it. You can now run multiple application at a single time.

Driver problems

Unlike other Windows 7 versions, Windows 7 lite comes with built-in drivers for all the basic hardware devices like video and sound.

Improved Firewall

It can keep your data secure from malware and virus attacks with the help of the Firewall. Firewalls can also help you from other security threats as well.

Can give life to old systems

Windows 7 Lite is a brilliant operating system for mini or old laptops. It can blow life in old laptops who are having very low specs.

Windows Media Player

The Media Player is updated with several additions of codecs. Numbers of audio and video files are now playable. File MKV is also supported by Windows Media Player in Windows 7 Lite.


This operating system is much more reliable than it ever cloud be. The framework is powerful in terms of credibility and performance.

Built-in applications

There are two amazing apps which come with Windows 7lite preinstalled. Now, you are able to use WinRAR and IDM for free. IDM will help you to download contents online at amazing speed whereas WinRAR will extract or compress bundles of file for free.


Windows 7 Lite

To install Windows 7 lite on your computer, please follow these steps. Basically there is no difference between the installation of Windows7 lite or any other Windows 7.

Download ISO

The first step is to download the iso file. The link to the iso file given at the top.

create a bootable drive

The second step is to create a bootable drive. You do that by inserting a USB drive of at least 6GB of storage. Burn the iso file on your USB drive by using any software like Rufus to create a bootable drive.


The next step is to reboot your system the iso file is burned successfully on your USB drive.


When your Windows starts, you will need to go to BIOS settings. change the boot sequence and change for external drives. Here you have to keep in mind that the external USB should be the priority.

Installation screen

As you have changed the booting sequence. You will need to exit the BIOS which in result will reboot your computer. Your computer will restart and soon you will be moved to Windows 7 Lite installation screen.


To run Windows 7 Lite on your computer, you will need to have at least these specifications to run it.

Processor: You will need at least an Intel Pentium IIII processor.

Memory: There is a requirement of 512MB RAM as well

Hard disk: 5GB of storage is also needed

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