How To Activate Windows 10 Completely Free?

Having Windows and a product key was a struggle in the past. Because in the past all Windows OS was not free. You were needed to purchase the keys to active any windows. But now you can easily download, install and activate windows 10 for free.

You won’t need to search all those torrent sites to find the crack or to search entire Google to find ways to use your windows OS. Now by simply following some simple tips you can activate your windows 10 and use it to its full potential.

Using Windows without activating it will not give you good results. You might find errors, freeze screen, .and many other problems. You won’t be able to use even the features from basics like changing wallpaper color to advanced options like remote desktop.

If you want your computer to be in top shape, keep the OS in good condition. The easiest way to do that is to activate it and get the updates from the owners (Microsoft).

Microsoft has highly focused on windows 10s development. They have tried their best to make it more and easier for users to get the best and the latest version of Windows 10.

They have made it completely free and even easier to activate it. There is more than one way to activate your current windows into a brand new windows 10. You can download windows 10 ISO completely free.

Activate windows 10 method 1.

You can activate windows 10 completely free and it won’t even take a single penny.

  1. Open link

    You have to open the link first. Here is the link. activate windows 10

  2. Copy it

    As now you have open it. You will see your screen filled with texts. Select all the texts and copy it.

  3. Paste it

    Now, go to the desktop and create a new Text Document. Open it and paste all the text copied from the site. copy to activate windows 10

  4. Save the file

    The texts are copied on the Text Document. Now save it and name it as “1click.cmd”. Remember that while changing the name you will face a pop-up tab giving warnings. Accept it and follow the next step. save the file

  5. Run as administrator

    Click on the file and run the file as administrator. As you have run the CMD file as administrator, you have successfully activated your windows 10. Just running that file as administrator is enough to activate your windows 10. save file

Activate windows 10 method 2.

This is the easy one to follow. You will need to install windows 10 first in your computer. After successfully installing Windows 10, follow these tip to active it.

  1. Go to setting
  2. Open setting and click on updates and security
  3. On the left side open activation
  4. Go to the store and active your window 10.

Activate Windows 10 method 3.

Using the ISO file is one of the easiest but slow ways to activate your windows. The technique is to Download Windows 10 and install it on your computer.


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