Visual Basic is one of the easiest programming languages both in the present and back in the past. Before going any further, remember we are providing the setup file to download Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 for Windows OS. Visual Basic is an IDE and completely different from Visual Basic .NET.

As we mentioned before Visual Basic is a great IDE that is suitable for both beginners and professionals. Using the application within low resources you can perform amazingly great work.

The application was released with the code name “Aspen”. It was developed by Microsoft and was released in June of 1998. Visual Basic was released for the support of Visual Basic programming language.

VB6 aka Visual Basic 6 was the last version of the application by Microsoft to support Windows 9X (The Windows 9X starts from MS-DOS to Windows 2000). It was also the last version to include Visual J++, integration with Internet Explorer for using java virtual machine.

From a great developing environment to providing a number of tools, VB6 has it all. For developers with experience or for someone who performs developing as a hobby, it is a great option. As the application is compatible with Visual. Net, C, C++, JavaScript, Java, Python, and numbers of other programming languages.

The application is also compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android. When it comes to tools, Visual Basic provides a number of tools and services to work on high end and complicated projects.

Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 has tools like editors with bookmarking, syntax highlighting, and a rich toolbox that enables the users to search instantly and code browsing. Other than editors with bookmarking and syntax highlighting, options like advanced coding, debugging profiling and testing tools are also available.

While using the application you will notice that it has a friendly interface. You will experience a welcoming interface with numerous options.

The application has a friendly GUI with full options to bring changes to properties like borders types, color, and hue settings.

Other tools like brush, pencil, and more are also accessible. A wide range of handy features like zooming in or out for diagram or editors, multi-monitor support, quick drag and drop, easy navigation through code, methods, variables, and files.

Download Microsoft visual basic 6.0 for windows 10

download visual basic 6
download visual basic 6.0

You are here to download Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 full standalone setup file for your Windows 10. However, before you download and install it on your system. You will need to download the latest version of Java on your system, as to start the installation it is required to have Java on your system.

So, here is the Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 for your Windows 10 with latest performance and compatibility updates.

System requirements for VB6

Before you download Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, make sure you have the following specs:

For operating systems Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 will work. Still, we would like to recommend you not to use the application on windows 7. As the application doesn’t quite get along with Windows 7.

There is a requirement for 256 MB of RAM memory with 100 MB of free storage space. The application can be used on Intel Pentium III or any latest version.

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What is Visual Basic used for?

Visual Basic 6.0 is an application that provides a solid and easy to use environment for the developers to develop applications. The application is a great option for users to compile applications on Windows OS, as the application has a similar GUI to Windows OS.

It is suitable for both beginners and professionals to develop desktop applications, hardware drivers, and many more. For users being unknown to the application. There is a solid online community to help beginners in their journey.

Is Visual Basic and Visual Studio the same?

Before starting you will need to know that Microsoft has released a language named Visual Basic (which is now Visual Basic .Net) back in the 90s. The same language was and is also used in Visual Basic 6.0. Now, let’s know the difference.

VB6 or Visual Basic 6.0 is basically a component of Visual Studio. The Visual Studio refers to Visual Basic, Visual C#, Visual C++, etc. Here Visual Basic is an IDE to create an application in Visual Basic or other Visual-related languages whereas Visual Studio is a text editor for programming languages.

Whereas Visual basic support only Visual Basic based languages, Visual Studio support almost all the programming languages.

The Visual Basic 6.0 is also known as VB6.EXE, VB5.EXE, ZipExeStub.exe, VB62.EXE or VB60.EXE.

Visual Basic SP6 4 is one of the most famous versions of it. Most of the time users also prefer to call it Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 too.

Microsoft visual basic 6.0 download for windows 10 full version

File: Microsoft_Visual_Basic_6.exe

Size: 2-5 MB

Program class: IDE (integrated development environment)

Language: English

Released date: June 1998

Setup type: Offline Installer/ Full Standalone setup

License: Trail

Developer: Microsoft

Microsoft visual basic 6.0 download for windows 10
Microsoft visual basic 6.0 download for windows 10

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