Windows 7 End of Life

end of life windows 7
end of life windows 7

By the end of the year 2019, Windows 7 will be officially ended by Microsoft. It Time and time, Microsoft has asked its users to move from Windows 7 to Windows 10. There will be users who keep using it.

It was released in July 2009. It was the first when we were introduced for the first time. Like many I was using Windows XP then I tried Windows 7. Till recent year (2018) I was using it.

Many users have upgraded their operating system in 2016 when Microsoft has offered users to upgrade for free to Windows 10.

January 13, 2015, was the date when Microsoft announced to stop the mainstream support for windows 7. Slowly they have decreased to providing updates to fix bugs, errors and security issues. Like all other previous Windows versions, Windows 7’s life cycle has also ended.

Still, almost 39% of the world’s computer is using Windows 7. Many successors of Windows 7 have been released, still, no one can replace Windows 7 for sure.

Many users are trying to move from their lovely windows 7 to new Windows versions. 1 January 2020 will be the date, Windows 7 will officially be discontinued…

Windows 7 history

Windows 7 history

On October 22, 2009, it was the year when it was officially released for users. In 25 years of Microsoft creating an operating system, this was the most epic and legendary OS.

Only in the first year, Microsoft has sold about 240 million licenses of Windows 7. It was the successor of Windows vista was followed by Windows XP.

It was released with Windows 2008 Server R2. Many changes were made as compared to other older versions. Features like multitouch, Internet Explorer 8 with tons of other features were added. Security and services were also improved.  Interface was changed, things like gadgets were also added.

In its entire history Windows 7 five major updates were made.

  1. Service Pack 1 (SP1) was released in 2011. In this major update, they brought support for advanced vector extensions and introduced a 256-bit instruction set for processors.
  2. Platform update was added in 2013 with enhanced several graphical application programming interfaces.
  3. Brought a utility to (disk clean update) remove all those outdated data.
  4. Windows management framework 5.0 and windows PowerShell improvements were made.
  5. In 2016 many security patches were made.

And in Windows 7 series 7 version were available for the users.

Our gratitude to Windows 7

Windows 7 has served for many years. Let’s have a moment and appreciate Windows 7 and its team for this wonderful operating system. Let us all appreciate Windows 7 and its team by posting thank you Windows 7 on every social site avail. #thanksW7

You will be gone but not forgotten. Bye Windows 7 you will be missed.


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