MS Windows 10 With full specification and installation

MS Windows 10 is one of the most efficient operating systems in the current market. The discussion will be on MS Windows 10 and all the builds. We all know what is Windows and its versions. However, a quick revision. “Window is an operating system used to perform basic computer functions”.

Windows is one of the most popular Operating System in the market with almost covering up to 80+ percentage of the market. So does it worth to use it?

The first version of Windows 10 was released in the market on July,29,2015. What kind of changes were bought to it? Is it worth your time to install windows on your computer? All of these kinds of questions will be answered here.  Remember that it is not a review but a quick overview of Windows 10.

Microsoft has made a decision of going to the traditional user interface. Many Windows users were facing problems using windows 8. Which was the latest version of Windows OS in the market and all the users were unfamiliar using Windows 8. At the end which made a bad impression on Microsoft windows.

Learning from their mistakes they have continued their path to their old traditional user interface. However, there are tons of new features made in windows 10 build in. These features are not just useful in day to day life but also makes most of your work easier.

You can easily find tons of positive review across the internet. All the critics made on Windows 8 are changing and are praised for removing all the problems and making it according to users. Many of Windows 7 users were unhappy about the retirement (which will be on 2020) of windows 7 and were not ready to upgrade to windows 8. Basically windows OS is loved due to the easy user interface which was quite opposite in windows 8. As for now, more than half of windows users have already moved to MS windows 10 form all other old versions.

They have allowed the mouse-oriented and touch-oriented interface. Which will be allowed based on input devices.  As from allowing touch-oriented interface, they have also bought the tablet mode in new Windows.  You can either use the mouse and keyboard mode or touch mode in your MS Windows 10.

The mouse and keyboard mode is used for all computers. While the touch mode is a user interface used for computers with the availability of touch screen. Where you can change your computer to tablet by just click on your screen.

Tablet mode was also available in Windows 8 as well, however, in windows 10 it is more efficient and effective.

They have also allowed the start menu to be opened in full or half mode. You can use your start menu in full mode like windows 8 or half mode like windows 7. The expansion and compression of the start menu have become more and easier.

There is also a new feature called the task view. Task view will help you to quickly open located windows and shutdown or hide all the other windows. This feature is not limited to just changing windows. It also can manage multiple monitors at a time and can also be useful while using any Virtual machine.

We all are fade up of browser (internet explorer) provided by Microsoft. In MS Windows 10 Microsoft has changed the old and slow explorer with a brand new edge. The new Microsoft edge is completely different as compared to the old internet. Using Microsoft Edge can give you smooth and fast internet surfing without any kind of hesitation or problem.

If you are an Xbox fan and also use windows, then we have some good news. Now, windows 10 is more compatible with Xbox than ever. You can easily connect your Xbox account to your computer and browse the game and play it.

In MS Windows 10, Microsoft has changed a big part of it by applying for universal app support. It means that an app made for windows 10 can be used on different platforms provided by Microsoft like Xbox, smartphone and more.

For all those gamers and users who are using High Graphics. Windows has bought them a gift called DirectX 12. Which will help them more to get better and higher quality in graphics.

Cortana is still present in Windows 10 and Bing as the default search engine. However, there are no major changes in these two features. While they have added some other features on Cortana to help you. Like allowing it to search notepad, music, photo, video, calendar and many other media inside your computer.

Windows 10 has improved dramatically by different methods. Like allowing users to log in through face detection or fingerprint. Now Windows 10 will use your camera and device to protect your computer from strangers.

Microsoft family is introduced in Windows 10 to make sure you have control over different monitors in your home. The Microsoft Family will help you to stop restricted media from your family members screen. However, parental control is no longer available on edge or explorer.

There is a time when we all are having problems with our eyes due to sitting on our computer for hours. Well not anymore, in windows 10 the problem is solved with night light feature. The night light will help you to have less pressure and more comfortable light for your eyes.  

There is also made quite a work on the notification panel. Now, you are able to hide the notification provided by Microsoft or email. You can even change the sound and turn it on or off.

Window 10 has compressed his system files to make more space for users. Now you will need only 1.5 GB of hard-drive of 32bit and 3GB for 62bit to run a windows 10 on your computer.

Windows 10 also supports media like FLAC and HEVC. Now you can use these types of file on your Windows 10.

There are many editions of Windows 10. Each edition is released with a unique feature or corrected the errors from the older editions. The different editions of Windows 10 are:

  • Windows 10 Home
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Windows 10 Enterprise
  • Windows 10 S
  • Windows 10 Education
  • Windows 10 Mobile
  • Windows 10 IoT core

Why should you change to Microsoft Windows 10?

You should know that all the spams, malware, and viruses are getting more and more advanced. You have to use the best version for day to day uses. If you are advanced enough you can use the modern features, which in the long run can be as a hurdle to overcome.

To use the advanced version, you will need to use the version, where you will get constant updates. As Windows 7 or earlier are retired now or will be. And most of the users are not satisfied with Windows 8 or 8.1, the best option remaining for you is Windows 10.


You will need the following requirements to run Windows 10 on your pc. However, we have also added some other things except the basics to run MS Windows 10. These requirements will help you even more to run the other features of Windows 10.

  Minimum requirement Maximum Requirements
Processor 1GHz or faster 2.5GHz
Memory 1GB RAM for 32bit and 2GB RAM for 64 bit 4GB RAM
Hard Disk 16GB for 32 bit and 20 GB for 64 bit 50GB
Graphics Compatible with DirectX 9 or later WDDM 1.0 drive WDDM 1.3 or higher
Display 800×600 1920×1080
Internet connection You will need internet access You will need internet access
Input device Mouse and keyboard Multi-touch display

As you have already read the basic requirements to run Windows 10. Let’s continue to all other stuffs which will make your Windows 10 even more powerful.

  • Fingerprint reader

For all those who want their computer protected. Adding Fingerprint reader will help them to enable the biometric feature and make their Windows more and more secure.

  • Wi-Fi adapter

We all know that the Wi-Fi adapter will help you to connect to your internet provider(modem). However, using it you can use features like Hotspot Shield, connect to nearby devices.

  • Microphone

Well, the microphone will help you to connect to Cortana, and use it as much as possible. You can directly command Cortana and use your computer with your voice by adding a microphone.

  • Camera

The camera will help you in protecting your computer by using the face detection feature.

Windows 10 Features

Here are features Microsoft added and removed features in Windows 10. Some of them are removed because they were either useless or is now a part of other apps. While the additional features are the changes to make it better.

How to install windows 10?

Time needed: 3 hours and 35 minutes.

These are the steps you will need to follow to install Windows 10 on your computer. Remember this process can delete all the files present in your hard-drive. The steps are not complicated like rocket science. It is as easy as eating cake, however, it can a little time to complete the procedure.

  1. Download Window 10

    The first step to start is to download Windows 10 on your computer.

  2. Open File

    Now, you have to open the downloaded ISO file(as the link is given in the first step).

  3. Upgrade this PC

    You will face windows giving you the option of either to Upgrade this PC now or create installation media for another PC. Since we are installing Windows 10 on current PC we will choose to Upgrade this PC now.install window 10

  4. Loading time

    You will need to wait for a while till the Windows creates files in your PC. Till then we would recommend you to get a coffee. And after a few moments, you will be able to click on next.

  5. License Terms

    After a long wait, now the windows have completed creating the necessary files on your computer. Now, accept the terms and conditions provided by Microsoft for Windows 10.

  6. Getting Updates

    In this time you will face windows checking for updates. Wait till the updates get complete, cause it will check and will provide the latest Windows 10 version available. install window 10

  7. Ready to install

    wait for the installation to get completed. When both of the lines has a white correct mark you are then ready to click on Install.

  8. Change what to keep

    well, this is optional. You can also choose what files you want to keep in your computer and what to delete. You can do it by clicking on Change What to Keep. Now you have successfully made your computer and windows ready for the installation. install window 10

  9. Restart

    Now, you should restart your computer. Restarting you will face the tab as given below. Select the options accordingly and click on next.install window 10

  10. Install now

    You can either click on Install Now and use windows in default settings. Or you can click on Repair your computer and select the options your self. The options will be things like clock, location and more.install window 10

  11. Enter Product key

    In Windows home, you won’t need any product key. However, in other versions like Enterprise, you will need to buy it by the officials. install window 10

  12. License terms

    Accept the license terms and conditions and click next.

  13. Upgrade it

    Now, click on the Upgrade section cause you want to install windows 10 n your computer.

  14. Partition Section

    You are now facing the partition section. You can delete the entire volume/drive by clicking on Delete and by clicking on the format you can format the drive. Complete the partition according to your self and click Next.

  15. Installing Windows

    Your Windows is now being installed. Wait till the installation gets complete.install window 10

  16. Rebooting

    when all the installation is complete you will face the tab below. ou computer will reboot itself you can either wait for it to get reboot automatically or press the reboot button at the bottom right.reboot windows 10

Added features

  • Universal app support

Microsoft has changed a very notable feature in its new Windows 10. They have allowed Universal app support which is quite interesting. Universal app support means that windows 10 can support app compatible for platforms like Xbox, smartphones and many more. Which is a big deal for many app developers.

  • Other accessibility

Now accessibilities like narrator can directly read your emails and pages and magnifier are now in a darker color. Which will help for more attention.

  • Tablet Mode

Now you can use your computer as a tablet by just changing it to Tablet mode. You will need to enable it by using the touch screen (which is normally present in most of your laptops). Enable it and use your laptop as a tablet without any kind of charges.

  • Easy interface

The new MS Windows 10 is now back to their old easy and simple interface.

  • Start menu customization
start menu customization

Microsoft has made numbers of changes in the start menu. From enabling to full and half mode, to remove all the useless things like fitness, resultant blogs. They have made it clear and easy to use.

  • Task view

This feature can be helpful to change between different Windows tabs.

  • Microsoft Edge

The old Internet Explorer is now replaced with Microsoft Edge. The new Edge is faster and efficient. Microsoft has added Edge but there is also Explorer present in Windows 10.

  • Gaming

Big changes are made in Windows 10. From adding DirectX 12 to connecting Xbox account to your computer.

  • Voice control

Controlling your computer through your voice has gotten better. With a more advanced option and better connection to Cortana, you easily navigate through your computer with your voice command.

  • More secure

Windows 10 is more secure than ever. With the option of biometrics like face and finger recognition makes it more likable.

Removed features

  • Charms
windows charms
windows 8 charms

In Windows 10, Microsoft has removed the charms. Charms are the set of five options like search, option, start and more. It is completely removed from Windows 10. Normally charms were present on the right side of the windows.

  • One drive

Now you cannot store your files on your drive to later synchronize it with to save your files.

  • Microsoft family safety

The feature Microsoft Family Safety is now changed to Microsoft Family. Which does the same work with some minor changes in it.

  • Windows Media Center

Windows media center was an app used to stream videos online. It was used as a T.V to watch different shows and pause it. Microsoft has discontinued Windows Media Center now.

  • Goodbye floppy

Now, windows 10 is unable to support floppy drives.

  • Automatic update

Before, Windows 10 you were able to allow windows to update either manually or automatically. But in windows 10 the updates will be updated without your permission.

  • Entertainment section

The app for entertainment like food, travel, drink all of them are discontinued.

Windows 10 Product key

Well, if you are searching for the product key of windows 10 then you shouldn’t. As it is completely free Microsoft has lifted the product key form windows 10. But, you can activate your current windows without any charges.

Still, if it asks for product key then type XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX for home version and for other pro and premium version you will need to buy that.

Do you need a product key to install Windows 10?

No, you won’t need any product key to install windows 10.

How can I activate windows 10 for free?

Yes, you can easily activate your windows for free. However, for other higher version like Pro, you will need to pay for it.

Is windows 10 illegal without activation?

You will need a product key to activate windows 10. But, if you won’t activate it won’t matter, nor it is any kind of illegal thing. You can use it and that is completely legal.


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