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How to Increase C Drive Space in Windows 10?

C drive is one of the first drives that get full after the installation. The drive gets full as there are system files, files of different applications and games, and other malicious files. Mostly during the partition of the drives, you might take some steps that you will regret later. Mostly, you will provide less space to your C drive, which you will need to increase later.

Not having free storage or low storage on your C drive, you can experience slow or poor performance, laggy system, or sometimes even freezes. However; increasing the disk size can easily solve such problems. Here is how to increase C drives space in Windows 10 without formatting or reinstalling the OS. If you are familiar with Windows OS, then you won’t need any third-party tool too.

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How to increase C drive space in Windows 10?

Before you use any of the operations to increase the C drive space, use these methods to make free space on your C drive. This is the easiest way to make space and clean your system too.

Delete unnecessary files- try to delete all those unnecessary files on your system, especially your C drive. Open your drive and delete all those useless pictures, videos, downloaded setup files that you won’t need anymore. One thing that you will need to make sure, that you won’t touch any system files, as deleting them will cause serious problems. Even deleting the history of your browser can create free space on your C drive.

Disk Clean Utility- you can also run Disk Clean Utility on your Windows 10. This will help you to delete all those temporary files, caches and even files on your recycle bin. Recently I have cleaned my recycle bin and made cleared 50 GB of storage in the C drive. You can also use the Defragment tool to organize all your files and to save you space.

Third-party app- you also have the option to use third-party applications as iSumsoft System Refixer. Applications as iSumsoft System Refixer will help you to delete unnecessary files, organize them and make space on your disks.

Uninstall apps- if you have installed numerous apps on your system then uninstalling them can save you a lot of space. Go to Programs > Programs and features, where you will find all your application. Navigate and delete all the unnecessary app and you will see the free storage on your disk.

If you have used almost all of the methods above and still have less space, then you have only two options. You can either shrink one of your drives and then use that unallocated space for your C drive. Or you will need to add a new hard disk (it can be SSD or HHD) to your system and then will add that to your C drive.

How to Shrink drives on Windows 10?

for shrinking your drive, you will need to click on Start and type diskmgmt.msc.

This will take you to Disk Management, where you can shrink and expand your drive. Shrinking can be made on any of the drives that you think are suitable.

Here we have selected the Q disk, so right-click on it and click on Shrink Volume.

Insert the value/amount that you want to shrink and click on Shrink. Now, this will shrink the disk and will also create an unallocated space which is used to expand the disk size of C: drive.

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Increase C Drive Space in Windows

Like the heading, it can be used on any Windows OS. in the Disk Management, you will select the C drive. Then you will right-click on the drive and options will appear. Click on Extend Volume and a prompt will appear.

In the prompt window, click on Next. there you have increased C Drive storage in Windows.

Note: if the unallocated is not adjacent with the C drive then you will find the Extended Volume option in grey color and won’t be clickable. You will mostly experience the problem when you have added a new hard disk to your system and wants to add it to your C drive. Instead, we would recommend you to use the new hard disk with a new Volume and delete one of the drives from the old hard disks.

Increase space of C drive with CMD

For the method, you will run CMD as administrator. It can run by typing diskpart in the Start. then you will use the following commands:

list disk

select disk n (n refers to the number of the disk that holds the C drive.)

list partition

select partition m (m is the number of C drive.)

extend size= x (x is the size in MB you want to add to the system partition.)

If you are not comfortable with the CMD then you can use third-party applications to increase or decrease the disk size.

Third party apps for disk adding or removing storage

You will need to download EaseUS Partition Master or Mini Partition Tools for your Windows 10. This app will help you to increase, decrease, create, delete or format any disk on your system. you will install the app on your system and then will run it. Soon a window will appear and there you will find all the disks in your system on your screen.

Select any of the disks, shrink the size and use that unallocated size to increase storage of C: drive. Select C drive and increase the storage size. Once the drive’s storage is changed, you will restart your system. enjoy your C drive with increase space.

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