Microsoft Office 2003 free download from official sources. Get the untouched ISO file of MS Office 2003 service pack 3 from the direct links given below. The application supports both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

Microsoft Office 2003

Microsoft Office 2003 was released with the codename “Office 11”. The application was developed by Microsoft and was released for manufacturing on August 19, 2003, which was later released to retailers on October 21, 2003.

Office 2003 was the successor of Microsoft Office XP and is the predecessor of Microsoft Office 2007. The software can be used on old computers like P4 or Dual-core computers.

MS Office 2003 can also be used on earlier operating systems such as; Windows 2000Windows XP

Office 2003 is a choice for many developing countries (even now). Microsoft (MS) Office 2003 uses low resources compared to later versions.

Basically, it is said that; it is a lightweight and fast performing application for both home and offices. Using Microsoft Office 2003 you can accomplish a variety of computing tasks related to both home and office.

Microsoft Office 2003 is an application with tons of tools, a great interface with a productive and easy environment for the users.

Microsoft Office 2003 was the version that introduced a new Picture Manager Graphics Software. Through which users were able to open, edit, manage, and share digital images.

A total of 3 service packs were released for Office 2003 throughout its lifecycle. The Service pack 1 was released on July 27, 2004. Service pack 2 was released on September 27, 2005, and the last service pack 3 was released on 17, 2007.

MS Office 2003 was about to be available till 14, April 2009. However, Microsoft has extended life support until April 8, 2014. Despite being discontinued for more than 6 years, still, this is one of the most demanded applications out there. Here are components of Microsoft Office 2003:

  • Word 2003
  • Excel 2003
  • PowerPoint 2003
  • Outlook 2003
  • Access 2003
  • Publisher 2003
  • InfoPath 2003
  • Project 2003
  • Visio 2003
  • FrontPage 2003
  • OneNote 2003

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Microsoft Office 2003 Free Download SP3

Download Microsoft Office 2003 SP3 ISO for free in standalone offline installer by the direct links. We are quite sure that you will do the installation without any issues. Still, if you got any issues during the installation or while downloading the files, please comment down.

Editions of Office 2003

There are numbers of standalone applications in Office 2003, the same as licensed versions.


Microsoft Office 2003 Basic

This is the low-cost edition of Office 2003. This edition comes with few components such as; Word 2003, Outlook 2003, and Excel 2003.


Microsoft Office 2003 Student and teacher

Office 2003 Student and Teacher is a test-market product, used by Microsoft. The edition was developed for students and teachers; however, it was also available in retail markets. Where uses can buy this version without any qualification. Student and teacher 2003 had almost all the Office 2003 components like PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and Outlook.


Microsoft Office 2003 Standard

Basically, it is the same as the student and teacher’s edition. However, there is a catch between the “standard” and “student and teacher” editions. Unlike the student and teacher edition, the standard edition is purchased in license volume.


Microsoft Office 2003 Small Business

Many other components were added in addition to PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. Which were Outlook, Business Contact Manager, a miniature CRM-like add-on for individuals.


Microsoft Office 2003 Professional

This is edition represents the major upgrade done in previous versions. Access was only available in this edition, and it was provided by license volume. Many features like XML support, Information Right Management (IRM) were added. Components like Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook, Business Contact Manager, and Excel are also available.

Requirements for Office 2003

To run Office 2003 on your computer, you will need to complete these specs.

Operating system: Windows 2000, Windows XP or any newer version

Processor: Pentium III or better

Memory: 256MB RAM or more

Hard disk: 300 MB of free storage

External hard drive: A CD-ROM/ USB port and a super cable of 800 x 600 resolution with 256 colors

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Features of Microsoft Office 2003

features of Microsoft Office 2003 SP3
features of Microsoft Office 2003 SP3

Updates in Word 2003 has been made. Things like creating, editing, and printing text documents in Word 2003 is now easier. Your documents can be styled by adding Bold, Italic, Underlines, Margin Setting, Adding watermarks and page numbers, Hyperlinks, and tables.

InfoPath 2003 is a new component that helps to design, fill, and submit electronic structured data forms.

OneNote 2003 is another Office 2003 component used to take notes. Creating or organizing diagrams, graphics, handwritten notes, recorded audios, and text them with OneNote. Basically, we can say that OneNote is a notetaking application used with tons of options.

A fantastic job is done with Outlook 2003. Now, there is no upgrade purchase option, the performance was improved, some changes were also made in the user interface as well.

Project 2003 is a project management application, used to assist in project management. Tasks, like developing a schedule, assigning resources to tasks, tracking progress, and managing budgets, are done in Project 2003.

More stylish and eye-catching formats were added in both FrontPage and Word 2003.

A new interface is introduced with advanced menus and toolbars.

It was also Office 2003 that introduced the Picture Manager graphics software. The software is used to open, manage, and share digital images.  

Office 2003 supports both 32-bit and 64-bit based operating systems.

Different tools were provided to support file formats like DOCX, DOCM, XSLX, and PPTX files.

Now, XML data is also supported to import and edit.

Tablets and pen supports are now supported.

Uni-code US are now supported.

A multilingual interface provides users to select the interface according to their own preferred display language.

New security patches are made to protect your computers from harmful malware, spyware, or other malicious software

An assisted technical support from Microsoft is added to help users to have a productive and creative experience.

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Installation of Office 2003 SP3

microsoft office 2003
microsoft office 2003

To Install Microsoft Office 2003 on your computer, you will need to download the Office 2003 ISO file. Then you will need to boot the file, by using software like Rufus.

Burn the ISO file on a USB and open the application. Now, the application will guide you, follow the guide, and soon the application will be installed on your computer.

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Microsoft Office 2003 Free Download SP3 for Windows

Microsoft Office 2003 Free Download SP3 for Windows

File: Microsoft_Office_2003_SP3.iso

Size: 650MB

Program class: Office Suite

Language: English

Released: October 21, 2003

Setup type: Offline Installer/ Full Standalone setup

License: Trail

Developer: Microsoft

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