If you are using social media, then you probably know what is Tik Tok is. Gradually the attention towards tik tok is getting more and more. As the tik tok is becoming popular worldwide. In the past few years, tik tok user’s number is increasing drastically.

Billion+ downloads and a drastic increase in users are what make it so popular. Basically, the app is a musical and video creation platform. The application provides videos between 3 to 15 sec of duration. At max, users can watch videos with 60-sec max.

Tik Tok is available with almost all streamlined video editing tools. Using the application, you will have access to an array of different music and songs. You can also use sounds effects, video effects, or use the available tools to trim, cut, copy, merge videos.

All these tools give you a wide area to create unique and entertaining content. Even if you can’t create content using those tools, you can do the lip-sync and become an influencer.

The Tik Tok is highly compatible with mobile phones. It is available for android and iOS users. However, those who can’t use the app either due to their phone’s spec or whatever reason can use it on Windows OS too.

Tik Tok is available for Windows 11 since Windows 11 is fully compatible with android apps. Those who are using Windows 10 can also download it from Microsoft Store and use it.

History of Tik Tok

tik tok for Windows 10

Even though Tik Tok was released in 2016, its history goes back to 2014 with the release of Music.ly. Muscic.ly was released as the successor of Douyin music and video creation based for the Chinese market. However, later it was music.ly and ByteDance in the market fighting for the place.

Soon, music.ly won the game and later on change the name to Tik Tok.

Download Tik Tok for Windows

Tik Tok Windows 10
Tik Tok Windows 10

You can use all the services and full functionalities provided by the app on your Windows OS. there are two different ways to use Tik Tok on Windows 10.

If you are going to download it directly on Windows 10, then you will download the extension and use it on Google Chrome. You cant download it on your OS (like Windows 11) and will need emulators as BlueStack.

You will need to download Bluestack and install it on your system. Once installed, you can download the apk file of Tik Tok and install it on your Windows 10. This method enables you to use Tik Tok on Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 too.

Requirement to run Tik Tok

Here are some specs to run Tik Tok on Windows OS.

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, or Windows 11.

Memory: 1 GB RAM or more

Storage: 1 GB of free storage or more

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or better.

How to install Tik Tok on Windows?

You will need to follow these simple steps to install Tik Tok on your machine.

  1. Download and install BlueStack application on your system.
  2. Once installed, you will need to open Google Play.
  3. Inside the Google Play, you will need to sign in your Google Account.
  4. Now search for tik tok in Google Play Store.
  5. Click on the app then click on Install button.
  6. When the installation got completed, open and enjoy the app.

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