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Fixed: ERR SPDY Protocol Error Google Chrome (All Methods)

You have probably experienced the ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR on your Google Chrome and now you are here to fix it. Well, you are not going to get disappointed, as we are going to fix the ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR on Google Chrome.


The error is a networking protocol error. It was created to improve the security of HTTP-enabled webpages. HTTP is a web protocol that enables communication between browsers and servers.

In error, you will notice the “SDPY” in the middle. Here the SPDY means speedy internet connection. By using the protocol, you are going to experience:

  • Low usage of band width
  • Enhanced performance
  • Smoother and better UX (user experience)

Why are experiencing the Err SPDY Protocol Error?

On experiencing the error, you might get intimidated by the error. You won’t need to worry much about the error, as it is way easier to fix as compared to the sophisticated error it looks.

Users experience the problem when the browser or the OS-related files are corrupted. Reasons behind the corruption of files can be viruses, malware, or other threats. However; most of the time it is way simple things that create the error.

What you need to understand is that the error is fixable without paying a single penny.


Err SPDY Protocol Error
Err SPDY Protocol Error

Here are the possible ways to fix the errors. While browsing between the errors, you will understand how easy it is to fix the error. And like we mentioned before, you won’t need to purchase any third-party application.

1: Check incognito mode

Before you continue with fixing the error, make sure that you are experiencing the same error in incognito mode. There is a slight chance that the link you are using is not active at the moment. Using the incognito mode, you will make things sure about the connection. Now that you are having the error, you are going to apply the methods below to fix it.

2: Update & Restart Google Chrome

Here you are going to restart & update your Google Chrome. There is a chance that you are experiencing the error, as you have an earlier version of Google Chrome. First, we are going to restart Google Chrome by clicking on 3 dots.

Now you will click on Help and select the About Google Chrome option. You are placed in the new Google Chrome tab, click on the Relaunch button. Here you have restarted your Google Chrome. Check whether your browser is working or not. If not then you are going to check for updates then.

Again, click on those 3 dots and select the Settings option. Click on About Chrome and there you will have the update option. If your browser is up to date then you are going to clear the browser cache files in the next method.

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3: Clear Google Chrome cache

For clearing the Google Chrome cache files, you are going to click on 3dots. Then you will select the Settings option, and select the Security & Privacy option in the left pane of your browser. Under the Security & Privacy section, you are going to find the Clear browsing data.

A new tab will pop up, click on Advanced. Then you are going to select all the options, and in the Time range select the All-Time and click on Clear.

4: Flush SPDY on Google Chrome

If the method above didn’t fix the error on your Google Chrome, then you can flush the SPDY on your browser. For this method, you are going to open your browser and inside URL, you are going to paste the command below:

Flush SPDY on Google Chrome
Flush SPDY on Google Chrome

Now you are going to see a different window on your screen. Here you will select the Sockets option which is on the left pane of your screen and then you will click on the Flush Socket Pools button.

Flush SPDY on Google Chrome 2
Flush SPDY on Google Chrome 2

Soon your browser will flush any SPDY files and you have fixed the error. If you are still facing the error then you will need to check your OS this time.

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5: Clear DNS on Windows to ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR

If you have flushed the SPDY and the error is still on your browser then you will need to check the OS. There is a chance that your system is having compatibility issues. Try to clear your DNS files on your Windows. So here is How to Clear DNS Cache Windows 10 (Server and Workstation)? and users who are using Windows 11, can use the How to Flush DNS Cache on Windows 11?.

6: Disable Antivirus

Having outdated or expired antivirus can also cause the problem. There is a slight chance that your antivirus is blocking the connection. Try to disable your antivirus and then try to use your browser. If your browser is working then you will need to check whether your anti-virus is up to date else on not working, you are going to use the other method below:

7: Reinstall your Google Chrome

This will be your last resort. Since we have tried all the methods to fix the error on the browser and OS. If the problem is still there then we will need to reinstall the browser. By reinstalling any error either related to OS or browser will be fixed. Reinstall your browser and check for your connection.

On again experiencing the problem, you will need to check your Windows OS thoroughly from malware, virus, or corrupt files. For this purpose, you will need third-party applications. Download them and check for the issues. However; it is for sure that you won’t reach that point. All the methods above will fix your error for sure.

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