Right now you want to use Google Hangout/ Meet to share your screen but don’t know how? Here is a complete tutorial on “How to share screen on Google Hangouts/ Meet”. There is no need for an extension or to download any kind of application. Just use the feature directly, even no installation is required.

It is a step by step tutorial with a separate section to resolve any kind of issue if you are facing.

What should you use Google Hangout?

screen sharing on Google hangout and meet
screen sharing on Google hangout and meet

In this Covid19 paramedics, it is quite hard to maintain a meeting room or attend any classes. Rather than explaining your ideas in words or sending heavy files to everyone, you can show them virtually on their screen at a time. As a result, not only saves time but also takes off lots of work as well.

Even without paramedics, screen sharing is used to resolve technical issues. It was used to fix technical issues by guiding them step by step as they are sharing their screen.

No matter what the reason behind using the screen sharing feature is, here this article will help you.

In this paramedic Pre-requisites:

  • An active Google Account
  • Internet connection
  • A web browser
hangout extensions
hangout extensions by the third parties

Note: You might find some extension in the google web store. Those extensions are not provided by the google officially. We would like to recommend you for not using them, as they are provided by third-party developers. So as a result, there are some chances of either the extension that might not work or be out of date.

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How to share screen on Google hangouts?

Here is how we are using Google Hangouts screen sharing feature.

1. Sign in with Gmail

sign in gmail
sign in Gmail

Type hangout.google.com in your browser. You will be asked for Gmail account. Fill the users name and password to sign in.

2. Welcome screen

Google Hangout Welcome Screen
Welcome Screen

Soon, you will see the welcome screen of your Google Hangout.

3. Contact the user

Google Hangout Home
Google Hangout Home

Now, click on VIDEO-CALL of video chatting or PHONE-CALL for audio chatting.

4. Allow camera and microphone

enable microphone and camera on hangout
enable microphone and camera on hangout

Before you start the call, your browser will ask you to enable both Microphone and Camera.

5. Invite people

invite people
invite people

An invite people pop-up will appear. Insert your friend’s Gmail and click on INVITE.

6. Choose the type of screen sharing

hangout options
hangout options

Click on the 3dots present, It will take to another tab. There you will need to pick between the Entire Screen or Application Window.

share screen on Google Hangout
Share screen on Google Hangout

The differences between the two options are that Your Entire Screen allows your other colleagues or friends to virtualize your entire screen. Whereas, Application Window allows your friends to have access to only the window you have chosen for them. They will be limit and could only the sight of the window that you have shared with them.

How to share screen on Google meet?

Basically, there are two types of Google Meet. There is the enterprise/ premium version and there the free version. Anyways, let’s stick to the point and share the screen on Google Meet.

1. Sign in to Google Meet

Visit google meet and sign in with your Gmail account.

2. Start the meeting

google meet
google meet

Now, click on the start meeting button. If someone else has started the call and you want to join, please click on Enter the meeting code and type the code. Remember to enter any call, you should ask for the meeting code first or else you won’t be able to get inside.

3. Enable camera and microphone

enable microphone and camera on hangout
enable microphone and camera on hangout

Here you will need to enable a camera and microphone. First, on the notification tab click on the Dismiss button to close it. Then enable the devices by clicking on Allow.

4. Screen share

present button
present button in meet

Now, for sharing the screen click on the Present button. It will allow you to share your screen with other callers using the Google Meet service.

5. Sharing type

share your screen on google meet
share your screen on google meet

Select the type of sharing you want to perform. With google meet, you have three different options. “Chrome tab” allows you to share only a dedicated tab in Chrome. There is “Entire Screen” option which allows the callers to have visuals of your entire screen and the last is “Application Window“. The Application window allows you to share the windows of any application you have selected.

end screen sharing google meet
end screen sharing google meet

As you have made your call and you want to end the group. Click on the disconnect button right at the middle bottom of the screen.

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Difference between Google Hangouts, Meets and Duo.

Basically, Google Hangout or Meet is a web service provided by Google Corporate. You are required to possess a Gmail account in order to use the service. The service provides a great way to conduct online consultants, live lectures, or small group chats. Using the service users can perform things like screen sharing, video, and audio calls, text messaging.

Google has provided a number of different communicating services. And here in this section, we will know “what is the difference between Google Hangouts and Meets”. What is Google Duo and is it any different from Google chat?

The name might be confusing but when we overview all of the services. Only changes can be found, so let’s go to the point.

Google Duo is the small service providers in this category. It is a version of FaceTime by Google that offers one on one video calling. Google Duo can be used on different platforms like mobile, tablets, or computers. This version is recommended for personal use only.

Google Hangouts is the longest-running messaging and video chatting service. Using the service you can have a group call of 25 participants. There are also different effects to use like fake hat or mustache, different background sounds. It is google hangout that powers YouTube Live which is used for live streaming.

Google Meet the service was previously named as Google Hangouts Meet. It is a premium video conference software that is included in G Suite. Basically, it is an advanced version of google hangout with more participant and stream livers support.

Meet supports up to 250 participants in a single conference call with 100,000 live stream livers. Unlike hangout, it has a bright user interface and can send calendly invitations to users. It can also call by using your google spreadsheets.

During a conference call, the main person who is talking will be displayed to the main part of your window for full focus. Two different versions are available by google. There is the free version and there is the paid version for enterprises.

Google Chat was also called Google Hangout Chat in the past. This one is a paid team chat service, provided as a part of G Suite. Google chat is built for team communications similar to Slack. Along with group messaging, it also allows the function of G Drive’s sharing content (Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides).


Change browser

If you are using a browser other than Google Chrome-like Safari or DuckDuckGo. Then change to Google Chrome, as it integrates better.  

Clean the browser cache

If you have used your browser for a long time, then you might face some problems with the services. The reason behind the poor performance or error in services can be due to browser caches. Clearing the cache will cause the browser to load fresh new updates instead of using old cached files.

Update the app

For mobile users, it is compulsory to use the google hangout application updated. Most of the current applications updates themselves. However, if you have disabled the automatic update from the admin settings. Then enable the update can solve most of your problems.

For day to day users Google hangout is one of the most common and suitable names to share your screen, while Google meet is used for enterprises. Both hangouts and meet are not suitable for personal use which takes used to google duo and that is it. It was what we thought is the best way to explain “How to share screen on Google Hangouts /Meet”. Still, if you have any questions or haven’t understood any part of the tutorial, please comment down. I will try to respond to your question/issues as soon as possible.

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