Slack is one of the most famous business tools used to exchange information and to work together on different projects. For collaborative works, slack is one of the most nominated software and here you can download Slack for Windows 10 for free.

It doesn’t matter either what is the size of the corporate. Big or small, a connection between the workers is required as there are a large number of works to be done together. Different information, data, and files are constantly needed to be exchanged. However, in this COVID-19 paramedic, it is quite hard to maintain those meetings or works in the same room.

Here Slack provides us almost the same environment of an office but without getting in contact physically. Slack provides different productive features to the users like direct messages, share screen, group audio or video calling, different third-party services integration, and more.

It has a clean interface with support for almost all kinds of platforms. The application was developed by the American software company called Slack Technologies.

The first release of Slack was made in August 2013 which is almost 6 years ago. Basically, it was an internal tool of Tiny Speck and was developed during the making of Glitch.

Download Slack for Windows PC

download slack for windows 10
download slack for windows 10

File: Slack for Windows

Developer: Slack Technologies

Size: 150 MB

Language: English

Last Update: July 2, 2020

Version: 4.7.0

License: Freeware

Slack is an online groupware software for all sizes of teams. Using slack, users can collaborate on different projects more effectively. After download the Slack software, you can use it on any Windows. However, for Windows 10 there is also the option to download it from Windows Store.

The software supports a wide number of windows operating systems like Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 10, and even Windows 98.

Introduction of Slack Application

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Features of Slack software

The software offers numbers of IRC-style features some of which are explained below.

Communicate- message or call anyone either audio or video calling.

Group chatting- allows teams to communicate between numbers of users via using a specific URL or invitation sent by the admin.

Public Channels- Slack can organize open channel where users can everyone is able to view of all the aspects. Users can have a conversation in the group or just comment on their opinion on the subject. By admins, permission users of the team members can get involved in any project the admin allows.

Private Chat- if you have sensitive data or information and want to discuss it only with particular users. Then you can create a private chat. A public group can be created into a private channel. A private channel can include up to nine people.

Share file- using the software, users can share different file formats like images, PDFs, documents, and spreadsheets. You can also add comments for the reference of the file.

Tasklist management- you can create a to-do list where you can ask users for the tasks. Publically users can have access to the list and on complete can mark it.

List management- instead of sending invitations of every person individually, you can connect your G Suite Business and use your Google Directory to invite all of your teammates to your workspace.

Languages- up to 8 different languages are supported by the software.

Platforms- Slack is provided for almost all types of platforms. The software can be accessed on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows OS, and even Linux OS. There are still beta versions of Linux OS but still, the work is continued. It is also available for the Apple Watches, allowing users to send and receive messages.

Continue- with fully native apps for different platforms whenever a user switches from one platform to another, the application continues from the exact place they left it.

API- Slack provides an application programming interface (API) for users to create applications and automate processes, such as sending automatic notifications based on human input, sending alerts on specified conditions, and automatically creating internal support tickets. Slack’s API has been noted for its compatibility with many types of applications, frameworks, and services.

Notification- The notification panel is fully customizable. Either on phone or computer, you can customize your app to notify you of everything happing or focus on just a few things.

Easy interface- the software displays all the members on the left side panel where you can create both private groups and channels. The coworker’s direct messages are also displayed on the left side panel. Due to great integration with third-party apps, there is no need for switching between them. Just opening the Slack application will do all the work. All the notifications will be displayed on your screen.

Third-party– there is a great integration between Slack and other third-party services. It supports third-party services like Google Drive, Trello, Dropbox, GitHub, and more. In December 2015, they have announced their software application directory which includes almost 150 different integrated software. By just pasting the documents links of cloud drivers in the software will automatically sync your data of cloud drivers with the application.

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License Plans

Slack is a fermium software for personal or home uses. However, there is a need for a license, if you are using it for work purposes. Slack provides three different plans which are purchasable. There is Standard which has all the feature of free plan and also includes archiving with unlimited messages, unlimited service integrations guest access, google authentication (OAuth)/Google Apps for Domain sign-on, configurable mail ingestion services, two-factor authentication, group call, and priority support, and custom retention policies.

Same features are provided by Enterprise and Plus plans. However, the only thing that differs is the size of the plan.

How to use Slack application?

Slack is a wonderful collaborative application that allows users to not only connect and make group calls. But it also provides almost a platform that puts the team together. Slack offers feature like screen sharing, file sharing, group audio and video calls, direct messages, private chat, and even collaboration on a project. It has great integration with third-party services and supports both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. So, was all we knew about Slack. Form downloading slack for your windows (10) to installation. If you have any questions, please comment down.

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