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Free Download IObit Uninstaller for Windows

IObit Uninstaller is one of the best uninstallers in the market. Any of kind application that can’t be removed from “Add or Remove Programs” can be easily removed with IObit Uninstaller. From basic uninstalling of the application to removing those stubborn applications to removing all the residue files left after uninstalling applications are cleaned by IObit Uninstaller.

iobit uninstaller download
iobit uninstaller download

From software to browser plugins, all of them can be easily removed with the app. One single click and all the logged programs, folders, registries, and leftovers by the applications are removed.

Thanks to stability, lightweight, and fast executions, the IObit installer stands apart from others. With tons of new features such as Focus to improve productivity and to create a barrier from distraction, IObit brought tons of new features.

One of the most focused sections that you will experience after the installation will be the integration between the app and Windows 11. With the support for Android applications on Windows 11, the IObit uninstaller made sure that you will have all things required while using Windows 11.

IObit Uninstaller Download Free

You are going to click on the direct to free download IObit uninstaller. The setup is provided in a standalone offline installer. Since the setup is provided by the officials, the risk of threat won’t be a problem. Begin the downloading operation by clicking on the direct link and start the installation.

iobit uninstaller download free

File: asc-ultimate-setup.exe

Size: 24.7MB

Category: Utility

License: Trail

Developer: IObit

Requirement for IObit uninstaller

Since the application is light weighted, all the systems are able to run the application. Any system that can run Windows XP, can run the IObit uninstaller.

Operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11 support the app.

Some might consider, is there any need for internet connection? Well for using the application for updating the drivers, updating software, and for subscribing to pro version. However; the application be used on a system without internet too.

Features of IObit uninstaller

iobit uninstaller
IObit Uninstaller

Here are some of the features that will give an insight into the application.

1: Interface

We will begin with the interface. The application is a simple and straightforward interface. Any users who use the application just once will understand each and everything about it.

One single click on the application and the uninstallation will begin. Once the application is uninstalled, you will be asked for removing the leftover files too.

2: Leftovers

As we mentioned above, all the logged programs, folders, registries, and leftovers will be removed. At the start, these files will be just small files that have no harm. However; sooner or later, they will start hogging your disk and soon your will experience slow performance by your system.

3: Install Monitor

Speaking of the performance, you will be also provided the Install Monitor. This feature will keep track of the installation, threats, and conditions of your system.

4: Malware protection

Those leftovers that we mentioned earlier, can be also a good source for malware. As malware can use them for the protection of themselves which can be alarming. With IObit, you are going to remove them too.

5: Internet Security

While installing different plugins on your browsers, the plugins also bring malicious threats too. Here you are going to use the IObit for the protection.

6: Plugin and toolbars uninstaller

We have mentioned time and time again, the IObit uninstaller is not limited to uninstalling applications only. Any plugin or toolbar that is a threat to you or your system can be tackled with the IObit.

7: Do-not-Disturb

This one is a great feature that will help you to mute all the notifications that can distract you. Not only notifications but the IObit will also protect you from spammy popups. Thinks of it as a spam protector for your system.

8: Driver Booster

Not only the application protects and uninstalls applications but can also be updating drivers for you. 6000000+ drivers are supported that can be updated by the app.

9: Offline Driver update

Not only the app can update the driver online but also offline. Offline driver updater is one of the other features of IObit that is quite handy for many.

10: Software updater

The application is not limited to only driver updates, but can also update software. All software on your system can be checked manually or automatically for new updates. Select the option and the software will check then download the latest version time by time and then will ask for the installation.

11: Uninstalling applications

Applications can be removed from “Add or Remove Programs” too. However; there are stubborn applications that can’t be removed from the system once installed. One of the most common and popular ones is the Adobe Creative Cloud which is almost uninstallable after the installation.

On such occasions, the IObit uninstaller can be quite handy too. With a single click and all the applications with all the leftover files are gone.

12: APK file handling

Not only uninstalling but even installations are easier now. Thanks to great compatibility with Windows 11, the IObit uninstaller also has the option to handle APK files. Instead of using long procedures by Windows Subsystem for Android on Windows 11, you can directly install it using the built-in APK installer.

13: Restore Point

By any chance, if something goes wrong, then you can use the Restore point feature. This will help you to create a backup and go back to that working state.

What is an IObit uninstaller?

IObit Uninstaller is a utility by IObit inc for Microsoft Windows. The application supports Windows XP to Windows 11 and can perform tasks such as uninstallation, removing stubborn applications, removing residue files, registries, and corrupt files. It can be also used to protect your system from spammy popup as well as from malware too. IObit can be also used to update drivers, software and to install APK files on Windows 11.

Is IObit uninstaller safe to use?

IObit is a safe and well-known application. The app is totally safe to use and no harm is experienced by any user from the app. In fact, the application provides protection from threats such as malware, spyware, and spam.

How to uninstall IObit?

For uninstalling the IObit uninstaller, you can use the “Add or Remove Programs” option on Windows. However; there is also an option inside the application. You heard it right, you can use the exact same app to uninstall itself.

Which is better Revo uninstaller or IObit uninstaller?

While both of the applications are great in terms of uninstalling applications. You will find Revo Uninstaller, Revo Uninstaller Free, Revo Uninstaller Mobile, and Revo Permission Manager whereas, on IObit, you will find IObit software updater, MacBooster, IObit SysInfo, Protected Folder, and Smart Defrag.

Both of the applications are provided as a trial and need a complete subscription for using the app at its best. To give you a straight answer on which one is the better one, here are some of the reasons why one has gotten more than the other.

Monitor one of the first and basic features present to provide details about system conditions and more. Whereas Revo provides great information, IObit on other hand provides the details in depth with easier navigation.

However; other sections such as uninstalling suborn applications, uninstalling malware-infected applications, deleting logs, or creating backups are sections where Revo dominates.

Some might ask about the pricing; well in terms of pricing too, Revo is way cheaper as compared to IObit. So, here is link to Download Revo Uninstaller Portable for free.

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