Free Download Windows 8 ISO File For PC

You are here to free download Windows 8 for your PC and that is what you are going to get. You are going to download Windows 8 and use it for any purpose that you want. The Windows 8 was released in 2012 and was a successor of Windows 7.

Windows 7 was/is a legendary and most loved Windows OS after Windows XP. Microsoft brought tons of new features that include sleek design, faster booting, and way better stability. You will also notice the change in the performance of the OS while using it.

Windows 8
Windows 8

Win 8 was totally focused to be optimized for tablets and laptops with touch screen features. There is also the feature to use two applications on your screen while placing them side by side.

Tons of major and minor changes have been made to Windows 8. Applications like camera, calendar, mail, and media player (for playing audio and video files) that were mostly on phones, are now brought to Windows too.

The entire Media Player has been changed. From the interface to how it plays, everything is changed now.

A considerable amount of focus has been made on the touch screen. From enhanced touch to compatibility with almost all devices; you will notice the Start menu as the major changes in Windows 8 which are basically changed for better compatibility of tablet or laptop (with touch screen). 

In terms of security, there have been improvements too. You will find BitLocker to encrypt your drives from any kind of theft or threat like virus, malware, or spyware.

Microsoft has added applications such as AppLocker, VPN, remote access via Direct Access for security reasons too. Like its predecessors, you will find different versions of Windows 8:

  • You will find Windows 8 which is the standard.
  • Windows 8 Pro with improved features and added applications.
  • There is Windows 8 Enterprise which is provided in volume licensing.
  • And Windows 8 Home which is the lowest of all the editions.

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Windows 8 Free Download for PC

Windows 8 free download for PC
Windows 8 free download for PC

Click on the direct links below to free download Windows 8 for your PC. The setup file is provided in the DVD bootable released version provided by the officials. Get your Windows 8 by the links that are compatible with both x86 and x64 systems.

Windows 8 Setup Details

Setup: Win8AIO-18in1-Multi5_Nov3-2012.iso
Size: 6.78 GB
Category: Operating System
Compatibility: x86 and x64
Publisher: Microsoft

Download Windows 8 x86
Download Windows 8 x64

Requirement for Windows 8

For running Windows 8 on PC, you will need to have the specs given below. From the fundamental specs to add to make the OS work better, all the things are given.

1 GHz of processor (at least Core 2 Duo or better) with 16-20 GB of free storage is required. You will also need 1 GB for x86 and 2 GB for x64 of RAM memory too. There is also a need for a Direct X9 and WDDM driver.

Your system should support 1024×768 screen resolution to run applications. Adding to this list will be a Microsoft Account to use other privileges.

For other additional features, your system should have a touch screen to support multi-touch. There is also a need for a USB drive, as you are going to use it as a backup key for your BitLocker. And Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection is required for internet connections. Click here to have a brief detail on the system requirements of Windows 8.

Installation of Windows 8 on PC

Windows 8 installed on PC
Windows 8 installed on PC

For the installation, you are going to need an internet connection and have to reach the bar of system requirements. All the things you will need to know about the system requirement are given above; you will also need a bootable USB of Windows 8.

For creating a bootable USB of Windows 8, you will need to use a third-party application such as Rufus. Once you have created the bootable USB then you are going to use that for installation.

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Product key for Windows 8 installation on PC

While performing the installation, you will be asked for the product key. You can use this:


You will need to be aware that the product key above is only for installation. This is the same which is provided by MSND on their official page. For activation, you will need to purchase the keys. This might be useful to you “How to Activate Windows Without Product Keys?“.

Should I use Windows 8 anymore?

Even now you can use Windows 8. However; it is recommended to use Windows 10 or Windows 11, instead of Windows 8. Since there have been quite a few things that users didn’t like which brought the Windows 8.1. And now that Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 are no longer supported by Microsoft, it is considered better to use Windows 10 or Windows 11 instead.

Is Windows 8 still supported by Microsoft?

Like any other Windows OS, Windows 8 has also reached its limit. The mainstream support for Windows 8 has ended on January, 9,2018. It will be the January of 2023 as the day of the end of life for Windows 8. Since there is little time for Windows 8, it is recommended to upgrade your current Windows OS to 10 or Windows 11 instead.

Is Windows 8 good enough to be used?

To be frankly true, it is not recommended to use Windows 8. As the history of Windows 8, there is always a version of Windows OS (Windows Vista, Windows ME, Windows 2000) that is not liked by the users.

Windows 8 was such a disaster in the market that Microsoft released a better version of Windows OS, named Windows 8.1. From changing the Start menu, changing the interface, entire navigation of the OS, Windows 8 was disliked by many. Even though it is not as much it was hated back then, still we would recommend you to use Windows 10 or Windows 11 instead.

Improvements have been made to security, performance, stability, and friendly interface; however; it was the whole new navigation system and a new version of the Start menu that brought the alien experience to users.

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