Here you will download Safari browser for Windows 10 or earlier. The browser was released in 2003 with Mac OS X Panther. It is one of the most used and popular (with Google Chrome) browsers. The browser was initially was released for macOS.

safari browser for windows 10
safari browser for windows 10

However; later on, support for iOS and Windows OS was also provided. In 2006, the first-ever Safari was released for iOS platforms. Safari was and is still considered one of the best browsers.

With features as iCloud integration, Apple product compatibility, and much more makes it really interesting. Users can also interact with multimedia, social networking, direct communication, and more using Safari.

Back in time, when Adobe Flash was dominating the internet, Safari is one of those few who supported Adobe Flash. The most important thing about Safari is the security and performance which is getting better with each update.

Download Safari for Windows

Here you will click on the direct link to download Safari browser for Windows 10, 7, or XP. Since the setup file is in a standalone offline installer and is freeware; you won’t need any product key for the activation. Use the link and use Safari on your Windows.

download safari for Windows

File: SafariSetup.exe

Size: 36.7 MB

Version: Safari 5.1.7

Developer: Apple

License: Freeware

Category: Browser

The browser is compatible with Windows XP, 7, and 10. Since this was the last version of Safari supporting Windows OS, there is a chance that it won’t work on the latest version of Windows 10. The browser can’t be run on Windows 11 but can be used on Windows XP.

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Features of Safari

Here are some of the highlighted features of Safari that might grab your attention. Read the features, as it provides you an insight into the browser without installing it on your system.

Interface- the browser has a friendly interface. You will find status bars on different browsers whereas, on Safari, you will find a progress bar.

Bookmark- you can easily create bookmarks of different websites with a click. Give a shot to us, by bookmarking us.

InlineFind- this feature will help you to search and find any word or line that you don’t understand.

Private Browsing- back in the day, this was the first step to incognito mode. Users are able to use Private browsing to surf the internet without leaving any traces about them.

Popup-blocking- this is our favorite feature, as you can use this feature to block those annoying popup ads.

Tabs- users are able to handle different windows on a single browser. With tabs, they can toggle between the pages.

Form autofill- this is another feature used to fill forms within a single click.

Performance- this is the sector where Safari shines out the most. You will find the browser 3x faster as compared to other browsers.

Security- we have already mentioned at the beginning on performance and security of Safari. In fact, this is the most known and appreciated sector of Safari. In Safari you will find the Do Not Track feature that will help you to block any third party to track your IP or history.

Interact- you won’t find limitations to any site. Any site either about downloading files, networking, multimedia, communication, or even gaming, is supported by Safari.

Apple- the browser has great compatibly with other Apple products too. You can sync your data with Safari and use them on iOS platforms (iPad and iPhone).

iCloud- there is also great integration of iCloud with Safari browser.

Share- there is a specific share button that is used to share anything that you like on social media.

Printing- if you like any page or content then you can use the Print feature and print them.

Should I use Safari on Windows?

Safari started to support Windows OS at the beginning. But soon the support ended for Windows OS. The last supported version of Safari was 5.1.7. this version of Safari is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 10 (earlier version). Since there are many updates for compatibility, efficiency, stability, and interactivity, this is recommended to use any other browser on Windows. We would recommend users to use Firefox or Google Chrome as the default browser on their Windows 10.

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Installation Safari browser on Windows 10

safari for Windows 10
safari for Windows 10

First, you are going to download the Safari browser for Windows 10 or earlier. As we mentioned above, it is recommended to use earlier versions of Windows 10, as the latest versions can cause compatibility errors. Since the setup is in the offline installer, you will double click on the installer and the installation will begin.

Once the installation got completed then you will use the browser. There is no specific guidance on the installation, as the browser has straightforward installation phases. However; if you encountered any error during or after the installation then comment down. We will get to your comment as soon as possible.

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