Download Microsoft Office 95 for free. Office 95 was the successor of Office 4.5 and is one of the most brilliant works of Microsoft. Here you can download the free setup file of Microsoft Office 95 ISO by the direct links.

Remember that only in the Professional version, Aces and Bookshelf are available. In the Standard version Aces and Bookshelf are not available at all.

Overview of Microsoft Office 95

The first-ever Microsoft Office 95 was released on 24 August 1995. It was published along with Windows 95. Office 95 was the successor of Office 4.3 and was used on both Windows 95 and Windows 98.

Originally it was called Office 7.0. However, due to market strategies, they changed it later to Office 95. Office 95 was a great way to make the app a companion to Windows 95.

Even the officials stated that “Microsoft Office was specifically designed to take advantage of Windows 95”. Later on, they were proved right. There were clear signs that Office 95 was designed only for Windows 95 and Windows NT Workstation.

Microsoft Office 95 can be used on 32-bit architecture-based computers only. The options to use it on 64-bit architecture-based computer are not valid. As at the time of release, 64-bit computers weren’t available for the users. The app can be used on 16-bit computers too.

Many enhancements were made in Microsoft Office 95. They have improved the IntelliSense features which was highly useful. The IntelliSense can perform works like Auto correct, grammatical errors, and tip wizard.

With Microsoft Office 95 sharing files is more intuitive, comprehensive, and easier to access across all office programs. Many new features are added to make it easier for users to share files. You can also print a whole shared document with consecutive page numbers.

Office 95 aka 7 contained an Easter egg, a hidden Doom-like game called Hall of Tortured Souls.

In the entire release of the software, only two updates were given. Update 7.0a and update 7.0b and the only problem fix by providing 7.0b was to redraw the problem in PowerPoint. Other than these no changes were made.

On 31st of December, 2001, Microsoft officially ended the support for Windows 95 and Office 95. It was time for Microsoft Office 2000 to shine now.

This app (Office 95) is consisting of six different products:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Access
  • Schedule+
  • Binder

Download Microsoft Office 95

Download Microsoft Office 95
Download Microsoft Office 95

Download Microsoft Office 95 ISO file in a standalone offline setup file. The files are safe from any kind of threat that might harm your system. So, free easy to download and use the application.

Requirements for Office 95

Here the specs you will need to run Office 95 on your computer.

Processor: 386DX or higher

Memory: 16MB of RAM

Hard disk: 100MB of free storage

Operating system: Windows 95 or higher

Features of Office 95

Here are some key features of Microsoft Office 95 which might catch your attention.

Microsoft Office 95
Microsoft Office 95


Everybody needs to keep track of their appointments and task. So, Office includes Schedule+ which helps you to arrange group meetings, keeping a track of your work and appointments in the future. From appointment management to sharing files all are done in it.


With Binder, you can create a customer files of Microsoft office 95. You can drag different files, sort them in the manner you want or even edit those files.

Answer Wizard

Answer Wizard is present in every product of Office 95, to answer all your questions about all those stuffs you need to know. The Answer Wizard will help you to know office 95 and get used to it.

Longer file names

Shorts names were problems in the past, with new Office 95 you can use long names as your file name.


You can perform a couple of tasks at the same time or can also run multiple programs at a time. And you can easily switch back and forth between them.

Faster Excel

In Microsoft, Excel calculation can be 60% faster which is quite a big change as compared to older versions.

Great integration

There is a great integration between the operations system (Windows 95 & Windows NT) and Microsoft office 95. You can easily drag and drop files between them.


IntelliSense will help you to focus on work. Common typing errors are quickly replaced by auto-corrected.


Spell it will help you to outline the incorrect word and will even suggest you correct word.


In PowerPoint, the IntelliSense will help you avoid common presentation formatting and punctuation errors.

Fast Finder

Find Fast is a feature present, to help you find the file you need within seconds. You will need to type the name and it will bring out all the files named. The document can be previewed as well.

Better Interface

There is a consistent interface, with menus, toolbars and consistent set of commands.


Highlighter is present to highlight a certain sentence or words in your document. It can be very helpful to grab someone’s attention to the sentence you want.

Microsoft Network

Microsoft network is available to connect you to different users and to share files with them.


The inbox feature is present to collect different files across the internet.

Installation of Microsoft Office 95

Install Microsoft Office 95
Install Microsoft Office 95

To install Microsoft Office 7 (95) on your computer. You will need to download the file. open the file and follow the instruction given by the applications. From the start, till the end, the application will guide you. And soon the application will be installed on your computer.


Product ID: 11111-OEM-1111111-11111

14396-OEM-0012396-04116 (OR windows 95B’s COA key, I guess: 12095-0004226-12233)

Free Download Microsoft Office 95 ISO Full Version

Download Microsoft Office 95 Free

File: Microsoft_Office_95.ISO

Size: 500MB

Program class: Office Suite

Language: English

Released date: 24 August 1995

Setup type: Offline Installer/ Full Standalone setup

License: Trail

Developer: Microsoft

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