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Download Microsoft Office 97 ISO for free. Download the ISO file by clicking on the links given below.
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Microsoft released Microsoft Office 97 on 19 November 1996. The application was a major milestone for Microsoft. Hundreds of new features and many improvements were made. Microsoft Office 97 was the successor of Microsoft Office 95 and was the predecessor of Office 2000. Microsoft Office 97 was introduced with tons of improvements and new features. The command bar is now more efficient and simpler. Office 97 got better in multitasking, performance boost, and a handful of new features. Sophisticated grammar checking and numbers of language support are also added. The application can be run on operating systems like Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows ME. Two service releases were made in total. In the second service release, they fixed some really big issues like compatibility errors with other versions of Office. Two Easter eggs were also placed in Microsoft Office 97. There was a pinball game in Word 97 and a hidden flight simulator in Excel 97. The application support was officially ended on 28 February 2002. However, it was January 16, 2004, when the officials stopped providing updates and security feedback anymore. These are the components of Office 97:
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Outlook
  • PowerPoint
  • Access
  • Bookshelf Basics
  • Publisher
  • Small Business Financial Manager
  • Direct Mail
  • Expedia Streets


The application came initially with two basic versions. The standard version has a number of applications named Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and many more. While on the other hand, the Professional version was available. In the professional version, the application was limited and had fewer options for the users.
Download Office 97 Standard
Office 97 Standard This is the most basic edition of Office 97. No Access 97 or Bookshelf and other components are present. The standard version is having only Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint other than these, no other components are present.
Download Office 97 Professional
Office 97 Professional This is an upgraded version of Standard.  It is used by the professionals and also has a component of Access and Bookshelf basic. It can cover all the need of users, once they have installed this application on their computer.
Download Office 97 Small Business
Small Business The small business edition is normally used by small businesses or corporates. The suite provides essential tools for small businesses to manage and run their operations more efficiently. The small business provides the right tools for financial analysis and financial reporting. In addition to business charts, projections report which is used for reports and comparison.
Download Office 97 Small Business
Small Business 2.0 Small business 2.0 is another version of the Small Business edition with more components and tools. Whereas small business 1 is focused on financial management and automap on the other hand small business 2.0 is focused on direct mailing. Basically, Small Business 2 is a better version of Small Business 1.
Download Office 97 Developer
Office 97 Developer tool Microsoft Office 97 Developer Edition is a new edition provided by Microsoft. Microsoft has provided a multimedia training product for the developers. The goal was to provide a platform for developers to provide solutions to the new features of Office 97. The developer version includes software tools, printed documentation, sample code, and distribution licensing.
Download Office 97 macintosh
Office 97 Macintosh It was developed for users who were using the Mac. The Office Macintosh was released in two versions: Standard and Gold. It was unveiled on January 6, 1998, and was reengineered by Macintosh Business Unit to satisfy user’s needs.


Microsoft Office 97 features
Microsoft Office 97 has arrived with a number of new features. The features are a big upgrade as compared to its predecessors. These features can be useful and important at the same time. Microsoft Office 97 was the first version of Office to feature Office assistance in the form of interactive animation. The animation was named “Clippit” or “Clippy” which was available for the users to help them. The office assistance is not limited to only offline cartoon characters. You can also use the online help, to give you guidance about your problem from the officials directly. Certain functions like language searches, and grammatical errors checker are available. Enabling office assistance can easily find out the problem with your document. Character count is also present which is the most useful improvement. It can take account of spaces, words, and numbers. It can even count the letters between the words which in older systems can save you tons of space. The application has the capability to detect hypertext links. Office 97 integrates greatly with websites as you can publish directly your document to the server. You can also copy the document present on your browser which later you can copy and save it.  The application also has the ability to detect hypertext links and highlight them. Word 97 provides more details and quality in Office 97. There are options to use charts, shapes, different fonts, and an advanced toolbar. You can also add tables and the table can be resized according to columns and row sizes. Word processing and HTML editor are present in Word 97. You can also type HTML codes in Word 97. There are also decent templates for you to use. Changing to other printers won’t repaginate your documents. If the printer is changed and the font won’t allow you to print the entire document, instead of repaginating, the application will change the font size. The feature is also available in Excel 97. You can easily create and get access to your data by using Access. Access has improved dramatically and now handling data is easier than ever. A new component is introduced as Microsoft Outlook. Basically, Outlook has replaced both Schedule+ and Inbox from Office 95. The component is used as a personal appointment manager and a to-do list. With Outlook you can perform things like sending messages or faxing documents to other users. The bookshelf can give you great references to the dictionary, thesaurus, atlas, and encyclopedia. Multi-tasking has never been easy before. In Office 97, you can use a number of features/applications at a single time.


Microsoft Office 97
The first step will be to download the iso file of Office 97. As you have downloaded the file open it. A welcome screen will appear, now click on Continue key and a user name will be asked. Insert username and click on OK. As you have inserted a user’s name the software will ask for confirmation. Press on OK, then you will be asked for the destination to install the application. You will be asked again for the installation type. You can choose Typical installation, Custom installation or Run from Network Server. Choose the Typical installation and your installation will start. Now you are ready to use your application on your system.


You will need at least an Intel 486 or higher processor to run Office 97 on your computer. There is also a need for 16MB RAM and 125MB of free storage.  Other hardware like CD-ROM, VGA monitor, mouse, and keyboard are also needed. Disclaimer: Kindly note that we do not own this software, but we are providing it solely for study purposes.

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