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How to Download And Install XNSPY on Android and iOS?

XNSPY is spyware for almost all phones. It is highly suitable for parents and big corporations. Day by day threats as cyberbully, access to inappropriate content, scams, loss of privacy and even contents that can make users addicted are growing in number.

There are things on the internet that can even affect the psychology of most children and since the mobile phone has become a social standard and basic need for most, it can’t be taken away too. For such occasions, apps like XNSPY will help you to keep track of your child.

Not only parents but those who have huge corporations can also use the application to track the staff members’ actions and use those time into something more productive.

What is XNSPY?

xnspy mobile spyware
xnspy mobile spyware

Like we mentioned earlier, XNSPY is spyware to keep track of any phone that you can have installed on. It monitors the entries phone’s activity and data while keeping a low profile. Install it on any phone and it collects data and transfers the data to a remote server.

You can access the data from anywhere that you like. The only thing required will be to log in to your account with any browser and you have full control of that phone.

Download XNSPY for Android or iOS

There is no specific APK file that you can download and use it. You will need to activate one of the packages from the official website and later on the URL for the APK file will be given to you too. if you find any APK file on the internet, make sure that the APK file is free from any kind of threat that might hurt your system.

Installation of XNSPY on Android and iOS

install xnspy on android and iOS
install xnspy on android and iOS

The versions of the application can differ on different platforms. As for Android, you can use XNSPY 4.0 while on iOS you can use XNSPY 6.0. however, both of them have the same installation and same features (more or less).

Installation on Android

First, you will purchase one of the packages given on their official webpage. There are two packages for you. There is one for 4.88$ for a year and there is Premium for 7.9$ for a year. Only some features differ in both of the packages. Before you pay for any package, make sure you have checked the demo to give you an idea of what you are going to use.

Once purchased, you will need to check your Email. An email will be sent from the officials that has all the credentials that include login, password, and URL to download the application.

Note: One thing before we continue, for Android you will need physical access to that phone. Now is the time to have that android phone.

Open the given URL in that phone and you will download the APK file of XNSPY. Open the “Appv2.apk”.

Enable Allow from this source dialog box and click on Install.

Battery optimization dialog will appear, click on Allow.

Few more dialogs will appear, make them Auto allow.

Now insert the activation code that is given in the email.

Start the installation, Enable Android Auto from the proceeding accessibility screen.

Then choose “Proceed” and tap on Android Auto and turn on the “Allow usage tracking”.

Continue and enable Android Auto from the Notification Access and choose “Allow”.

Proceed and tap on “Activate this device administrator” at the bottom.

A dialogue box will appear here, choose “Don’t show again” and select “Start Now”.

Now choose “Proceed” and allow all the Auto permissions (If you have already allowed all the permissions, you will not see the dialogue boxes again.)

Now choose “Start Monitoring” to start your monitoring journey.

Note: it will take almost 24-48 hours until the activation of the application on phone takes place.

When you got the message, go visit their website and log in with your account (provided on email). Then click on My Device and open Android. Go to Control Panel which can be accessed via the menu on the left side, there you will find all the required tools. You can change your password too, by clicking on My Account.

Installation on iOS

The same procedure on Android is used in iOS too. Purchase one of the packages, do the payment, and get your email with all the required credentials.

Unlike Android, you won’t need any physical access, having Apple ID is enough.

However, you will need to enable the iCloud backup feature on your iOS.

Login to your account on XNSPY’s website.

Go to My Devices and click on iPhone. Now click on Apple ID and verify your Apple ID. Once verified, you have all the control.

Features for XNSPY

Monitor the Calls and SMS logs with the app. All the outgoing, incoming, missed calls with date, time, and duration of calls are monitored.

Social Media platforms as WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Viper, Line, Tinder, KiK, and many more can be monitored too.

Having online activity on which website, interaction with web contents, checking the history of web browser and even Wi-Fi connection log is also present.

If the users have multimedia files stored on their phone in form of photos, videos, or audio; all of them can be easily accessed.

You can use GPS tracking and have live sight on your child. Option to check Google Maps traveled routes, history of areas is also valid.

Thanks to remote control, you can have full of the phone. From taking screenshots, using the microphone for recording, restarting the phone, or in case of theft lock, delete files or uninstall all the applications are also present.

You can insert any location, word, key phrase, contact, or webpage and get an alert on begin in contact with them.

To have all the controls and access to those tools, you will need a control panel and XNSPY has provided a web-based control panel. There you can control the phone and have access to all the information.

All this information is provided with Analytics to make it friendly. There are tables of callers, most visited websites, longest duration on apps, websites, or phone calls.

The app provides free updates.  

Features of XNSPY in table

XNSPY Features Availability

Compatible devicesAndroid versions +4.0 and iOS versions +6.0.
PriceUSD 4.99 for the basic version & USD 7.49 for the premium version
Call recordingYes
Call logsYes
Live call recordingNo
SMS & MMS trackingYes
Location trackingYes
GPS historyYes
IM & Social media appsYes
Web browsing historyYes
Surround recordingYes
Remote cameraNo
App blockingYes
Phone lockingYes
RootingFor some features
JailbreakFor some features
Watch list alertsYes
Contact blockingNo
features of XNSPY

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