Free macOS Big Sur Download DMG File- macOS Big Sur is the 11 version of macOS and the 17th major release of Apple. After a long series of Mac OS X 10, Apple has released its first macOS 11. It was unexpected to start macOS 11, as Apple had the reputation of continuing the macOS series from macOS Cheetah, macOS Puma to macOS Catalina.

All of them were in the 10 series but they have changed in 11 with Big Sur. The macOS was announced at WWDC on 22 June of 2020 (which was during the pandemics). Due to pandemics, Apple has not released a single iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

They have only released Big Sur as the successor of macOS Catalina and macOS Mojave. Using Big Sur, you can really understand what a powerful and beautiful OS is.

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As we mentioned before the macOS was released in WWDC 2020. The first beta version was released then; the full versions were released. From beta to the full version of macOS Big Sur, we have observed red some features which were also announced by the officials.

We witnessed the new interface and how effective it was. The design was to solely focus on working without having any distraction, space-efficient toolbars, and different parts of OS being translucent.

Improvements on privacy policy and safari have been made too. Safari became way faster than most of the browsers. Apple even states Safari is the fastest browser in the world. Control Center has been added for improved system handling.

360 views on Apple Maps, a new translation feature, and the option to add or remove widgets on your screen with tons of new features on Message were all part of macOS Big Sur. Screen mirroring, improved integration between Apple products, a new Slider while viewing images, check box for better handling files were not something new. However, they were there to improve the user experience. For macOS Big Sur DMG download the file free scroll down.

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Features of macOS Big Sur

We get to know a little bit about macOS Big Sur; still, there are things that might grab your attention. Stick with us to know more about macOS Big Sur or you can scroll down and download macOS Big Sur DMG and ISO file for free.

macOS big sur
macOS big sur

Built-in applications- numerous built-in applications are there for the users. Form basic apps like calendar, contact, email, browser to surf the internet to apps performing complicated tasks are available. If you are not getting the app that you want, then you can download it from Mac App Store for free.

iCloud- Privacy policy has been improved. now you can secure your sensitive information on iCloud. Option to sync your account with your Apple product can make it accessible everywhere to your files and personalized interface or environments.

Notification Center- any kind of update required to any of the applications in your system will pop up in the notification center.

Apple Music- more than 50 million songs are accessible.

Apple TV- watch thousands of movies on your macOS. The Apple TV is accessed by a monthly subscription and it has a wide library of different movies.

Podcast- subscribe to your favorite podcasts and enjoy them anywhere you want.

Voice Controls- voice controls were improved in macOS Catalina drastically and in Big Sur, those steps are taken to another step. You can control your entire system with your voice commands.

Message- option to access your phone message without leaving your system is available on macOS Big Sur. Access your messages, and reply to them with ease. The old Message app has been redesigned and the new interface is way more eye-catching and friendly as compared to previous versions.

New interface- old macOS has been redesigned. The new interface is highly focused to make users perform their tasks without being distracted. All the applications are placed way efficiently, toolbars are translucent and all the icons are organized efficiently.

Control center- has been added to make sure your options are handled better.

Safari- major improvements are made on Safari in Big Sur. As Apple claimed Safari is the fastest browser in the world. According to them, Safari is 50% faster as compared to Google Chrome.

Privacy in Safari- they have also created the option where if any third-party plugins or websites use your password or user name then the browser will notify you.

Translation in Safari- option to translate English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Russian, Brazilian, and Portuguese to your native languages is valid.

Apple Maps- in Apple Maps you can experience 360 views.

Widgets- there is an option to add or remove any widgets on your screen. From basic as clock or weather widgets to advanced, all types of widgets are available.

Message- new interface and effects are brought to Apple Messages in macOS Big Sur.

Screen mirroring- screen mirroring of your iPhone or iPad on your macOS is valid.

Integration- integration between different Apple products has never been easier before.

Slider- while viewing images are present.

Checkboxes- to handle files and folders (especially if you are using the touch screen) way accurately.

Siri- thanks to advanced AI, Siri is getting better and better. From performing a basic internet search to performing tasks on your Mac while also understanding your accent for accurate commands, Siri is there for you.

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System Requirement for Big Sur

Before you download macOS Big Sur in DMG or ISO file, you will need to understand which Mac or MacBook supports macOS Big Sur. Big Sur supports ARM-Based Intel Processor and Silicon Processor (which was released by Apple in WWDC 2020).

  • MacBook 2015 and later
  • MacBook Air 2013 and later
  • MacBook Pro late 2013 and later
  • Mac mini 2014 and later
  • iMac 2014 and later
  • iMac Pro 2017 and later (all models)
  • Mac Pro 2013 and later

Difference between ISO and DMG

Likewise, ISO, DMG is also a compressed file format with bundles of other files inside. It is also used to create setup files for different operating systems. Whereas, ISO is normally used for Windows OS and Linux OS; DMG is used for macOS mostly.

DMG is the same as ISO, both of them are disk images. On opening a disk image, a volume needs to be mounted. That is the reason why most users use ISO or DMG formats for creating bootable USB drives for their operating systems.

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Download macOS Big Sur 2021 DMG file (20D64)

macos big sur download dmg
macOS big sur download dmg

To lay your hands on macOS Big Sur ISO or DMG files, you will need to apply for Apple Developer Program. With this subscription, you will get “macOS Big Sur Assistant Package Installer” with which you can download the setup file.

However, if you want just the ISO or DMG file then you can click on the direct links given below to free download macOS Big Sur DMG or ISO Image file. These DMG or ISO files of macOS Big Sur can be used for vitalization purposes (on VMware and Virtual Box) too.

If you have downloaded the DMG file in multiple parts, then you will need a password too. Password:

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Download macOS Big Sur from Mac App Store

macOS Big Sur download
macOS Big Sur download

Here is how to download macOS Big Sur from Mac App Store.

Go to Launchpad and open the App Store.

Inside the App Store, you will find the Search icon. Click on the Search icon and type “Big Sur”.

Now click on Installer app then on file. Your system will start downloading macOS Big Sur.

The process might take some time. if you have a slow internet connection then it might take a while if not then will be done within 30 minutes.

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Once all the files are downloaded, click on Install macOS Big Sur and there you have it.

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