Download macOS Big Sur without Developer Account

If you want to download macOS Big Sur without the developer’s account then, you are at the right place. Currently, the only way to have access to macOS Big Sur is to be a part of the Apple Developer Program. Due to different reasons, many were unable to get the OS but don’t worry we are here for.

Either you are unable to sign in your Apple account or don’t have the access to Developer Program. regardless of the reason, we are sure that you will find the file that you are searching for.

Apple has released its next major release of OS on WWDC. The OS is called Big Sur which is available for the developers who are in Apple Developer Program. But not anymore, here you can download macOS Big Sur for free.

Overview of the operating system

macOS Big Sur is the seventeenth major release of operating systems by Apple, for Macintosh. The operating system was officially announced at Apple Word Wide Developer Conference WWDC which was held on June 22, 2020. Normally, the WWDC was held in San Jose, California but due to the global epidemic of Covid-19, it was held virtually this time.

In the WWDC not only Big Sur but iOS 14, iPadOS 14, WatchOS 7, tvOS and Apple Silicon was also introduced.

Anyhow, the OS was named after the Central Coast of California called Big Sur. As it looks, Apple will use the name of different regions of California as the name of their OS. The custom started after the end of Mac OS X (Mountain Lion). Mavericks was the first OS in the macOS series with the region name.

It is the first release of macOS with the primary number “11”. macOS Big Sur is the successor of macOS Catalina and the end of OS-X series. macOS Catalina 10.16 is the last version of the macOS X series.

For the first time, Apple has changed the macOS series from X (10) to 11. First,macOS X was introduced in 2000 as Mac OS X Public Beta, who later was succeeded by Mac OS X Cheetah. Almost more than 20 years, Apple was running the OS-X series but now it is the end.

The reason behind the change in version was due to the transition of Macintosh into a new CPU architecture. For years, Apple was using IBM PowerPoint architecture to the x86 architecture and Intel processors inside their system. But now, Apple has made an OS compatible with Apple’s Silicon.

That is the end for both Intel processors in addition to x86 architecture-based computers as well. Apple no longer supports 32-bit (x86) applications anymore.

In macOS Big Sur major changes in the user interface, support for iOS, and iPadOS apps are made. Major improvements to the Control center, Safari, as well as in widgets and notifications are made. Fast access to applications, better icon interaction with the cursor, and more. In short, the new macOS is absolutely new with tons of amazing features.

Download macOS Big Sur without developers account

download macOS big sur without developer account
download macOS big sur without developer account

Beta versions are unstable by nature. There is a great chance that numbers of bugs will be in the OS. So, try to have a backup of your file, as you might lose your files due to bugs. You can use applications like Time machine to back up your files on an external hard drive. By any chance, if you don’t have any external driver then you might consider creating a separate disk for your macOS by doing the partition inside your Mac’s disk.

Download macOS Big Sur ISO from media fire This is the best way to download macOS Big Sur without the developer’s account. There is no way to skip the Apple Developer Program sign up. So, if you are going to download macOS Big Sur without the developer account then this is the best way possible.

Download macOS Big Sur using Assistant Package The assistant installer aka assistant package is software containing macOS installer. the package includes the macOS Big Sur as part of it. After downloading the package, you will notice that presence of Big Sur in your application directory. Basically, we can say are downloading macOS Big Sur in a package file. This package is highly suitable for users who are using macOS on Virtual machines.

Download macOS Big Sur DMG Here is a direct link for macOS Big Sur in DMG format. Users might be also asking for Google drive (or which we provide our file mostly). However, due to the instability of the OS, we were unable to upload that as well. The file on these platforms will be posted on the release of the full version of macOS Big Sur.

Download macOS Big Sur VMDK file It doesn’t matter either you are using Mac or Windows. The VMDK file can be used on both platforms. VMDK stands for virtual machine disk which is a format that describes containers for virtual hard disk drivers to be used in virtual machines like VMware Workstation or VirtualBox.

Is your system compatible with macOS Big Sur?

This should be your first priority. Even before you start downloading macOS Big Sur ISO for any purpose like virtualization or using it as your OS. You will need to have the following specs. If you want to experience the best out of this OS.

By any chance, if you somehow installed it on a system that is not compatible. Then you will experience different conditions like poor performance, screen freezing, screen blackout, or in few conditions, it can even damage your physical hardware as well.

  • MacBook: Early 2015 or newer
  • MacBook Air: Mid 2013 or newer
  • MacBook Pro: Late 2013 or newer
  • Mac Mini: Late 2014 or newer
  • iMac: Mid 2014 or newer
  • iMac Pro
  • Mac Pro: Late 2013 or newer

Most of the Macs released in 2012 or 2013 are not supported by macOS Big Sur. If you are using the file for virtualization purposes then you will need at least 1.4 GHz quad-core with Intel Core i5 processor. There is also a requirement for 8GB RAM memory and 150 GB of SSD.

Features of macOS Big Sur

Big changes and updates are made to Big Sur. After using the OS, we are quite sure that most of the macOS users will love it. Apple has redesigned the entire interface, with the option to customize your entire start page, and added more powerful tabs, quick and easy translation and new privacy policy. Here is the feature which is recently added to the OS.


Now communication has gotten even easier with macOS Big Sur. Users can send and receive personal and expressive messages without touching their phones. The profile picture can be added to personal and group contacts.

Using the feature, users can send GIFs, images (support all image formats), emojis , and stickers not only in private chats but also in group chats.

All the tools required to keep track of your groups are available. You can pin the conversation that you think is the most important and get quick access to them. Any kind of links or mention will be highlighted and the users will get notified if they are mentioned in any group.

While answering the chats, your answer will appear below the original chat. The messages will be shown in inline message conversation as the application is always synchronizing with your device (iPhone, iPad, and Mac).


Apple has improved the old Map so much that it looks completely different now. Now, you can plan your trip or navigate the world from your home using this amazing application.

Using the app, you can discover new places and explore them using the Look Around feature in Maps. Look Around feature allows you to explore the place in 3D and experience how it really is. There is also Indoor Maps which is used for looking inside the famous restaurant, shops, or malls in 3D. Both Look Around and Indoor Maps can be used in 360 degrees.

For users who want the map for their route. Now, they have the option to choose between the Cycle route or Electrical routes.

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macOS Big Sur Safari
Safari 14

Safari is one of the biggest changes made in macOS Big Sur. You can even experience it after downloading macOS Big Sur. As you start to use the browser, the first change that you will notice will be the start page. The start page is now customizable with the option for the background image. Users can also change the background image and select one by their own choice.

Other than start page customization, users are also able to use different extensions. Numbers of powerful extensions are available in the Mac App Store for the users.

Not only the start page but Apple has also made an improvement on tabs as well. Tabs now has an elegant design where when users hover it gives an instant page preview.

If language is a barrier for you to learn anything, then using the built-in translator you can change the language of the page you have select into English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese, and Brazilian.

Safari also has a built-in extension used for the improvement of the privacy policy. According to Apple, privacy policy the first thing they are concerned about. For this matter, they have made an entirely new Privacy policy (you can know more about this in Safari browser). Back to the point, the extension is used to stop breaching of password or id by any sites.

This extension will never allow the breach of any kind of data. It has User Intelligent Tracking Prevention which is used for preventing trackers. Apple claims that Safari is 50% faster as compared to Google Chrome.


They are confident that new Safari improves battery performance. As it adds three hours more for streaming and one hour more in browsing. Old Energy Saver is now replaced with a new Battery Panel.

New Battery Panel gives users a great insight about battery usage and more. As the app is in beta but still it looks quite promising.


With the help of Swift UI, Apple has made the interface clean, clear, and user friendly. The interface is now more eye-catching. The interface design is now neumorphic which makes it look even better as compared to earlier versions.

Control Center

Control Center Big Sur
Control Center in Big Sur

From the start, it was Apple’s goal to make macOS Big Sur look as much as iOS. The same thing they have done, by adding the control center on the top right side of the screen. Unlike earlier versions, they have removed the notification menu bar.

Basically, the control center controls all the basic features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Dark mode, and more. Users can also add widgets by dragging the menu bar into the control center.


It is clear that Apple is trying to make the OS as lightweight as possible. instead of having massive size applications, they are willing to add small apps in the OS. In the previous macOS (Catalina) they have removed iTunes and this time they are making the interface cleaner.

A new app called Listen Now is added in macOS for the Apple music. You can search for new releases, personalized playlists, and many more.

More editing tools for pictures like vibrance effects, the intensity of filters, and portrait lighting are added. Retouch tool with machine learning helps users for better video editing.

Captions for photos and video context are also added. This can help users a lot in marking and to search the media file.

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Notes come with several styles. In the previous macOS versions, notes can appear over any window. The same thing is used here. However, there is also an option to collapse or expand the notes on your screen.

We won’t recommend users to download the macOS Big Sur right now. As, when the installation is done, there is a huge chance of different types of bugs and errors. For developers who want to test their skills for them, betas are quite fine but for a day to day users, it is a mess. Users might find quite irritating, as it is still under development and needs tons of things to be fixed. So, try to be patient and wait until the official release of the operating system.

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