Download macOS X Catalina ISO 1.15.3 file by the links given below. Complete setup of macOS Catalina is an offline installer for mac with the direct links.

Download macOS X Catalina ISO
Download macOS X Catalina ISO

File: macOS_X_Catalina_10.15.13.DMG

Size: 7.6 GB

Developer: Apple Inc.

Language: English

Last update: January 28, 2020

Released: October 7, 2019

macOS Catalina the sixteenth major release of Apple Desktop operating system.

Catalina is named after “Santa Catalina Island”, which is located on the east coast of Southern California. macOS Catalina aka “Project Catalyst” was released in July 2019 in the form of beta.

OS Catalina is the successor of macOS Mojave and macOS High Sierra. The first-ever macOS Catalina was announced at WWDC on June 3, 2019. Different beta versions were released before the official release and publicly it was released on October 7, 2019.

Remember that this operating system supports only 64-bit based applications. And this is the first version of the macOS series to include Activation Lock.

Apple Inc. has introduced us to some new features in macOS Catalina like new applications for music, podcasts, and TV programs. Other amazing features like real-time image, Siri smart assistance, and numbers of other helpful and productive features are added.

macOS Catalina system compatibility

For those who want to run macOS X Catalina on their mac, they are required to have the following system capabilities.

macOS X Catalina

iMac: Later 2012 or newer
iMac Pro
Mac Pro: Late 2013 or newer
MacBook: Early 2015 or newer
Mac Mini: late 2012 or newer
MacBook Air: Mid 2012 or newer
MacBook Pro: Mid 2012 or newer

All these show that there is a need of almost 4 GB RAM as a minimum or 8 GB as a maximum as compatibility to run macOS Catalina. There is also a need for 20 GB storage with a processor who could match Intel Core 2 Duo or higher.

Things you will need to keep in mind for macOS Catalina

Before you begin the installation of the operating system, you will need to keep a few things in mind. Learn to install macOS Catalina here.

Keep in mind that you might also lose your files while installing macOS Catalina on your computer, so have a backup of your files.

I personally won’t prefer you to use the beta version, instead use the full version. As there are tons of bugs who are not fixed in the beta version. So, in result, you might face many problems with your operating system.

There is a slight chance that the DJ application won’t work. Famous applications like iTunes, Dashboard are either removed or replaced with other applications. Another drawback is that you can’t use the 32-bit applications on macOS Catalina as well.

Key features

From macOS Mojave to macOS Catalina, Apple has added some powerful tools to make things easier and efficient. Here are some interesting features of macOS X Catalina that you might find interesting.

Music application

Catalina feature Music app

The Music section has been improved. Many changes were made to make it more valid for the users. More than 60 million songs are available for the users. The application also uses Artificial Intelligence to give you the best answer related to your taste. The old iTunes is now removed and a new application called Music application is added.

Music has the option to display lyrics while you are listening to music. It gives you the control to play the next music in a single click while MiniPlayer is available for the multi-task. Same with the Library, all the libraries are organized in a single place to play the exact songs in a series that you want.

Podcast application

As you know that iTunes is no more available in new macOS, so for all those Podcast lovers Apple has brought new Podcast applications. With this application, you can find your favorite podcast episode in the catalog of 700,000 shows.

 TV application

Catalina feature TV app

There is an option to watch TV on your mac with a brand new operating system os Apple. You can easily find all the purchased movies and shows in your Library tab. Other libraries like recently added, downloaded, genres are also available.

Other than the library, the new Apple TV Channel is also available. This feature includes popular TV channels like HBO, Showtime, Starz and many more. Apple TV Channel can be subscribed for six family members with a single payment. More than 100,000 movies and shows are available for the users to explore the catalog and watch them in 4K resolutions.

Home for Apple TV+ is another feature that provides premium streaming services. Kids are the most important part of most of the people, so Apple has not forgotten them, as they have also added a new dedicated Kids section to discover shows for kids of all ages.

Syncing feature

All of the three services above can be sync through iCloud. The feature will sync all the history or library of your applications to give you the same result as you recommend on your other devices as well.

The Finder

Each time you connect your device to your mac, you will find the Finder on the sidebar. There you can back up, update or even restore your devices.

Photos gallery improvement

Catalina feature Photo Gallery

A brand-new Photo gallery is introduced to the users with an option to organize the pictures in days, months or years order. Live Photos and videos will be auto-play while you scroll down in your gallery. You can also personalize your pictures on your mac, so Photo can understand who is in your photo and what occasion you are in.

This can be very helpful to highlight the important moments of your life. You also have the option to take out the best shots in your library, remove duplicated or cluttered pictures with the best shot feature.

Notes feature

The Notes feature is a new way to stay productive. Now, you can display your notes as visual thumbnails on your home screen. You can also share an entire folder with notes and subfolders inside with your friends so that everyone can add notes, attachments or subfolders.

If you are not fond of the idea to let others have access to those files then you can also choose the view-only option, where users can only view the notes and nothing more. Other than these, you also create quick checklists with the option to drag and drop items, reorder the checklist and start over.

Find My

Catalina feature Find My

Two applications Find MY iPhone and Find My Friends are now combined to form a single and powerful application. The app is used to find your lost phone or help you to locate the people that are important to you.

If you have lost your device and your device is not connected to the internet then with this application using crowd-sourced location you can find your lost phone. When your device is lost, the device connects with another Apple user’s device either Phone, iPad or Mac with Bluetooth. And using the new device your phone is connected now, the location will be sent to you.

There is no need to panic about the safety, as all of these processes will be completed anonymously and encrypted end-to-end, so everyone’s privacy is protected.


The Reminder application has been completely rebuilt with all new features and a brand-new interface. New buttons are added like dates, time, locations or flag reminders to keep track of your work, organized your activity.


Catalina feature sidecar

This is one of the most promising features of macOS Catalina. Personally, I was looking forward to this feature as it was way too useful like me for many. Sidecar is a feature where you connect your iPad to your mac and it works as a second display.

Your iPad can be used as an extended desktop where you work on one screen and use others as a second screen.

Mirror desktop is another option where both of your screens (iPad and Mac) display exact same thing. This can be quite useful while representing anything on a PowerPoint

Sidecar is not limited to only screen mirroring or extending a new screen but there is more. You can also use your iPad to draw 3D models while connected to mac. Now, you are able to draw, write, edit different photos or graphics by connecting your iPad to your mac either by wire or wirelessly.

Screen Time

This one of the biggest steps to your child’s security while it is also helpful to make you healthier. Screen Time is a feature where the application creates a report based on how much time you spent on your mac, which application you use the most and all those reports are stored in your iCloud id.

You can limit the amount of time you want to spend on a specific application or website. Downtime is another feature, to schedule downtime so your child can use the application approved by you in time you want.

Apple Watch integration

For the moments when you don’t feel safe to use your password in public this feature is best for those situations. With your Apple Watch, you can view the passwords in Safari preferences by double-clicking on the side button of your Apple Watch to authenticate your mac.

Voice control

With voice control, you can control your entire mac now. Form using Siri to find all those things for you, to using your own voice for writing an entire document.

You can also open your email, read and replay with your voice. Adding custom words like your friend’s name, any locations name is available too.

Minor features

Other features of macOS Catalina which are recently added are Catalina Dynamic Desktop (used to match your time to your location), Drift screen saver (basically a screensaver), iCloud Drive Folder sharing (used to share files to other users by iCloud), multilingual keyboards, words predictions in different languages, new Siri voice (both male and female) and Restore from the snapshot (for the moments when your device is not performing well, this feature will take back to the point where it worked).

macOS X Catalina DMG, ISO for mac free download

macOS Catalina aka “Project Catalyst” was released with the target insight to improve the integration between the iPad and Mac. Users have accepted the fact that macOS Catalina has enhanced style with a more comfortable interface.

File: macOS_X_Catalina_10.15.13.DMG

Size: 7.6 GB

Program Class: Operating System

Developer: Apple Inc.

Language: English

Last update: January 28, 2020

Released: October 7, 2019

Predecessor: macOS Catalina

Setup Type: Offline Installer/ Full standalone setup

ISO for mac free download


Question: Can macOS Catalina run 32-bit applications anymore?

This is one of the major changes made in macOS Catalina. The operating system runs only 64-bit applications only, other than 64-bit applications 32-bit are supported no more. The difference between 32-bit and 64-bit is the handling of RAM data at a time. 32-bit has less control and is also limited whereas 64-bit is more capable and can handle more data at once.

If you are using old applications then you will need to update to a higher version.

Question: Is macOS Catalina beta free to use?

To gain access to the official beta file, you will need to apply for the Project Catalyst where you will need to pay about 99$ to get access to developers’ mode. There you can get the beta version, or else if you are using an Apple desktop or laptop then you can download the full version for free from Apple Officials.

Instead of the beta version, you can download macOS X Catalina ISO here for free.

Question: How can I get access to Project Catalyst?

The Project Catalyst was introduced before the arrival of the full version of macOS Catalina. You can get access to Project Catalyst, by clicking on the link given below. Then you will need to sign up, and pay the fee and you are ready to go.  Apply for Project Catalyst here.

After applying for the program, you get access to the XCode development kit (APIs) to develop the OS. Project Catalyst was a development program used to test and make improvements in Catalina operating systems.

Question: What the new features of macOS Catalina?

By installing macOS X Catalina on your mac, you will experience a stable, user-friendly and efficient operating system. As compared to older macOS, Catalina is lighter, with many productive features. Heavy work being done on voice command as well.

Question: Can I use macOS Catalina without paying?

Yes, you can use macOS Catalina without paying a single penny. However, you are required to have either iMac or MacBook. Using any macOS on any device other than Apple products can put you in a serious position.

Question: How to download macOS Catalina?

Downloading software has never been this easy before, as the officials are providing the operating system for free. Other than Apple, sites like Softrar also provides links to download macOS X Catalina ISO.

Question: Which of the mac supports the Catalina operating system?

Catalina operating system is supported by iMac 2012 or newer, iMac Pro, Mac Pro 2013 or newer, Mac Mini 2012 or newer, MacBook, MacBook Air and Pro after 2012 edition.

Question: Where is the iTunes in macOS Catalina?

If you search the entire Catalina to know where is iTunes then you won’t find it. Loved by many and hated by most, iTunes has been removed in macOS Catalina. Instead, the officials have brought three more applications as a replacement for iTunes who are Music, Podcast and TV.

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