Download macOS Ventura ISO & DMG

Apple has released macOS Ventura and you want to use it. So, here you will download macOS Ventura 13 in ISO and DMG file format. The offline installer of macOS can be used for multiple purposes. Use the direct link to download the offline installer of macOS Ventura by the fast server.

macOS Ventura download

download macOS Ventura ISO DMG
download macOS Ventura ISO DMG

NOTE: we have provided the installer of macOS Ventura for educational purposes. Using the macOS Ventura for Hackintosh or other purposes is none of our concern. Still, we would recommend users to use macOS on Mac, MacBook, or other Apple platforms.

Since users want a macOS installer for different purposes, here we have provided it in two different file formats. There are links to download the macOS offline installer in ISO and DMG files. After downloading the macOS, you can use it for Hackintosh or for virtualization purposes.

Virtualization applications such as Hyper-V, VMware, VirtualBox, and Parallels can use both ISO and DMG files. Users who want to use it on any of these applications will need to check if they have enabled virtualization from their BIOS. If enabled, then download and use it.

Download macOS Ventura on Mac

Users who are using macOS on any Mac can visit Mac App Store. Inside the Mac App Store, they can search for macOS Ventura and download the installer.

Installers are available on Mac App Store for free. Installers are not available, only when the macOS is in the beta version. To access macOS in beta, Apple Developer Program needs to be accessed.

Those who are using macOS Monterey can download the macOS from Settings. For this, they will go to the Apple menu > System Settings > Software Update. Download the updated and perform the installation.

Download macOS Ventura ISO File

download macOS Ventura ISO

ISO file aka Optical Disc Image is a file format where you will compress and combine files in a single file. All the files of macOS Ventura will be compressed and combined to make a single file.

This file is a great way to handle your files and avoid any threat that can harm your system. For using the ISO file, you will either make it bootable on a USB or use it directly on VMware or VirtualBox inside a VM.

Download macOS Ventura DMG File

download macOS ventura dmg

DMG aka Apple Disk Image File is a file extension that is mostly found on Mac OS X. The file format is an alternative to ISO files and is used on macOS.

Like the ISO file, you can use it to perform a clean installation and for virtualization too. Like ISO files, you will find DMG is a combination of multiple files within a single file.

NOTE: both ISO and DMG files of macOS Ventura are around 13GB in size. Downloading macOS Ventura ISO or DMG without any downloader is quite hard. As it will take hours and hours to complete the download process. Instead, you are recommended to use IDM (Internet Download Manager) to download macOS Ventura ISO or DMG faster.

macOS Ventura Quick Overview

macOS was released in WWDC 2022. The macOS was released as a Free Upgrade for users who were using the previous version of macOS. Ventura was released as a successor of macOS Monterey.

Like all previous versions of macOS, macOS Ventura is also UNIX based. In macOS Ventura, tons of new features and tools are added.

You will find changes in interface, improved Spotlight, and live text interaction on images. Users will also find great compatibility between macOS and iOS devices.

From using the camera of iOS to password access, all the sections of macOS and iOS are now updated and improved.

macOS Ventura release date

At WWDC 2022, macOS Ventura was released with new features and upgrades. It was released as the nineteenth major release by Apple with version 13. This is also a reason, why users call it macOS 13. The macOS was released on 6 June 2022 as a beta and the first official version was released in late 2022.

Compatibility for macOS 13 (Ventura)

macOS Ventura
macOS Ventura

To run macOS Ventura, you will need one of the following Apple products. The macOS is supported on Apple products from 2013-2017. Since some products support it and others don’t, it is better to assume that macOS can be used on the system from 2013-2017 or later.

Mostly, any system that has Intel 7th generation or Apple Silicon inside can run macOS.

  • iMac 2017 and later
  • Mac Pro 2019 and later
  • iMac Pro 2017
  • Mac Studio 2022
  • MacBook Air 2018 and later
  • Mac Mini 2018 and later
  • MacBook Pro 2017 and later
  • MacBook 2017 and later

Main Features of macOS 13

Apple’s next-gen macOS was released in June 2022. The macOS was released with new features such as multitasking, weather app, clock app, and more. So, here are some of the features of macOS Ventura.

1- Stage Manager

macOS Ventura Stage Manager
macOS Ventura Stage Manager

This is a new feature that enables you to multitask. Things were easy in Windows and now is easier on macOS. With Stage Manager, you are able to switch between applications.

Your primary window will appear at the center while other windows will be placed at the side of your screen. All the other windows will look like a thumbnail and can be accessed from the left pane of your screen.

This is a great way to change between applications without leaving the current one.

2- Access to Safari

There is a new feature in Safari. With this feature, you can create a shared Tab Group. This Tab Group can be shared with other users. Users can access the group and all the links and tabs inside.

You can add webpages, add tabs, add bookmarks, or even lists to this group.

3- Improvement in iCloud

The exact same feature has been added to iCloud. This new feature is called iCloud Shared Photo Library. Use the feature to share the gallery with your family members.

You can give access to up to 6 users in the group. All the images or videos can be used and accessed by users who have access.

4- iPhone integration

In macOS Big Sur, users were able to use their iPad or iPhone as a second screen. Now they are able to use their devices as a webcam too.

There is no need for any cable to connect the device to your system. Instead, you can connect your device through Wi-Fi and use the camera.

5- Transfer calls

transfer call on macOS
transfer call on macOS

From just using the camera for capturing, there is also the option to use it for calling. You can use your iPad or iPhone camera to make video conference calls.

And those who want to leave their set up; still want to continue the conference call can transfer their call to their iPad or iPhone. This way, without disconnecting, they can move freely.

6- Improved Spotlight

A major improvement has been made to Spotlight. Now, Spotlight has the ability to detect text on images. You can use it to search for images in the gallery or text on images.

Same improvement has been made to iOS too. You can find the feature on the home screen of your device. It is right at the bottom of your home screen.

 Now in Spotlight results, you will also find Mail results too.

7- Live Text support

It has been a while since macOS can detect text on images. But something new has been changed in macOS Ventura. Now the macOS can also detect text in video frames and also has the ability to translate text to Japanese or Korean.

8- Redesigned the Settings

Entire System Settings and System Preferences have been redesigned.

9- Mac App Store

Mac App Store
Mac App Store

Not only the System Preferences but Mac App Store has been redesigned too. It was quite a shock to see the interface and navigation of the Mac App Store getting changed.

However; after a few uses, you will get why it was needed. Redesigning is not limited to Mac App Store only, but other sections such as About This Mac, Game Center, and Font Book are changed.

10- Passkeys feature

A new feature called Passkey has been added to macOS Ventura. With this feature, you are able to access your macOS using Face ID or Touch ID from your iPhone. This is a handy feature to directly use the macOS without breaking a single sweat.

11- Improved Messages

Messages have been upgraded. Editing, deleting, marking, unread, or retrieving features are added.

12- Focus Filter

To avoid any sort of distraction while performing any task, you can use the Do Not Disturb feature. The feature will help you to avoid any notifications or popups that can distract you from your work.

This mode can be fixed for a certain time and also has the option to reply to users automatically. If someone contacts you while the mode is ON, then they will receive a notification indicating about your Do Not Disturb mode is enabled…

13- Changes made in macOS Ventura

Other minor changes are added to macOS.

  • The Weather app has been added.
  • Clock app is added to macOS.
  • Reminder is also added so that you won’t forget anything.
  • Notes are there too.
  • The dictation feature will enable you to write down long paragraphs while you are dictating.
  • Apple News is added to provide you with news related to Sports, Finance, or day-to-day alerts.
  • Support for AV1 and AVIF has been added too.

Upcoming features in macOS Ventura

These are upcoming features of macOS Ventura. While some will be available in the beta version, others will be in the final release of macOS Ventura.


This feature will enable users to collaborate with other users. In a single space, you are able to share files, insert videos, add links, and add documents, and audio files.


This mode is highly focused on users having an M1 chip. Gaming is powered by Mac and is a great way to improve the gaming experience. You can share your high score, achievements, and play multiplayer games using your Game Center.

Use the SharePlay feature in Game Center to enjoy this amazing feature.

How to install macOS Ventura on Mac?

For installing macOS Ventura on Mac or MacBook, you are going to use these simple and easy steps.

  • Begin by using the direct link above to download macOS Ventura ISO or DMG file. Or you can open Mac App Store, search for macOS Ventura and download the installer.

NOTE: users who are using macOS Monterey can go to the Apple menu > System Settings > Software Update. Download the update and directly upgrade to macOS Ventura.

  • Once you have downloaded the full offline installer of macOS Ventura then you will run it.

NOTE: users who have downloaded macOS Ventura in ISO or DMG will need to create a bootable USB of macOS too.

  • Continue the installation.
  • Agree to Apple’s Terms and Conditions.
  • Install the macOS Ventura on your Mac or MacBook.

Review on macOS Ventura

macOS Ventura aka macOS 13 is a great OS. You will find the interface and navigation friendly. However; you won’t find something totally new or innovative.

New features as Stage Manager are new to macOS but were preset in Windows. Way back in Windows 7, you can find this feature.

A minor upgrade to other sections of macOS has been added. Like we found about the dark mode in macOS Mojave and still there are updates being made. The live text was a new feature in macOS Monterey, and now you can find it in Spotlight.

In macOS Big Sur, a new feature called Sidecar was added. And now this feature has another section where you are able to use the camera too.

The focus was added and now is improved. To look as overall, you won’t find any major upgrade in macOS Ventura.

Should I download and use macOS Ventura?

We have discussed the drawback of macOS. However; you will need to understand that macOS is great overall. You will have a friendly interface with great navigation. Overall, the design is sleek and has great integration with other Apple products.

Changes in app handling, and having a productive environment with all the required to have a social life are present in the macOS. Other improvements will be added later but for now, macOS looks great.

Download the macOS Ventura and check the macOS. As using the macOS is worthwhile.

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