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Free Screw Soft RAR Password Unlocker

Time by time, everyone has used WinRAR/RAR files. Almost all the WinRAR files are compressed and most of them are also encrypted. Those who remember the password have a better life as compared to those who have forgotten their passwords.

screw soft rar password unlocker
screw soft RAR password unlocker

Forgetting the password of your WinRAR files are quite a challenging phase. you can decrypt it without using any third-party tool. For those who need a tool to remove the password of their WinRAR files, here is Screw Soft RAR Password Unlocker, which will unlock almost any Zip, RAR, or WinRAR file.

As for removing the passwords, Screw Soft uses three different methods to remove the pass. You can use Brute Force, Brute Force with User-Defined Mask and Dictionary.

Brute Force: uses all most all the possible password combinations. This method takes time and is way slower than other methods. You can use it if you have used small passwords for your RAR files.

Brute Force with User-Defined Mask: this method can recover passwords faster as compared to Brute Force. This method, guesses the password length, types of characters used with upper and lower cases. The second (this one) method is the most recommended one.

Dictionary: in this method, the application uses the combinations in your dictionary and also scans for files on your system. As compared to other methods, it is way faster; however, on the same hand is also less secure. 

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Download Screw Soft RAR Password Unlocker

Here you can download Screw Soft RAR Password Unlocker for free for your Windows OS. The setup files are in a standalone offline installer. By any chance, if you experienced any sort of problem during downloading the file or while installing, please comment below.

screw soft rar password unlocker free download

File: screw_soft_rar_password_unlocker.exe

Size: 8.1 MB

Program class: WinRAR Unlocker

Language: English

Setup Type: Offline Installer/ Full Standalone setup

Note: Since Screw Soft is no longer supported by officials and cant be accessed on the internet or local stores; so we have brought an alternative to Screw Soft by the name of RAR Password Unlocker. RAR Password Unlocker is almost the same as Screw Soft; unlike Screw Soft whose support ended in 2008, RAR Password is still supported.

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Compatibility of Screw Soft

The application is fully supported from Windows OS: Windows XP and Windows Server 2000 to the latest versions of Windows OS.

As for specs, any system can easily run the application smoothly, thanks to its being light-weighted.

Features of Screw Soft

Has lightweight, so doesn’t require high specs to run.

Is light weighted, has a quick installation and uninstallation process.

Screw Soft has phenomenal decrypting speed.

Unlike other WinRAR password removers, Screw Soft removes the passwords without damaging any file.

The application is fully suitable for Windows users.

Has great compatibility with almost all Windows OSes.

With a straightforward interface, Screw Soft is really easy to use.

Screw Soft has three different but efficient attack options that can be used to remove passwords from any WinRAR files.

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How to download Screw Soft Password Unlocker for Windows?

To download Screw Soft, you will need to click on the download button given at the top. Click on it, and the hyperlinks will start the downloading process. Once the downloading occurred, you will need to open the setup file and perform the installation.

Since the installation is straightforward and requires no additional information, we have skipped that section. When your installation got completed, run the application and select any WinRAR file that you want to decrypt.

How to Remove Screw Soft RAR Password Unlocker from my PC?

Removing the Screw Soft RAR Password Unlocker from PC can be done by the procedure given below:

Go to Start > Program and Features > Screw Soft RAR > uninstall.

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