Free Download Microsoft Windows 10 Professional ESD

Are you interested in Microsoft Windows 10 Professional ESD? Here you are going to download & purchase Windows 10 Pro ESD. You will get the setup file for free from the direct link whereas, from the other links you can purchase it too.

Microsoft Windows 10 Professional ESD

Windows Pro ESD (Electronic Software Delivery) is another version of Windows 10 for small or medium businesses. The product is not available on CD/DVD. It is only available on digital platforms only.

It is also having great features that include wide network domain support, Cortana assistance, and for fast browsing Microsoft Edge is built-in. You are also able to upgrade to Windows 11 after the installation.

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Requirement for Windows 10 Pro ESD

For running the Microsoft Windows 10 Professional ESD on your system, you will need the following specs:

Processor: you will need a CPU or SoC with 1 GHz or better.

Memory: there is also a requirement for 2 GB of RAM too.

Storage: a total of 20+ GB of free storage is needed.

Graphics: for graphics, you will need Direct X9 with WWD 1.0 driver or better. Your system should also support 1280×768 screen resolution too.

Download Windows 10 Pro ESD

Microsoft windows 10 professional esd
Microsoft Windows 10 professional esd

You can use the direct link below to download Windows 10 Pro x64 ESD or you can use the other link for purchasing from a legit source.

Download Windows 10 Pro x64 ESD

Buy Microsoft Windows 10 Professional ESD

Difference between Windows 10 Professional ESD and OEM

how ESD works by ASBIS
how ESD works by ASBIS

The difference between the ESD and OEM editions is that you will need a license for OEM. You can get your hands on OEM with permission from the officials. The OS is always received as preinstalled on different machines.

Whereas with OEM editions, you can get them from authorized resellers. ESD is preferred for small or big businesses, unlike OEMs which are preinstalled on different machines.

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Features of Windows 10 ESD

The Microsoft Windows 10 Professional ESD has a secure and seamless interface.

It can also support domains like Azure Active Directory with all network resources required.

Has the option of biometrics in the OS. You can use face recognition or a finger scanner to access the system.

With the help of a voice assistant, you can easily navigate and run the OS.

Speaking of navigating you can also use the Remote long option. You can access your system from remote thanks to Remote Desktop (RDP) feature.

There is also the option to run multiple OS within your system with Virtual computing. You can create a virtual machine via Hyper-V and perform tasks within your system.

Encryption is also enabled in the OS. With BitLocker, you can encrypt your drive from any threat that might harm your system or data.

A wide range of applications are also valid on Microsoft Store. Download any application that is productive, trendy or you want from the Microsoft Store.

And the feature that we have added is the Continuum Mode. The OS has the option to use both touch and type options. However; with Continuum mode, you can enhance your performance on touch-based devices.

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