Zoom is one of the most used and popular communication application. The application is used to saving us from those rush hours or tight working environments without effecting productivity while providing the comfort of your home.

Millions of users are using applications like Zoom to make their life comfortable. As for an example, their numbers of users in developing countries who are having jobs remotely from their homes. Using the application they can also perform all the other tasks like attending meetings or conferences.

No matter where you are, using the Zoom app you can not only have a job but employers can also stay in touch with your employees. Using the application, the employer can give numbers of tasks to different users while keeping track of its progress.

There is a cloud computing service provided by the app, where you can hold meetings and conferences. It also has the feature to share media files (Audio, Video, and pictures) to other users.

The option of adding or removing users from groups or meeting are also available in the application. The number of calling participants starts from 2 up to 100 participants at a single time.

We all are fed up of those freeze pictures during the video calls, or those chats where you can’t even understand what the opposite side is saying. And instead of giving feedback to the person, you notch your head.

We all have experienced those moments but not anymore. Zoom has an amazingly promising feature where having a video with a glitch is one of the most highlighted ones.

Unlike other cloud computing services, Zoom always tries its best to provide the best audio and video quality. Which by the way, it way better than most of the other competitors they have.

The Zoom application supports almost all platforms. It means that no matter where you will use the application, you will have an easy user interface with great design in all of them. The touch support for the users, having a touch panel on their system is like another opportunity to access the app on a deeper level.

The option to mute or unmute is also present. Now, you can mute participants and focus solely on the person who is talking right now. This can be quite helpful, to reduce the background noise during a meeting or conference.

What is Zoom?

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Zoom app download for PC

It supports all platforms like macOS, Windows OS, iOS, and Androids. Distributions in Linux like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and Debian are also supported by the application. If you have an Apple Watch then you use Zoom on it too. However, here we have provided the setup file to download the Zoom app for PC only. You can check other versions of Zoom here.

zoom app download for pc
zoom app download for pc

Zoom has not only provided the application for almost all types of platform but they have also provided the application as an extension on Google Play Store too. You can download the extension for free and it provides you options like to make one on one or group calls/chats only.

Features of Zoom app for PC

Here are some qualities of Zoom that you might like to know about.

Using the application, you can invite numbers of users in your group chats.

In a single call more than 1000 users can participate.

New users can also join those meetings which are in progress. The admin of the group needs to send the invitation and the user can join the moment he accepts the invitation.

Schedule meeting is one of the most productive features and can integrate with Gmail, exchange calendar and calendar in your system. You can put a date on your calendar and the application will notify you of upcoming meetings.

The app provides reminders and can even call the users on the fix date.

If you are afraid of missing any co-worker to invite them in meeting then Zoom has got your back. Using the Schedule feature, you can fix an invitation and email them on the scheduled date.

One of the greatest advantages of Zoom is that it can provide you almost all the options that you have in your office. It can support multi-screen, uses active speakers, and is fully compatible with dual-monitor systems.

Those dual screen are supported by both HDMI cables and wireless screens.

Not only dual-screen but it also supports screen sharing. Users can have a conference on the one screen while discussing the projects in the PowerPoint on other screens. In Zoom, users can share almost all types of media files both in audio and video. Other than media files, users can also send different project files to other groups or users.

Customizable interface. Nothing works better than a well-known interface, to provide familiar touch while providing new features too. And here is the point where Zoom stands apart, as it has brought the customizable interface for the users. Here users can change the background image and other parts of the application according to themselves.  

If you are unable to attend the calls, then you can record the audio or the video of the entire session. And later can watch the entire call. This feature is amazingly helpful for the users who are in meetings or are working on a big project. Using this feature, they won’t miss even a single point.

The Zoom has made it easier to have access to web users by proving the extension on Google Play Store too. However, the extension is used for basic starting meetings or scheduling callings only.

There is also an auto answer feature, where you calls will be answered automatically.

Full end to end encryption and advanced user privileged tools are provided to eliminate any security issues.

Amazingly the chats with the groups or individuals are saved up to 10 years. You can search your chat history for up to 10 years ago reread them or even download them.

Downloading the Zoom app for your PC can be one of the most promising things that are going to happen. The application has also the option to broadcast your calls for up to 1000 participants.

Zoom is not limited to only audio or video calling. But it can also perform other tasks like webinars, live training, or broadcasting.

Zoom application has great customer services. Here your complications will be ended by the great services they are providing.

Enterprise users have remote room management. This means that they can create a room for specific users with limited control by them.

Enterprise package also gives the access controls to groups created by them and can alert the admins by sending a notification for the assigned projects.

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Is there any software as an alternative to Zoom?

We all know Zoom is a great communication app. The application provides tons of features including screen sharing, dual monitor support, and many more. And if you are searching for alter then this means that you have either downloaded the Zoom app for your PC or just want to know your options.

In the current market, Skype is one of the biggest and oldest competitors. However, Skype is still unmatched able to Zoom on many levels. Skype had a great start in the past however, due to no upgrades (no innovations) made to the application which causes it to lack the ability to compete with the Zoom app.

Here Zoom application supports 1000 participants at a time whereas Skype on the other hand can only support 10.

Other than Skype, we have an exTalking cloud meeting app. Which is quite good. As exTallking cloud meeting support 100 participants and provides high definition audio and video.

There is also Slack who provides amazingly good services. It has numerous features with a beautiful user interface, still, there are points where it can’t compete with Zoom. And there is also Google hangouts that provide first-class services.

However, it has limited numbers of features as compared to Zoom or Slack.

To wind things up. If you are interested in cloud communication then we would like to recommend you use Slack after Zoom. If you are not satisfied with Slack then try Google Hangout or exTalking cloud meeting and if you downloaded a zoom app for your Windows PC and you are facing any kind of trouble please comment down.  

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