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Manipulate Assassin’s Creed Valhalla with Cheat Engine

Assassin’s Creed is one of the most loved and popular franchises in the gaming industry. Every gamer has played at least one of the Assassin’s Creed games, either from now or way back in the past 7 generations. With the release of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, everyone is interested in playing the game.

However; what if I told you that you can play the game according to your own terms. Here we are going to show you on to manipulate the values in the game with the help of Cheat Engine.

Cheat Engine is a great tool, to change the values of single-player-based games. We are going to be procedure but before that, if you haven’t downloaded the tool then you will need to download and install it on your system.

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Change values in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla with Cheat Engine

assassin's creed valhalla cheat engine
assassin’s creed Valhalla cheat engine

Here we will change the amount of XP you will get after any kill. Once you performed the task, you can use the exact same method for other values of the games like gold, and HP… too.

You are going to begin the operation by running Cheat Engine on your system.

Then you will run Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Before we continue any further, make sure that you have saved your game; just in case something happens, so you won’t lose your progress.

run assassins creed valhalla and cheat engine
run assassins creed valhalla and cheat engine

Load your game, and minimize the window. If you are having a big screen, then you can put both the game and application (Cheat Engine) side by side.

select assassins creed valhalla on cheat engine
select assassins creed Valhalla on cheat engine

Now select the game by clicking on the desktop icon on the top of Cheat Engine. A new window will pop up, scroll down and select the game. Most likely, you will find it as “*******C-Assassins Creed Valhalla”.

Once selected, you will find ACValhallah.exe on the top of the Cheat Engine screen.

tools in memory viewer
tools in the memory viewer

Now click on the Memory View button, this will load all the memory in the game. Click on the Tools button and select the Auto Assemble option.

cheat table framework code for assassins creed valhalla
cheat table framework code for assassins creed valhalla

You will find a new window named Auto assemble. Here you will click on Template, then you will select the Cheat Table framework code.

code injection for assassins creed valhalla
code injection for assassins creed valhalla

The step above will open the code table on your screen, again click on Template on top and select the Code injection option this time.

code inject template - assassins creed valhalla
code inject template – assassins creed valhalla

A new window will pop up on your screen, here you will insert the address of the XP. In the latest update, the address for XP is “ACValhalla.exe”+2907506”; however, with new updates, the address might get changed. And click on OK.

assassins creed valhalla on cheat engine change value
assassins creed valhalla on cheat engine change value

The address we put in the Code inject template will now add some more codes to your screen. In this step, you will find the “originalcode:” on your screen

Besides the “mov edx,” in the originalcode, you will type “#(with any number that you desire)”. The amount to put is totally on you, but make sure that you have inserted a valid amount. Putting too much value can cause errors in the long run.

assign to current cheat table
assign to current cheat table

Once the value is added, click on File at the top and select Assign to the current cheat table.

auto assemble values in cheat engine
auto assemble values in cheat engine

Close the window, and you will find a new script at the bottom of Cheat Engine named “Auto Assemble script”.

change new script name for valhalla
change new script name for valhalla

We are going to rename it. Change the name to something that you like and click on OK.

This is the exciting part; you will click on the checkbox beside the script to enable it. Then you will go to Assassin’s Creed game without closing the Cheat Engine. Here you will find the changes being made to the game.

If you want to go back to the original one, then you are going to click on the check box of the script again. This will unselect the script and you are back to the old game.

Use Spreadsheet+ Inventory editor for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

assassins creed valhalla items
assassins creed valhalla items

Not only, you can manipulate the values but you can also add different types of skins or items to your inventory too. Here is how you are going to do that.

We are going to use the Cheat Engine table to add skins or items to our inventory. The table is suitable for UPlay+ and normal games.

To run the table on Uplay +, open the CT table in Notepad ++ and change ACValhalla.exe with ACValhallaPlus.exe.

Open Items + Inventory > + Get Item > + Bulk Inventory Obtain Item (packs, quests, materials). Then we double-click on any script inscription (for example, + Get Draugr Pack (9pcs)) (the script editor will open).

Look for the section “pIIDList:  –  512 slots max” there and add/change the list like this:

dq 0000000000000001  -  Quantit
dq 0000017D209190C1
dq 000001868D0CA46B
dq 000001868D0CDD90
dq 00000186B3609D43
dq 00000186B3609CF7
dq 00000186B3609D1D
dq 00000186B3609D0A
dq 0000000000000000  -  stop pattern

Then, as normal, click OK and run the script. All products will be instantly added.

The total number of possible values is limited to 512.

Before we continue any further, we want to thank “” and one of their users (STN) for drawing the entire process. So, here are addresses that can be used to add items.

All-Father Armor

000001E3ED1EC2A0All – Father Bracers

000001E3ED1EC2A6All – Father Cloak

000001E3ED1EC2ACAll – Father Eyepatch

000001E3ED1EC2B2All – Father Trousers

000001E3ED1EE3DCAll – Father Tunic

000001E82D121F6Ball – Father’s Guard (Light Shield)

Holy Knight Pack

000001EE15063031 – Iron-Claws (Eagle)

000001EE15063049 – Cath Palug (Mount)

000001EE1506344B – Shield of the Blessed (Heavy)

000001EE15063062 – Holy Knight Bracers (Fallen)

000001EE1506309F – Holy Knight Hood (Fallen)

000001EE150630DC – Holy Knight Helmet (Fallen)

000001EE15063119 – Holy Knight Pants (Fallen)

000001EE15063156 – Holy Knight Armor (Fallen)

000001EE1506323E – Holy Knight Bracers (Blessed)

000001EE1506327B – Holy Knight Hood (Blessed)

000001EE150632B8 – Holy Knight Helmet (Blessed)

000001EE150632F5 – Holy Knight Pants (Blessed)

000001EE15063332 – Holy Knight Armor (Blessed)

000001EE1506341A – Sword of the Damned (Great Sword)

Vampire Pack

000001EE15059866 – Vampire Bite (Hunter Bow)

000001EE15059835 – Vampire Claw (Dane Axe)

000001EE150597D3 – Brain Smasher (Hammer)

000001EE15059804 – Vampire Fang (Short Sword)

Dwarven Blacksmith

000001E3ED1EE3E2  – Dwarven Blacksmith Bracers

000001E3ED1EE3E8  – Dwarven Blacksmith Cloak

000001E3ED1EE3EE  – Dwarven Blacksmith Helmet

000001E3ED1EE3F4  – Dwarven Blacksmith Pants

000001E3ED1EE3FA  – Dwarven Blacksmith Armor

000001E82D17FE94 – Dwarven Hair Scheme (Blond)

000001E82D17FE79 – Dwarven Hair (Blond)

000001E82D17FE9B – Dwarven Hair Scheme (Light Brown)

000001E82D17FE7F – Dwarven Hair (Light Brown)

000001E82D17FEA2 – Dwarven Hair Scheme (Dark Brown)

000001E82D17FE86 – Dwarven Hair (Dark Brown)

000001E82D17FEA9 – Dwarven Hair Scheme (Red)

000001E82D17FE8D – Dwarven Hair (Red)

000001E82D184DD8 – Dwarven Beard Scheme

000001E82D18443D – Dwarven Beard


000001E3ED1BD976  – Skidbladnir Hull

000001E3ED1BD97C  – Skidbladnir Sail

000001E3ED1BD982  – Skidbladnir Shields

000001E3ED1BD988  – Skidbladnir Tailpiece

000001E3ED1BD98E  – Skidbladnir Figurehead

Giant Pack

000001E3ED1EC282  – Fire Giant Armor

000001E3ED1EC288  – Fire Giant Bracers

000001E3ED1EC28E  – Fire Giant Cloak

000001E3ED1EC294  – Fire Giant Helmet

000001E3ED1EC29A  – Fire Giant Pants

Jotun Pack

000001E3ED1EE41E  – Jotun Vambraces

000001E3ED1EE424  – Jotun Cloak

000001E3ED1EE42A  – Jotun Helmet

000001E3ED1EE430  – Jotun Trousers

000001E3ED1EE436  – Jotun Armor

Keys Pack

000001E42974A7E5  – Drekathorp Warehouse Key

000001E4F38FFFEC  – Gufatthorp Warehouse Key

000001E5F1B822C9  – First Skidgardr Chest Key

000001E5F1B83B40  – Second Skidgardr Chest Key

000001E6B221DBDC  – First Feigardr Chest Key

000001E6B221DC23  – Second Feigardr Chest Key

000001E6C15B117A  – Horfinn-nama Door Key

Odin’s Blessing

dq 000001E6E6FB2D7F  – Odin’s Blessing Tattoo(Left Arm)

dq 000001E6E6FB2D87  – Odin’s Blessing Tattoo(Right Arm)

dq 000001E6E6FB2D8F  – Odin’s Blessing Tattoo(Back)

dq 000001E6E6FB2D9F  – Odin’s Blessing Tattoo(Head)

dq 000001E6E6FB2D97  – Odin’s Blessing Tattoo(Front)

Quest Packs

000001E701106867  – Sindri’s Tools (Quest)

000001E70112611E  – Alethrorp Warehouse Key (Quest)

000001E742BA2398  – Fornama Dig Site Door Key (Quest)

000001E7F78EAD0B  – Combined Three-Piece Key (Quest)

Dragon Knight

000001ECAB3B18EC  – Dragon Knight Bracers (Blood)

000001ECAB3B1929  – Dragon Knight Hood (Blood)

000001ECAB3B1966  – Dragon Knight Helmet (Blood)

000001ECAB3B19A3  – Dragon Knight Pants (Blood)

000001ECAB3B19E0  – Dragon Knight Armor (Blood)

000001ECAB3B1A28  – Dragon Knight Bracers (Shining)

000001ECAB3B1A65  – Dragon Knight Hood (Shining)

000001ECAB3B1AA2  – Dragon Knight Helmet (Shining)

000001ECAB3B1ADF  – Dragon Knight Pants (Shining)

000001ECAB3B1B1C  – Dragon Knight Armor (Shining)

000001ECAB3B1CE5  – Scale Carver

000001ECAB3B1D36  – Wyrm Cutter

000001ECAB3B1D87  – Dragon Knight Tailpiece

000001ECAB3B1D8D  – Dragon Knight Shields

000001ECAB3B1D93  – Dragon Knight Sail

000001ECAB3B1D99  – Dragon Knight Hull

000001ECAB3B1D9F  – Dragon Knight Figurehead

000001ECAB3B1DFF  – Drakeling

000001ECAB3B1E17  – Firedrake

000001EE150393A1  – Dragon Knight Tattoo (Left Arm)

000001EE150393A9  – Dragon Knight Tattoo (Right Arm)

000001EE150393B1  – Dragon Knight Tattoo (Back)

000001EE150393B9  – Dragon Knight Tattoo (Head)

000001EE150393C1  – Dragon Knight Tattoo (Front)

Unknow Packs

000001E90CD92AAB – Giant Feather

000001E9A8E32613 – Ember of Muspelheim

000001E9A8E5E1A3 – Living Spark

000001E9A8E5E1A9 – Magma Blood

000001E9A8E5E1AF – Jotun Seidr

000001E9A8E5E1B5 – Frozen Blood

000001E82D13E204 – Token of Kára

000001E82D121F47 – Fiery Warsong (Atgeir)

000001E82D121F53 – aesir eye bow

000001E82D17EC87 – Mechanical Raven

000001E9BC55CE53 – ACK Ingot 4 Divine Platinum

000001E274709F8F  – Silica

000001E34A4F713D  – Unknown Great Sword

000001E410C2756E  – Unknown Atgeir

000001E568E85069  – Gullinbursti (Mount)

000001E5C18F6DFE  – Order of the Ancients Medallion

000001E711CC5DA4  – Unknown Gear

000001E711CC701C  – Unknown Atgeir

000001E711CC7D8C  – Unknown Hammer

000001E711CCA779  – Unknown Maces

000001E711CCBB0E  – Unknown Spear

000001E711CCD0DF  – Unknown Spear

000001E711CCE621  – Unknown Bearded Axe

000001E711CCF4AF  – Unknown Great Sword

000001E711CD0726  – Unknown Dane Axe

000001E711CD1643  – Unknown Dane Axe

000001E711CD2CA3  – Unknown

000001E711CD3BC0  – Unknown

000001E711CD4ADD  – Unknown

000001E736742C52  – Unknown

000001E7ABC27CD3  – Jöfurrsmida Door Key

000001E7C628E1DF  – Sunstone

000001E7C628E422  – Augmented Sunstone

000001E7F9847307  – Merchant House door Key

000001E82D121F53  – Aesir Eye (Hunting Bow)

000001E82D121F59  – Legacy od Ivaldi (Hammer)

000001E82D121F65  – Jotnar Cleaver (Bearded Axe)

000001E82D121F6B  – All-Father’s Guard (Light Shield)

000001E82D121F71  – Calder’s Fury (Dane Axe)

000001E82D13252C  – Uncut Gemstone

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