If PDF is an issue for you then Foxit has the right tool for you. With Foxit Reader, you are able to fix tons of issues related to PDF files. Foxit Reader is a powerful tool created for PDF file format.

It can be used on both Windows PC and laptops. Not only Windows but you are also able to use it on an Android phone. All you need to do is to visit Google App Store, search for the application; download and install it.

You will find tons of powerful tools and features inside the Foxit. With each update, the application is getting faster and more powerful.

Use Foxit Reader’s latest version to create PDF files, write down notes inside, edit and add signatures to PDF files. Not only creating and customizing, but you can also encrypt your PDF files.

Using the tools, you are able to put or remove passwords on PDF files. You can also use the built-in options to print PDF files too.

And thanks to a ribbon-style toolbar, you can perform your work more efficiently.

Here you will download the latest version of Foxit Reader that enables you to perform numerous amazing tasks. With the latest version, you can create, update, edit and delete PDF files online.

Since the application has great integration with Cloud storage, you can perform tasks both online and offline.

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Foxit Reader Free Download for Windows

Now that you know about the Foxit Reader, you will use the direct link given. The direct link given will enable you to download Foxit Reader full version for free. The application can be used on all Windows (from Windows 7 to Windows 11). Use the offline installer of Foxit Reader on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

Download Foxit Reader

File:  foxit-reader-111-enu-setup.exe

Developer: Foxit

License: Trail

Size: 215 MB

Category: Utility

Review Foxit Reader

While using the application in terms of dealing with PDF files, still it has its drawbacks. Foxit is the most popular tool for dealing with PDF file formats. In fact, Foxit is the contender to work as an alternative for Adobe Reader.

foxit reader
foxit reader

The application can be used on both computers and mobile. No matter, whether you are using android or iOS, you will find the application for both.

All the files opened in Foxit Reader won’t lose the structure or how it is arranged. No matter which device you use, you will find the same file structures.

The only thing that makes the application look bad, is the color selection. Even though the application has a straightforward interface and is super friendly, still the color used in the interface is not eye-catching or even easy to the eyes.

Other than the interface, you will find the application totally secure. Inside the Foxit, you will find all the tools required.

There is the option to scan and print PDF files. You can even comment down, on any section of your PDF file.

It has all the tools required with a powerful engine. Users won’t experience any sort of performance or stability issue.

Not only one, but you are able to open multiple files at once. You can open and check multiple tabs on your Foxit app.

Different display options are there. There is the Full screen, individual pages, and multiple page options.

Refreshing your memory about the comments talked above, you will find the different comment options. In the latest version of Foxit, you can comment using bullet points.

Each section or page can be bookmarked. There is even the option to check all the comments as a whole view and quickly navigate to that section.

While using the application is easy, installing it is even easier. The installation is straightforward and required no technical information.

Double click on the setup file and the installation will begin. You will find the installation quick and easy.

Features of Foxit Reader

Here are some of the features of Foxit Reader that will provide you an insight into the application.

Friendly Interface

foxit reader interface
foxit reader interface

The interface is simple and easy. You will find it easy to navigate around and use the application without searching on the internet about it.

Easy to use

Like Windows, you will find Foxit with a ribbon-based user interface. The ribbon bar has all the tools required for a user to interact and use PDF files.

Standard panel

On the left side of Foxit, you will find a navigation pane. This navigation pane will be proven helpful in the future as all the basic tools are available there.

Amazing Performance

While small in size, you will find the performance trilling. Foxit is efficient and rich in features. You will find it stable and great in terms of performance. Not only one, but you can open multiple PDF files at once.

Foxit PDF Reader and Editor

PDF files can be edited, read, or created using Foxit. You can change the font, background (image or color), change spacing, position, or paragraph.

Users can zoom in on any section while also having the option to drag things around.

You can add tags, insert notes and images, or add text boxes. There is also the option to add links, attach new files, or embed images (either from the system or the internet). Users can add media files to their PDF files such as Images, Audio, or Video files.

Not only multi-media files but you can also encrypt your files. Add a password, your signature, or forms to your PDF files using a Foxit PDF reader.


Thanks to this feature, you won’t lose your progress while working. Bookmark any section with notes, images, or comments, and continue any time from that point.

Comment panel

There is a separate comment panel. Here you will find all the comments on your PDF files. You can open it, navigate through them and visit that exact point. All the comments are aligned and can be expanded or collapsed for easier navigation.

Create New PDF with Foxit PDF editor

Any PDF files can be edited on this app. Not only edit but it also has the option to create one from scratch. Users can create new PDF files using;

  • Create one using the Foxit PDF editor.
  • Create a PDF file from Microsoft Office.
  • Scan different document files and change them to PDF.

Read and print

Tools like this will enable you to easily read and print files.

  • There is a customized file toolbar that will help you to change the interface much friendlier.
  • Touch screen support.
  • For easy navigation, there is a personal file directory.
  • Users can import or export data from clouds.
  • Not only data but forms are also an option inside the Foxit Reader.
  • You can use it to generate 2D barcodes too.
  • Microsoft Active Accessibility is supported. With this application, you can deliver information to the MSSA client side.

Great integration with cloud

Users also have the option to import or export files from DropBox, Box, or other similar sites. Once the files are created, you can share them directly on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and others.

Foxit Software

Founded in 1996, Foxit Software Incorporated was initially a network application company. Among Foxit’s many popular products, Koala Terminal, Secured Koala Terminal, and Windows Access Server were the major ones. Starting in 2000, Foxit Software has been focusing on the electronic publishing and documenting field. Implementation of PDF Core technology becomes the primary development task. Today Foxit PDF product line covers many types of PDF applications.

New Updates on the latest version of Foxit

  • A 3D toolbar has been added.
  • 3D navigation like spin, walk, or fly is there.
  • 3D comments are brought in newer versions.
  • A few stability and security problems were fixed.
  • Improve the software’s usability and accessibility for users who use keyboard controls and screen readers by adding additional typefaces, and separate colors for backdrops and icons.
  • Improvements to evaluating or commenting on PDF files.
  • Selected comments can be exported as an FDF or XFDF file.
  • All comments may be imported and exported in XFDF format.
  • Can be sorted and filtered comments based on colors.
  • To assist users in working rapidly with reviewers, the Comments section enables users to edit and reply to comments.
  • To make it easier for you to discover a preference option quickly, add a Search box to the Preferences dialogue box.
  • By giving accurate information about EUTL certificates, you may improve the verification of EUTL certifications (EU legal information).
  • Revert a PDF document to the last time it was saved.
  • Enhance the 3D view to show cross-sections of 3D objects and provide users the option to adjust the camera’s settings and the cross-attributes.
  • Now allows for the quick examination and comparison of two documents side by side in the same window.
  • To better direct users to the necessary signature functions, divide Foxit eSign and Ink Sign into two independent Ribbon functions.
  • Support for Microsoft Intune software deployment.
  • Using an in-product update, enable users to upgrade to the most recent version without admin permissions.
  • Add dark background skin, very friendly and useful for users who prefer dark background mode when experiencing Foxit Reader in low light or at night.
  • Prioritize displaying thin lines in the text, making content easier to read.
  • Allows setting page margins before printing PDF documents.
  • Foxit PDF Reader error crashes screen during startup and opens more than 10 files at the same time.
  • An error prevented the Digital ID from being displayed in the ID list of the Sign Document dialog box when the user added a digital signature.
  • Other user experience improvements.

How to Install Foxit Reader on Windows?

Foxit Reader Free Download
Foxit Reader Free Download

To install it, you will need to download one first. For this, you are going to use the direct link above and download Foxit Reader for free. Once downloaded then you will double-click on the offline installer/setup file of Foxit PDF Reader.

Double-clicking will run the installer. The first thing will be to select the Custom Installation option.

Then you will accept the terms and conditions by selecting Accept. Now the installation will take place and you have successfully installed Foxit Reader on Windows.

Is it safe to use Foxit Reader?

There were some minor issues packed in the past. Users experienced vulnerabilities and bugs. However; with new updates, you are good to go. All the bugs and security issues were fixed and now you will have an amazing application that can edit, delete, encrypt, or decrypt any PDF file.

Languages support of Foxit Reader

You can download Foxit Reader in English, Danish, Dutch, French, Finnish, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, and Portuguese. Russian, Spanish, or Swedish in some versions. However; if you can’t find your desired language then you can also download the “.xml” file. You will download it and then install it.

Free Foxit Reader Download Latest Version

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