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Download OneNote 2019 for Mac, PC

Here you can download OneNote for Windows 10 and for Mac. The application support both 32-bit and 64-bit architecture-based computers.

Download OneNote

File: OneNote

Developer: Microsoft

Size: 5.3 MB

Language: English

Last update: February 18 2020

Version: 16.35

License: Freeware

If you are fed up of those traditional paper notes than OneNote can help you there. It is an advanced, rich-features note-taking program used to take information and share it with others. These applications gather users’ notes, drawings, screen clippings, personal charts, and even audio commentaries.

Microsoft OneNote will allow you to create, store or share notes across all your devices. OneNote is supported both by PC desktop and Mac. Other smaller devices like tablets or mobile phones (android or iOS) are also supported. The application is available in two different versions. One of them is web-based while the other one is based on desktop.

Microsoft OneNote was introduced for the first time on August 19, 2003 with the release of Microsoft Office 2003.

Before 2019, OneNote was available in Office suites like Office 2016. However, if you have downloaded Office 2019 or Office 365 then you won’t find OneNote in any of them. As now, Microsoft has started to provide the application individually.

The mainstream support for OneNote was about to end in 2020. But as it seems Microsoft has changed their mind now. They have extended the support until October 14, 2025.



OneNote is an amazing application, due to its efficiency and easy usability. The applications host a number of features that might bore you. So, we have selected some vital features which you might find interesting and important.

Free Templates

Tons of free templates are available to help you get exactly what you want. From taking notes on a lecture to templates for the office uses all are present. Templates can help to manage your notes efficiently by focusing on the necessary things to be highlighted. Most of the works are already covered only a few things are left of you to fill them up.

Web Clipper

It is a very useful feature where you can save/copy the content you like on any website. Just drag the content to OneNote application directly and it’s all done. The content can be clipped directly to your OneNote account which can be accessed from any device that the application installed in it.

The clipper not only copies texts, pictures but also adds the links while highlighting them as well. Clipper also detects, if either the copied web page is an article, news, recipe or any product.

Sync with OneDrive

OneNote allows you to create a note on the fly without saving it. Automatic save is available to save your notes either on your OneDrive account or on your PC. All those files can be accessed from anywhere as long as you have the application on your device.

You are able to add pictures, different charts and spreadsheets to help you to understand more about your note. You can even create a customized graph by using your stylus pen on OneNote.

Easy usability

OneNote is more like a simple version of Word. Basically, you can write anything anywhere on the pager unlike Word, where you are compelled to write inside the text box. It has clear navigation, to find the files according to pages, project name, date or sections. Arranging different projects and opening multiple pages have gotten easier, as there is a tab on the left side for the projects and another tab on the top is present for pages.

Multiple platform support

The application is supported by multiple devices like Mac, iPhone, iPad, tablets and other desktop computers.

Share with friends

Share your notes with your colleagues, family or friends across all devices. This lets you work on the same project with multiple other users at the same time. Your other fellows can also leave comments, ask questions or tag others (if enabled) to improve your notes.


Here is the spec that is needed to run OneNote on your computer. You will need a processor of 1GHz with 1GB RAM in addition to 3GB free storage. For graphics, DirectX 10 with support of screen resolution of 1280×1020 is needed. The application can be used on Windows 7, 8 Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012, while macOS X Yosemite 10.10 or later is recommended.


Question:Difference between OneNote 2016 and OneNote application?

The OneNote 2016 was distributed with the Office 2016 as a component. While OneNote application is distributed individually. Another thing that varies between applications is the price. OneNote 2016 was purchased in the past while the current OneNote application is completely free to use. Minor and major updates are made in the interface and other components of the application. However, the frameworks and tools are still the same.

Question: Is there any OneNote 2019 version?

Many updates are made, time by time. However, there is no specific version named as OneNote 2019. Recent updates are made to the application on February 18, 2020. After OneNote 2016, Microsoft has introduced the application as “OneNote application” and unlike in the past, there is no year or other named attached to the application any further.

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