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Is your mac performing poorly? And you might also have a low storage problem as well. Well, we have brought you a solution which can solve both of the problems at a single time. Those problems can be solved by cleaning cache files on your Mac.

Removing all those cache files can not only improve your mac performance but also provides you a lot more space. And to clean all those caches file in your mac, we are here to guide you on cleaning them.

What are Cache Files?

Caches are the stored data collected after using different apps, browser and system tasks. We can say that it works great as a “shortcut” to perform a task next time as well.

Basically, caches are files like images who are stored in your hard disk temporary. The caches are used for speeding up processes. Think about it in this way, that your Safari browser will download images on a webpage and will turn it into images. The images will be changed into cache files and the next time you visit the site the images are already downloaded.

Why should you delete the cache on mac?

There are a number of reasons to delete your cache files on mac. However, these are the most important and key reasons to delete cache from mac.

  • Helps to erase the personal data stored by the sites or apps on your browser
  • Fixes issues with outdated and lagging webpages which are not needed
  • Takes a lot of space in your hard drive
  • Will remove track of your web history

How many types are there?

 Caches are taken a huge space in your hard drive. You will clean it time after time, as it can affect your computer’s performance. Cleaning those files will not speed up, empties space but also save your mac from crashes.


This is a type of cache which is stored in your drive and is used by the applications to exchange data.

App support

Numbers of big pieces of application data are available in your drive to save your game’s progress.


It usually keeps your customized settings for different applications.

Browser cache

Which helps to speed up your website’s performance. It is done by downloading the images present on webpages as caches.

Manually clean cache file on mac

Be careful while deleting caches on your mac as it can cause problems. Remember that you are going to delete cache files, not any program folder.

Go to Folder

Clean Cache file on mac

The first step is to open Go in your mac which is present on the top menu. In the Go section then you will need to select the “Go to Folder” section in it.

Cache folder

Type ~/Library/Caches

Type ~/Library/Caches in your go-to folder. Within few seconds a new window will open filled with numbers of folders.

Delete files

Delete cache files

You have to be very precise about which file should be deleted. Now, find the cache folder delete each and everything inside the cache folder. Having a copy of the folder might not harm your files, however, in case of anything goes wrong. Then this copied folder will a great help.

Empty trash can

Now your cache files might be sent to the trash can. Empty your trash can and reboot your system. As you will reboot your system, you will experience the improvement in your computer performance.

Manually deleting caches can time make your life hard. As there are some necessary one which you might not want to delete. There is also the risk of deleting important files instead of caches, so for safety, we would like to recommend you to use any utility to clean caches.

Use utility clean cache file on mac

Utilities for celaning mac

Using utility software like cleanmymac or Data Rescue can help you a lot. A great thing about these applications is that they are easy to use with amazing performance. The cleaning is done by the original source, so nothing will be leftover. Within a click, you clean your hard disk, browser, applications from caches and malware.

One of the great things about these cleaners is that they are highly compatible with mac and there is no possibility of losing important files as well.

How to clean cache files on different browsers?

Clearing browser cache can improve your browser’s performance as well as deletes digital trails too. To clean caches on safari, chrome or any browser follow these steps.

Clean cache files of Safari

To clean cache files on your Safari browser, follow these easy steps.


Safari Preference

Click on the drop-down menu and click on preferences. In the preferences section, you will need to find the privacy section.

Advanced tab

Advance tab

Now, you will need to open the Advanced section at the bottom. There you will find show develop menu in the menu bar. Open this section and proceed to the next step.

Empty caches

Empty Cache

Develop section will be present in the menu bar. In Develop section you will find the Empty Cache and there you can all your cache files.

Clean cache files of Google Chrome

To delete the caches file of Google Chrome is done by following these steps.

3-dot icon

The first step to clean cache files in Chrome is to click on the 3-dot icon in your Google Chrome.


Now, open the Settings and inside the Settings, open the Advanced section.

Clear browsing data

Clear cache file on Google Chrome

In the Advanced section, you will find Clear browsing data. Select Cached images and files by marking the checkbox then press the Clear data button. After it, you have cleaned all the caches present in your browser.

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