What is the Ubuntu Operating System, Server, and Cloud

If you want to know about the Ubuntu Operating System then this is the right place for you.

Ubuntu is a Debian based software used to perform tasks as servers, clouds, and operating systems. In the battle between the macOS and Windows for the best OS, Ubuntu is one of those Linux distributions who are in the fight with them.

Here, you will learn what is Ubuntu? How to download Ubuntu? How to install Ubuntu? Requirements for Ubuntu? Create a bootable USB drive for Ubuntu and many more other things. Ubuntu is a Linux distribution mainly covering cloud computing. We will discuss all Ubuntu Operating System here.

What is Ubuntu?

It is an OS driven form South Africa means “Humanity towards others”. The word Ubuntu is pronounced as oo-bun(t)-oo.

Ubuntu is an open-source platform, who works with the virtualization platform. It was released on 20, October 2004. This open-source platform was developed by Canonical.  In other words, Ubuntu is an operating system like any Linux distribution used to perform the basic functions of your computer.

Ubuntu is also used to share files, serve websites, development platforms, cloud services, and database servers. Ubuntu is not running cloud but it is becoming a part of cloud servers. Ubuntu is covering a big chunk of cloud servers.

On Ubuntu, you can also create containers (self-contained) apps and online services. It is sure that 37% of the global website is Linux based and almost 35% of these Linux users use the Ubuntu server. Ubuntu is becoming the central focus of every web developer and administrator.

Ubuntu runs the following:

  • Websites
  • Email server
  • Development platform
  • Public/private Cloud services
  • Database server
  • Ubuntu app store
  • AI and machine

The desktop requirement to perform Ubuntu:

To run the Ubuntu on your or any system you will need the following requirements to get fully functional.

CPU2 GHz Dual Core Processor
Hard-Drive 25GB of hard-drive space(or USB stick/memory card or external drive)
HardwareVGA capable of 1024×768 screen resolution and either a CD/DVD drive or a USB port of the installer media
InternetWill be helpful

How to install Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is open-source software. It is quite easy to use and needs no expertise to do the work. Before installing make sure to have the requirement needed as shown above. You can either download or buy a disk of Ubuntu Operating System or download it for free.

  1. Connect Power Supply

    The first thing to do is to connect your pc to the power supply. If you are using laptops then try to charge it fully and then continue to next step.

  2. Requirements

    Now, check the requirements as given above. Check them if you are able to run Ubuntu on your computer.

  3. Insert disk

    Insert the disk/USB where you have saved the iso file in(still if have not, the link is given at the start). And if you have downloaded the software or your software is present on your USB, you will see the same option after a restart. If again your computer doesn’t boot auto, then press f12 at the start of your computers restart.

  4. Restart your computer

    After restarting you will get the option of try or install Ubuntu. Choose the option of the language according to your use. The option is located on the top corner. As for now we will pick English and click on install Ubuntu.

  5. Click on install Ubuntu

    A window will pop-out and will give the option to install it. Click on the “Install button.

  6. Choose options

    Click on “normal installation” and enable the “download updates while installing Ubuntu

  7. use checkboxes according to your personal needs

    If you don’t want to delete any of your files, then click on something else. There you can manage your drives and can continue your installation without any problems. Note that you have to change the format of your drive if you want to make a new drive for your Ubuntu Operating System. Now click on “install now” and then click on continue.

  8. give information

    Now you have filled the columns given. Like your location, name, password and there is no need to put it exactly the same as your real name. However, we would recommend typing the correct info.

  9. Installation

    Wait for the installation to complete. when the installation completes your computer will restart. Your computer has restarted, now login into your computer by putting your password (the password you have selected moments before in step 8). Enjoy your new Ubuntu!

How to Create a Bootable USB Drive Ubuntu?

Before installing your Ubuntu, you have to know what requirement you need to make a bootable USB drive of Ubuntu.

  • You will need at least 4GB or larger USB drive
  • Needs any open-source USB editing tool like burn Aware, YUMi, Rufus

However, we would recommend Rufus. Rufus is fast, easy and works great with most of the OS. Download the file of Ubuntu from its official site.

Step 1: open Rufus

Step 2: Choose your drive (and set the partition scheme into MBR)

Step 3: choose the boot selection

Select the recently Ubuntu’s downloaded file.

Step 4: Click on the start button

There might pop up a dialog box and select yes.

Step 5: click on ISO image mode and ok

A warning will pop up and click on OK. The process will start and after a few minutes, the conversion will be done. And there you go your job is done!

List of Ubuntu-based distribution:

The following are OS based on Ubuntu.

  1. Kubuntu
  2. Edubuntu
  3. Ubuntu GNOME
  4. Ubuntu Kylin
  5. Xubuntu
  6. Lubuntu
  7. Ubuntu Studio
  8. Ubuntu Server
  9. Ubuntu Mate
  10. Ubuntu Budgie
  11. Ubuntu Studio
  12. Linux Mint

Other Linux distributions

Are one of the most popular and stable OS. All of them are focused on a specific application or setting. Each of them is elegant and unique in their own way. There are also Ubuntu CE for Christians. Sabily Muslims are Ubuntu-based OS just for Muslims. Due to being open-source, many users have made an OS based on Ubuntu according to their need and want. There is “Hanna Montana Linux” just for Miley Cyrus fans. Wanna know which one is the best operating system click here.

And this was all about Ubuntu. Have any kind of confusion or question? Feel free to use the comment section.


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